Customer Claims DoorDasher Ate Their Food in Viral Post

Customer Claims DoorDasher Ate Their Food in Viral Post

In a viral post, one person shared that a DoorDash delivery man ate a customer’s food and everyone was upset. Here are the odd details.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

We hate to admit it, but some people really have nothing but the audacity to give.

Most people would agree that when they order food, they trust their delivery person to deliver the food on time. And of course, customers expect their meals to arrive in perfect condition.

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Unfortunately, some delivery people really lack basic respect and often take advantage of customers. Case in point: A Reddit user.

In a viral post, a DoorDasher ate a customer’s order and everyone was not satisfied. Here’s the full scoop.

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Does DoorDasher eat to customer orders? A Reddit user is asking for public opinion.

“My cake delivered looked like this,” said the user. The bag is not sealed. I asked for utensils and didn’t have any. My partners’ dessert also looked like it was spoiled. He insisted that it was an actual bite of his (his were donut rings).”

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The user continued: “I think the driver would just take one of the donuts in that case, right? I do not know. What do you think? What should I do?”

To demonstrate, the user shared four images: two images of a cake and two images of a plate of donuts. And as you can see, both entries appear to have been tampered with.

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Reddit users believe the photos are solid proof that DoorDasher likes some food orders.

A wise man once said a picture is worth a thousand words. And in the case of a DoorDash order partially eaten by a delivery driver, there are four images showing all signs of a resounding “yes”.

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With that in mind, Reddit users don’t hesitate to call a flange a flange when they share their belief that DoorDasher really likes a free piece of software.

“Yes. I work at Red Robin (which I’m 99.99 percent sure where these come from) and the lemonade donuts and donuts don’t come that way. Report that, sure, a sharers.

“It’s from Red Robin! I worked there for two years. Laugh. The cake is like that, trying to cut it is a bit difficult to get the full piece. But the donut rings must have been bitten in,” another interjected.

Interestingly, the author of the post shared that the cake arrived as pictured, but the donuts are a different story.

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“My partner ate a few donut rings before noticing one that looked weird,” the creator said in the comments section. “He said he initially brushed it off because he thought I took a bite, until I told him I didn’t.” SMH!

Interestingly, many DoorDash drivers commented on the post and shared their feelings about the situation.

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“As a Dasher, I feel embarrassed when customers have to deal with these things. Sorry for your experience and TRUST there are nice, decent people on this platform just trying to do a good job while making a few bucks,” one person said.

Unfortunately, this stunt could cause DoorDash to lose customers. After all, people trust the platform to hire honest and responsible Dashers. So it’s safe to say that the platform has some explaining to do.