Clash of Clans August 2023 Gold Pass Upcoming August 2023 Gold Pass Skin & Scenery in Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a highly popular and widely acclaimed free-to-play mobile strategy game developed and published by Supercell. The game was first released on August 2, 2012, for iOS devices, and later on October 7, 2013, for Android platforms. Set in a fantasy-themed persistent world, players take on the role of a village chief and are tasked with building and upgrading their village using resources gained from attacking other players’ villages with troops.

The gameplay involves strategic planning, base building, and troop management to defend against enemy attacks and carry out successful raids. Players can also join clans, which allows them to participate in Clan Wars, a competitive mode where clans face off against each other. Through regular updates and events, Clash of Clans has evolved over the years, offering new content and features to keep its massive player community engaged and entertained. 

Clash of Clans August 2023 Gold Pass 

In the eagerly awaited Clash of Clans August 2023 Gold Pass, players are in for a treat with the Clashiversary theme. One of the main highlights of this season is the introduction of the striking Future Warden skin for the Grand Warden hero. Embracing a futuristic design, the Warden sports a stylish violet suit with eye-catching blue stripe accents on the sleeves.

However, some players have expressed mixed feelings about the design of the Warden’s wand, which might take some getting used to. Nevertheless, the overall theme and skin design have been well-received, making it an appealing purchase for players. Now, let’s delve into the exciting rewards that the Gold Pass has to offer, divided into Free and Premium categories:

Free Rewards:

  • 3,000,000 Gold

  • 3,000,000 Elixir

  • 30,000 Dark Elixir

  • 1,000,000 Builder Gold

  • 1,000,000 Builder Elixir

  • 3,000 Capital Gold

  • Various Potions, including Power, Hero, Builder Star Jar, Clock Tower, Training, and Resource Potions

  • Book of Heroes

Premium Rewards (available to Gold Pass subscribers):

  • Training, Research, and Builder Boost

  • 1-Gem Donations

  • Various Potions, including Builder, Power, Resource, Training, Research, and Clock Tower Potions

  • Shovel of Obstacles

  • Books of Heroes, Fighting, and Spells

  • Runes of Gold, Elixir, and Builder Elixir

  • Rune of Dark Elixir

  • Wall Ring

  • 5,000 Capital Gold

  • Bigger Season Bank

  • Goblin Dragon Statue

  • Goblin King Skin

Additionally, players will have the opportunity to participate in the unique Clashiversary Challenge featuring the Future Warden skin. This event will allow players to witness the new hero skin in action and add to the overall excitement of the Gold Pass season.

In conclusion, the August 2023 Gold Pass for Clash of Clans promises a thrilling Clashiversary celebration with the introduction of the Future Warden skin and an array of enticing rewards for both free and premium players. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new player, this season offers a great opportunity to enhance your Clash of Clans experience and immerse yourself in the futuristic theme.


Upcoming August 2023 Gold Pass Skin & Scenery in Clash of Clans

In the upcoming August 2023 Gold Pass for Clash of Clans, players can look forward to exciting new skin and scenery. As part of the Clashiversary-themed season, Supercell is introducing the captivating “Future Warden” skin for the Grand Warden hero. This skin showcases a futuristic design, with the Warden donning a sleek violet suit adorned with stylish blue stripes on the sleeves.

While the appearance of the Warden’s wand might be a topic of discussion among players, the overall theme and design of the Future Warden skin have generated considerable anticipation. Alongside the skin, players will also have access to the all-new “Future Scenery,” adding a refreshing and immersive element to their in-game environment. With these intriguing additions, the August 2023 Gold Pass promises to be a thrilling and visually engaging experience for Clash of Clans enthusiasts.

Clash of Clans Overview






iOS, iPad, Android


iOS: August 2, 2012

Android: October 7, 2013




Single-player, multiplayer

Clash of Clans Gameplay

Clash of Clans offers engaging and strategic gameplay that has captivated millions of players worldwide. In the game, players take on the role of a village chief, where their primary objective is to build and upgrade their village using resources collected through attacking other players’ villages with various troops. The game features a mix of single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing players to either take on challenging campaigns against goblin villages or engage in intense battles against real players in Clan Wars.

Joining a clan adds a social aspect to the gameplay, enabling players to donate and receive troops, strategize with clanmates, and participate in clan-wide events. With a wide range of defensive structures, offensive troops, and spells to choose from, players must carefully plan their base layout and troop deployment to successfully defend against enemy attacks and achieve victory in raids.

As players progress, they can unlock more powerful troops, spells, and buildings, enhancing their strategic options. The constant updates and events introduced by Supercell keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, making Clash of Clans a long-lasting and beloved title in the mobile gaming world.

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