Adrienne Vaughan Video: Horror Moment American Publishing Chief was Killed in Boating Accident

Adrienne Vaughan was the President of Bloomsbury USA, a publishing house known for its work on the Harry Potter series.

She was a prominent figure in the publishing industry and made significant contributions to the success of Bloomsbury Publishing USA.

Tragically, Vaughan passed away on August 3, 2023, in a boating accident on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

She fell into the water during the incident. The news of her untimely death shocked and saddened many in the publishing community.

Vaughan’s role as the President of Bloomsbury USA involved overseeing the operations and strategic direction of the publishing house.

She played a crucial role in shaping the company’s publishing portfolio and guiding its growth and success.

Under her leadership, Bloomsbury USA continued to publish a wide range of books across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature.

While Vaughan’s tenure as President of Bloomsbury USA was cut short, her impact on the publishing industry and her contributions to the success of the company will be remembered.

Her dedication and passion for literature and publishing left a lasting legacy.

Adrienne Vaughan
Adrienne Vaughan and her husband, Mike White while on Vacation PHOTO/Daily Mail

Adrienne Vaughan video

Vaughan’s accident video has been a trending topic and it is spreading like a wildfire on various social media platforms.

In the viral video, passengers on the Turtuga boat that ferried wedding guests could be seen celebrating a wedding and dancing on the deck.

However, suddenly the celebration turn into screams of panic when they saw their ship has hit a small chartered boat.

When the passengers run to what happened, Vaughan can be seen drowning away in the water and then panic erupted all around.

Additionally, she ustained fatal injuries after she was hit by the boat’s propeller.

After Vaughan’s accident, helicopters and ambulances were dispatched and they immediately arrived at the spot.

However, the Bloomsbury USA Chief was pronounced dead on the spot.

Vaughan’s husband Mike was also thrown from the boat and reportedly suffered serious limb injuries, including a dislocated shoulder and lacerated wounds.

Fortunately, Vaughan’s children were not injured, however, seeing their mother’s death in front of them has sent them into shock.

Vaughan’s boat’s skipper suffered from fractured ribs and was taken to hospital.

Italian media reports quoted an eyewitness named Pietro Luzzolino who was the barman at the wedding.

He informed that the boat skipper appeared drunk as he was continuously vomiting.