Asherah Gomez aka Ashipooh Leaked Video Going Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Asherah Gomez is a digital creator from Sri Lanka.

She is a social media personality and blogger with a

decent fan following on her self-titled Instagram handle.

Since 2013, Gomez has been active on YouTube and has come a long way.

With her interesting traveling videos and vlogs, Gomez has been able to collect over 21.8k subscribers on her channel.

Since 2017, Asherah has been calling herself a Travel & Lifestyle content creator.

Due to her content on YouTube and Instagram, she has managed to get followers.

According to her Linkedin bio, she is also the Director of Harpo’s Cafes & Restaurants. She has been taking the position since April 2013.

Gomez’s Linkedin bio also states that she is an experienced Public Relations Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverages industry. 

Asherah Gomez leaked video

The digital creator has been the hot topic with another news that says a leaked video related to Gomez has gone viral.

Unverified sources have created news regarding Ashipooh’s leaked video, and most of them have said that Gomez was engaged in explicit moments.

However, there is no fact about it as all the unauthorized sites have uploaded fake videos of another personality linking it with Gomez’s name.

Due to that, fans and followers of Gomez have criticized them, and many of them have said that it was created to defame her personality.

Many accounts available on Reddit and Twitter have shared fake links that seem to be created to circulate rumors among Gomez’s fans. 

Apart from Reddit and Twitter, some YouTube channels have also covered this news.

Despite the fake rumors, Gomez has not opened up her mouth yet and has not commented regarding this gossip.