Airplane Passenger AirDrops Bomb Threat to Everyone on Board

Airplane Passenger AirDrops Bomb Threat to Everyone on Board

An AirDrops passenger threatened to bomb everyone on an American Airlines flight and was arrested immediately. Front detail.

Melissa Willets - Author

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The myth was shared by a TikTok creator who shares the content using the handle @lilythern. It’s unclear what nurse Lily has to do with this terrifying ordeal.

Either way, the good news is that the passenger suspected of having a nightmare, seated in seat 17F on the flight to Albuquerque, NM, has been detained and is unlikely to be flying in friendly skies any time soon.

Scary scene when passengers put their hands on their heads when the suspect is detained.

inside the plane
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The lengthy TikTok video shows what happened after an AirDroped passenger threatened to bomb everyone on board, opening with uniformed police members asking those in the cabin put your hand on your head.

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“Obviously he thinks he can’t be identified,” the clip was captioned.

“I know you’re sitting at 17F,” one officer announced, while naming the suspect. Guess him maybe Identified.

At this point, we see the suspect reluctantly rise to his feet, and for a few heart-pounding moments he doesn’t seem to comply with placing both hands over his head.

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Fortunately, all the other passengers on the plane, who have maintained their commendable composure, are about to get rid of this suspect, who, as the original poster shared, will now be in the no-fly list and “felony”.

The bomb threat suspect was quickly removed from the plane.

Next in TikTok, we see seat keeper 17F slowly make his way to the front of the plane, handcuffed, and then, thankfully, removed from the flight, detained by the Albuquerque Police Department.

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Police car waiting for suspect wearing Reebok sweater and jeans on the tarmac. Goodbye!

Of course, the shocking video garnered thousands of comments, including one who said what we’re all thinking: It’s “consoling” to know that the authorities are able to pinpoint the exact number of seats. of the suspect.

“Instant karma is so satisfying,” beamed another commenter, while another said, “People are brave when they believe they’re anonymous.”

Finally, another commenter lamented how this delayed flight was a waste of time for those with locations.

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This isn’t even the only time someone has used AirDrop to send a bomb threat on an airplane.

someone using a smartphone on an airplane
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In February 2023, a flight in El Paso, Texas was delayed when a teenager used AirDrop to spread an unreliable bomb threat to passengers. Dallas Morning News.

The outlet reports that under Texas law, creating a false alarm on a form of public transportation is a felony that can result in fines in excess of $10,000, plus two years in prison.

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As for the aforementioned TikTok-shared incident, supposedly the scare took place in 2022 – mid-air!

Incredibly, one passenger told KOB 4 at the time, “At 8:27, I started receiving AirDrop notifications. I declined the first one and I accepted the second one. and the message says ‘you will die today’.”

When passengers alerted cabin crew, police reported a bomb threat and they were waiting for the flight to land.

The passenger told the news agency: “Honestly, I was scared for my life when I realized something – I guess when we brought the plane to a stop that’s when I started to panic, because I started to panic. ‘You’re going to die today’ is not a funny joke and it could be more serious.