‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2 Cast Spoilers, Who is JR from ‘Claim to Fame’ Related to?

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‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2 Cast Spoilers

In the second season of the hit show “Claim to Fame,” the audience has been captivated by the intriguing clues and shocking reveals about the contestants’ famous family connections. Let’s take a closer look at each of the remaining contestants and their potential celebrity relatives based on the information provided in the article:

  • Carly Reeves: Carly, who was the first contestant eliminated, is the niece of none other than Hollywood icon Tom Hanks, through her mother’s side, as her mother is the sister of Tom Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson.
  • Chris: Chris’s famous family member is a male singer from the ’70s who is directly associated with Las Vegas. The best guess for his relative is Wayne Newton, known as the “King of Vegas,” or possibly someone from the Osmond family.
  • Cole Cook: Cole is the brother of the talented singer Alicia Keys. Additionally, he gained attention for dating actress Emma Watson and being featured in People magazine.
  • Gabriel: Gabriel initially claimed his celebrity relative was his brother, an athlete who won an NAACP Award, but later confessed the athlete part was a lie. His brother was on Nickelodeon with Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, which leads to the best guess of Nick Cannon.
  • Hugo: Hugo’s famous relative is his grandfather, who is a Nobel Prize-winning athlete and was once the most powerful man in the world. The most likely candidate for this description is former President Jimmy Carter.
  • J.R.: J.R. attempted to deceive others by claiming his famous brother played in the NBA, but this was false. His relative once ran off stage during a concert to go to the bathroom, leading to the audience’s best guess of Lil Nas X.
  • Jada ‘Jane’ Star: Jane, who was eliminated third, is the niece of the legendary country music star Dolly Parton, making her family connection truly envy-worthy.
  • Karsyn: Karsyn’s famous family member is related to the world of auto racing, and the best guess for her relative is Karsyn Elledge, the granddaughter of NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt.
  • Monay: Monay’s famous relative is her father, an Emmy Award-winning athlete. The most likely candidate for this description is J.B. Smoove, who has connections to shows like Saturday Night Live and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Olivia: Olivia’s famous aunt is Jenny McCarthy, a well-known actress and television personality.
  • Shayne Murphy: In a blindsiding move by Cole, Shayne’s father was revealed to be none other than Hollywood legend Eddie Murphy.
  • Travis Tyson: Travis was confirmed as the son of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in the show’s second episode.

As the season progresses, viewers eagerly await more shocking reveals and clues about the remaining contestants’ famous family connections. The show’s twists and turns keep everyone engaged, and speculation about the identities of the relatives continues to build.

Who is JR from ‘Claim to Fame’ Related to?

It is highly likely that JR from ‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2 is related to the rapper Lil Nas X. The clues from each episode point to Lil Nas X as the most probable celebrity relative for JR:

  • Episode 1: During the Two Truths and a Lie challenge, JR revealed that his relative is his brother and is a musician. He attempted to mislead the other contestants by falsely claiming his relative had an NBA Championship Ring.
  • Episode 2: The significant clue in this episode was the revelation that JR’s relative was born in Lithia Springs, Georgia. The only famous person of note born in this town is Lil Nas X, a well-known musician.
  • Episode 3: The emojis on JR’s headshot were a chef hat and a pacifier. These emojis could be references to Lil Nas X’s songs “Panini” and “Industry Baby.”
  • Episode 4: No major clues about JR were given in this episode. However, the statue challenge could potentially represent Lil Nas X, as butterflies appear on his album cover.
  • Episode 5: While no explicit clues were given about JR’s relative in this episode, the clue in the telephone game that read “lil sis” could hint at Lil Nas X.
  • Episode 6: Gabriel translated the clue “Bold artist who went to Old Town Road” to connect JR to Lil Nas X. Additionally, JR mentioned a story about his relative stopping a concert to use the bathroom, which aligns with a similar incident involving Lil Nas X.

Based on the accumulating evidence and strong connections, many contestants and viewers have reached the conclusion that JR is related to Lil Nas X. Parade’s prediction also supports this, as the clue from Episode 2 about his relative being born in Lithia Springs, Georgia, aligns well with Lil Nas X’s background.

While the show has not yet officially revealed the identity of JR’s famous relative, the evidence overwhelmingly points to Lil Nas X as the celebrity relative of JR on ‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2. Fans are excited to see if their predictions come true as the season progresses and more clues are unveiled.


Claim to Fame

“Claim to Fame” is a popular reality competition show that debuted on ABC on July 11, 2022. The series, hosted by Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas, captivated audiences with its unique premise. In the show, twelve contestants enter a lavish Hollywood mansion, each having a famous A-list celebrity as their relative. The catch is that they must keep their famous family member’s identity a secret for as long as possible to win the competition.

The first season proved to be a huge hit, generating significant buzz and excitement among viewers. Due to its success, a highly anticipated second season premiered in June 2023. The sophomore outing promised even more suspense, surprises, and shocking revelations as the contestants navigated the challenges while concealing their celebrity connections.

Throughout each episode, the contestants face various tasks and challenges that help unravel the identities of their fellow competitors’ famous relatives. As the tension rises, the audience becomes invested in piecing together the clues provided in every episode, trying to solve the mystery before the big reveal.

With the Jonas brothers as hosts, the show brings an added charm and excitement, attracting fans of both the celebrities and the contestants. “Claim to Fame” has quickly become a favorite among reality TV enthusiasts, offering a fresh and thrilling take on the genre. As the competition progresses, viewers eagerly tune in to witness the drama, camaraderie, and the unveiling of the coveted celebrity connections.

Claim To Fame Cast

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