Bonza Airlines is reducing flights and canceling 5 routes to regional Australia

Bonza Airlines is reducing flights and canceling 5 routes to regional Australia

New Australian airline Bonza has announced that it is separating 5 routes and reducing the number of flights due to lack of demand.

From August 1, the fund’s air community could be reduced from 27 routes to 22.

Flights from the Sunshine Coast base to Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Tamworth are suspended.

The airline, which launched in January, may also suspend flights between Cairns and Mackay, as well as Toowoomba and the Whitsunday coast, and reduce the frequency of flights on various routes.

5 routes serving the Australian regional route have been canceled due to an insufficient number of passengers traveling to and from these locations.

Bonza CEO Carly Povey told Daily Mail Australia that the company may revisit closed roads sooner or later, but in the meantime it is focused on gathering market demand.

“We are in constant discussions with airports across the country, so the door remains open,” Povey said.

“We will also always meet where the demand is, for example on our 22 high performance routes with 186 seats at all times, such as Sunshine Coast to Albury and Avalon.”

New Australian airline Bonza has announced it is splitting 5 routes and reducing flights due to lack of demand

In May, the company dominated troubled roads, but on Thursday the company backtracked, saying it was “very” demand-driven.

“You could say we’re stepping back to leap forward,” Povey said.

“Airlines around the world are changing their flight schedules, and for Bonza this is a key moment when we make changes to frequencies and routes, so we wanted to be clear about the changes and why we expect them to be. really relevant to customer engagement. . Back. .

“We have been forced to close five routes for which there is currently no sustainable demand.

“We learn quickly and look to the future. Our sole mission is to maintain a safe, strong and sustainable airline that Australians can enjoy and trust for years to come.

Customers affected by the changes will be contacted by text message and offered a full refund or alternative flights.

Those wishing to travel on the remaining 22 routes will not be able to buy tickets until October, but Ms Povey assured customers that tickets for the Christmas and Easter periods would go on sale in the coming weeks.

The company also experienced 10 bird strikes in 10 days.

A bird strike can ground a plane for days, a serious problem for an airline with only four aircraft in its fleet.

Since Bonza announced plans to operate low-cost, low-frequency flights between regional and vacation destinations, the company has continued to make waves in the aviation game.

It has cultivated a brand as a “bogan” airline, providing the services of smugglers of shiny purple parakeets in its in-flight shop and ditching conventional travel booking sites by promoting tickets through a smartphone app.

In June, Bonza and Rex Airlines teamed up with federal authorities to ease air traffic to Sydney Airport, which has been throttled by Qantas and Virgin.

The Federal Government says it is preparing to wait 12 months for an aviation white paper to be sent out before making a decision on opening slots at Sydney Airport.