Elden Ring 1.10 Patch Notes, Release Date and more

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Elden Ring Patch 1.10 Arrives Today

On July 27, 2023, the highly anticipated Elden Ring Patch 1.10 finally arrived, bringing a wave of excitement among players and fans of the epic RPG game. After a four-month wait, this update marked the first significant content drop for Elden Ring, giving players a compelling reason to return to the captivating Lands Between once again. The patch introduced a range of much-needed balance changes, gameplay adjustments, and crucial bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Among the notable alterations, critical hits underwent slight modifications, increasing their damage output while reducing the penalties for missing them. Additionally, the PvP aspect received attention with tweaks to poise, aiming to enhance the overall player-versus-player encounters. Notably, the angle for landing critical hits was expanded, possibly making executing these moves more accessible.

However, players would need to hone their skills further as the invulnerability window for Quick Step and Hound’s Step skills was reduced, adding a layer of challenge to these maneuvers. The announcement generated excitement within the gaming community, but it was also clarified that this update did not include the highly anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree DLC release.

Players were advised to stay tuned for any future announcements regarding the upcoming expansion. With maintenance lasting three hours across all platforms, fans eagerly dived back into the world of Elden Ring, ready to embrace the new changes and experiences that awaited them.

Elden Ring 1.10 Patch Notes

PvP-exclusive balance adjustments

The adjustments in this section do not affect single-player or cooperative play.

  • Increased poise damage of all weapons and some spells and incantations.

  • Increased poise when attacking with some skills, spells, incantations and some types of weapon attacks that generates poise.

  • Added damage reduction when performing attacks with some skills, spells and incantations and some types of weapon attacks that generates poise.

  • Critical hit angles have been extended.

  • Decreased the invulnerability window of the Quick Step and Hound’s Step skills.

  • Decreased the damage reduction granted by some skills, incantations and items.

General balance adjustments

  • Increased critical hit damage.

  • Decreased recovery time after a missed critical hit.

  • Increased poise damage of attacks that occur after missing a critical hit.

Bug Fixes and other changes

  • Adjusted the player damage animation so that the attack direction is not unintentionally shifted when getting hit while attacking with some types of weapons that generates poise.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some spells and incantations from causing damage while under the effect of some skills and items.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the effects of the Sacred Order skill to continue after switching weapons.

  • Corrected some text in certain languages.


Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a critically acclaimed action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and featuring world-building contributions from George R. R. Martin, the game immerses players in the captivating Lands Between, an open-world realm filled with challenging combat, exploration, and hidden secrets.

As a Tarnished, players embark on a quest to repair the shattered Elden Ring, confronting powerful demigod bosses and using various weapons, magic spells, and stealth mechanics to overcome adversaries. With its rich lore, atmospheric environments, and a compelling narrative told through sparse yet intriguing storytelling, Elden Ring has garnered immense praise for its expansive gameplay and artistic design, solidifying its place as a modern masterpiece in the action RPG genre.

Elden Ring Gameplay 

Elden Ring offers an enthralling and immersive gameplay experience, combining elements of action, exploration, and role-playing in a vast and intricate open-world setting known as the Lands Between. As players take on the role of the Tarnished, they embark on an epic quest to restore the shattered Elden Ring, confronting formidable demigod bosses and engaging in intense combat encounters.

The game presents a diverse range of playstyles, allowing players to wield various weapons, harness powerful magic spells, and utilize stealth mechanics to overcome adversaries strategically. Exploration is a key aspect of the gameplay, encouraging players to freely traverse the expansive landscapes on horseback and uncover hidden secrets, challenging dungeons, and rich storytelling through interactions with non-player characters.

With its challenging difficulty, rewarding gameplay mechanics, and the seamless integration of online multiplayer, Elden Ring delivers a captivating and unforgettable gaming experience that has solidified its place as a modern masterpiece in the action RPG genre.

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