Carmen Montero Mundt Age: Background, and Relationship with George Russell

Carmen Montero Mundt Age: Background, and Relationship with George Russell

Carmen Montero Mundt is rumored to be the new girlfriend of British Formula 1 driver George Russell. The couple were seen holding hands at the world premiere of James Bond film No Time To Die at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Let’s find out who Carmen Montero is. How old is she?

Who is Carmen Montero Mundt?

Although not much is known about her, Carmen Montero Mundt is not associated with racing. Her undergraduate degree is in business management and finance, and she attends the University of Westminster. She is employed by an investment company based in the United Kingdom.

We all know her as Cameron Montero Mundt, the woman who is currently dating the talented young British runner, George Russell.

Mundt’s career progression

After graduation, Carmen Montero Mundt started her career at W1 Investment Group as a client relations intern. Before completing another internship at Ruffer LLP in 2021, she spent seven months as an intern at the company between June 2019 and December 2019.

After completing these two internships, she was hired by Delta Capita as an associate consultant, which was her first full-time position.

Before returning to Ruffer LLP as an investor relations associate, she worked there for three months, from January to March 2022. She has been employed by the company for 11 months and continues to work there.

Age of Carmen Montero Mundt

Carmen Montero is said to be between the ages of 25 and 30, although her exact date of birth is still unknown. While Mundt always attracts a lot of attention when she attends a Grand Prix, she has recently started doing the same on her social media pages. Recently, the 25-year-old gave her fans the opportunity to ask her any question they wanted, and she answered it in great detail.

Age of Carmen Montero Mundt
Age of Carmen Montero Mundt

Her career often took off in the questions fans asked her. They asked her about her employment details, including her place of work, working hours and favorite aspects of her position.

Relationship of Carmen Montero Mundt and George Russell


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The 2020 Tuscan GP was the first time Mundt and Russell made their relationship public. The pair may have started dating in the summer of 2020, according to keen eyewitnesses. As evidenced by photos of the two circulating online, Carmen accompanied Russell to his Silverstone race.

Fans adore the relationship between British driver George Russell and Carmen Mundt, although they are secretive about it. Russell doesn’t talk much about his girlfriend on social media, but it’s clear who he’ll be hanging out with this summer.

One might be lucky enough to see the couple holding hands as they walk in the paddock. Since the start of the 2020 season, spectators have seen Carmen attend several races to cheer on Russell during race weekends.

The pair were recently highlighted by Williams in their post-race YouTube video. Carmen can be seen hugging the driver after Russell finished first in the highly successful Hungarian Grand Prix.

Williams’ spots with George definitely improve the summer vacation as George heads to Greece for a well-earned vacation and an anniversary.

Carmen Montero Mundt – FAQ

When did George Russell and Carmen get together?

Summer 2020 marked the beginning of George Russell and Carmen Mundt’s relationship. This was when the current Mercedes driver was still a Williams driver. During that year’s Tuscan GP, ​​when they walked through the paddock hand in hand, the couple only revealed their relationship to the public.

How rich is George Russell?

16 million dollars. According to websites like Formulapedia, George Russell’s net worth is thought to be $16 million. His multi-year contract with Mercedes pays him around $8 million a year, and he also receives additional compensation from F1 for winning races.

How much does each F1 driver earn?

2023 Formula 1 Season Salaries (and Schedule) With salaries ranging from around $1 million to an impressive $55 million, not all Formula 1 drivers receive the same compensation.

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