Adrienne Vaughan Children: Meet Leanna and Mason

Adrienne Vaughan was a prominent figure in the publishing industry, known for her work on both the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series.

She was the President of Bloomsbury USA, a publishing house that has released many popular books, including the Harry Potter series.

Vaughan was also an author herself, having written several novels, including three award-winning standalone novels in The Heartfelt Series.

On August 3, 2023, Vaughan died in a boating accident off the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

During the accident, she was apparently pushed overboard and fell into the ocean, where she was killed by the boat’s propeller.

Despite the fact that two ambulances and a helicopter were reportedly dispatched to the scene, she was confirmed dead before she could be taken to the hospital.

The wedding guests, who were believed to be disturbed, returned to port to be questioned by authorities about the disaster.

The Amalfi Port Authority has initiated an investigation into the collision.

Adrienne Vaughan children

Vaughan was a mother before her death in August, 2023.

In the years of her marriages to her husband Mike White, they were parents to two adorable kids; a daughter and a son.

The couple’s children names are Leanna and Mason; their daughter is 14 years old while their son who is also the youngest child is 11 years old.

Aside from their names and ages, there are no further details about the kids including their educational background and hobbies.

Following the tragic boating accident the children were unharmed but they needed therapy for shock having witnessed the whole incident.

According to The Distin, they are kept in a tourist facility in Sant’Agata dei due to Goldi, where the family had been staying while vacationing in Europe.

A few days ago, the family was enjoying their summer break in Rome and posted several pictures of them in front of the Trevi Fountain and Colosseum.

Adrienne Vaughan
Adrienne Vaughan and her family while on vacation PHOTO/The Distin

Adrienne Vaughan husband

Vaughan was married to Mike White; they got married in 2008.

According to The Distin, the couple have two children together, Leanna and Mason.

White was with Adrienne Vaughan on a family vacation on the Amalfi coast when the tragic speedboat accident occurred.

The father of two survived the accident but dislocated his shoulder and cut his arm. He also fell into the water.

Their two children were reported to be unharmed.

Adrienne Vaughan
Adrienne Vaughan and her husband, Mike White while on Vacation PHOTO/Daily Mail