Dead by Daylight Update 7.1.1 Patch Notes (August 1, 2023)

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Dead by Daylight Update 7.1.1 Updates

Introducing the latest Dead by Daylight update, version 7.1.1, now available for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. The official DBD update 7.1.1 patch notes reveal exciting changes, including enhancements to the Reactive Healing Perk and crucial bug fixes addressing Perk interactions and map collisions. Notably, the Cenobite has been re-enabled in this update.

The previous major update, Dead by Daylight version 5.4.0, introduced thrilling new content with the addition of a new Killer, The Onryō, and a new survivor, Yoichi Asakawa. However, players encountered various issues during gameplay. Today, the Dead by Daylight patch 7.1.1 arrives to tackle some of these problems, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Dead by Daylight Update 7.1.1 Patch Notes


Content Updates:

  • The Reactive Healing Perk has been updated to round up to 100% healing when there is only a tiny bit of healing missing. For example, instead of healing a Survivor to 96.4%, it will now complete the healing at 100%.

Bug Fixes:


  • The Scene Partner Perk’s scream and animation now play at the same time when curing from The Plague’s Vile Purge.
  • Survivors in lockers no longer scream due to Dramaturgy’s effect, and the Survivor is no longer temporarily slowed down when activating Dramaturgy.
  • The Dramaturgy Perk no longer causes Items to appear during animated interactions.
  • The Spirit no longer causes Survivors with the Scene Partner Perk to scream when passing in front of them during Phase Walking.
  • Scene Partner no longer activates when the Killer is Undetectable using Beast of Prey.
  • The “Dramaturgy” Perk no longer spawns event addons and Ultra Rare items.
  • Survivors with the “Scene Partner” Perk now correctly scream when reviving themselves with the “Plot Twist” Perk in front of the Killer.
  • The Plot Twist Perk is no longer briefly displayed as being usable after recovering from the Dying state.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the fast Vaults to have the same vaulting distance as the Slow and Medium Vaults.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to be unable to be picked up by the Knight when they are downed while being pulled out from a locker by the Guardia Compania.
  • Fixed an issue that caused cosmetics (Free songbird, Pro-Pain Hammer, Hound Mask, and Untamed Donkey Jacket) to be missing from players’ inventories.
  • The Trapper’s Add-on “Wax Brick” now has the correct value.
  • Survivors are no longer sometimes rendered unable to move when being healed by others.
  • The Nurse’s Matchbox addon no longer affects the Killer’s carrying speed.
  • Hex: Huntress Lullaby activating no longer causes The Doctor and The Pig’s skill checks to be silent.
  • Survivors escaping through an Exit gate no longer have their running animation stop abruptly before the Tally Screen.
  • The Knight can now properly pick up downed Survivors hit by the basic attack while grabbed from a locker by the Guardia Compania.
  • When installing a “Brand New Part” on a Generator with a Toolbox affected by the “Overcharge” Perk, Missed and Failed Skill Checks now correctly result in the Generator exploding.
  • For The Nurse, holding the Blink input during a Blink now correctly automatically starts the next Blink in a chain.
  • The Onryo Condemned Mori can no longer be executed twice on the same Survivor.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Singularity’s aiming loop SFX to still be playing if it was stunned while shooting a pod or slipstreaming.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Nicolas Cage’s voice lines not to be stopped at the start of a Mori.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Lucky Stroll” and the “Inspiration Seeker” outfits to play collection music in the menu.


  • Fixed a potential crash in the HUD when hiding the external Perks.
  • Fixed an inconsistency between Bloodpoints spent and displayed upon canceling the Prestige Level Up halfway.


  • Fixed invisible collisions found in the McMillan’s Estate.
  • Fixed an issue in Badham Preschool where the characters would clip out of the lockers.
  • Fixed an issue where the nurse could get stuck on Toba Landing.
  • Fixed an issue in Eyrie of Crows map where the projectile detection was not working as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with the shrimp boat in the Pale Rose map where traps would clip into the ground.
  • Fixed an issue in Fractured Cowshed where the Demogorgon was able to climb over collisions.
  • Fixed an issue where Biopods could be placed out of reach on Autohaven Wreckers.
  • Fixed an issue where a collision is missing next to a window in Ormond.

Events & Archives:

  • Fixed an issue where a Survivor player could gain progress for a Map item-related challenge (e.g., “Cartophile”) without having to equip a Map.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Outplayed” challenge was calculating the distance from the pallet to the Killer instead of from the pallet to the downed Survivor.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Outplayed” challenge was not gaining progress from Survivors downed near The Nightmare’s Dream Pallets.


  • Fixed an issue that caused no subtitles when playing video on XBX and XB1.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to be stuck on the starting screen on PS4.
  • Fixed an issue that caused trophies to be unlocked without real progression on PS5.


  • There is no longer an invisible collision in one of the hallways inside the Badham Preschool.


Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight, developed by the Canadian studio Behaviour Interactive, is an engaging and immersive online asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game. In this chilling and suspenseful gaming experience, players can take on one of two distinct roles: the Killer or the Survivor. As the Killer, one player becomes a menacing and relentless force, tasked with hunting down and eliminating the other four players, who assume the roles of Survivors.

To achieve victory, the Killer must capture each Survivor and impale them on sacrificial hooks to appease the malevolent Entity, a powerful and sinister presence within the game. On the other side of the deadly equation, the Survivors must work together as a team to outsmart the Killer, escape capture, and ultimately survive the terrifying ordeal.

Their main goal is to repair five generators scattered throughout the game environment, which will activate the exit gates, offering a chance for their harrowing escape from the nightmarish realm. The game’s tension and atmosphere are heightened by its dark and haunting visuals, combined with the heart-pounding gameplay that demands quick thinking, strategy, and teamwork from both sides.

With its dynamic and ever-changing gameplay scenarios, Dead by Daylight keeps players enthralled, making each match a unique and adrenaline-pumping experience.

Dead by Daylight Gameplay


Dead by Daylight offers an intense asymmetrical horror gaming experience, pitting one player as the formidable Killer against a group of four Survivors. Each match is called a trial, and the objective varies for both sides. As Survivors, the players must strive to escape the trial by fixing five out of seven generators scattered throughout the map. These generators power the two exit gates, providing a means of escape from the nightmarish realm.

Meanwhile, the Killer’s mission is to impale all Survivors on sacrificial hooks before they can make their getaway. The act of sacrifice is dedicated to a malevolent force known as the Entity, which adds an eerie and haunting atmosphere to the game. In case only one Survivor remains at the end of the trial, an open escape hatch manifests at a random location on the map. However, if the Killer closes the hatch or if one of the exit gates is opened, the “Endgame Collapse” commences.

During this critical phase, the Survivors must make their escape within a mere two minutes. The timer can be extended if there are any incapacitated or hooked Survivors still present. As the time runs out, any remaining Survivors face a grim fate as they are ruthlessly stabbed and forcefully sacrificed to the menacing Entity right where they stand. This intense gameplay and high-stakes strategy keep players on the edge of their seats, ensuring every trial in Dead by Daylight is a gripping and adrenaline-pumping experience.

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