Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes, Bug Fixes, Release Date and more

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Elite Dangerous 

Elite Dangerous, developed and published by Frontier Developments, is a space flight simulation game that places players in the role of a spaceship pilot, known as “Commander” or “CMDR.” Set in a 1:1 scale, open-world representation of the Milky Way galaxy, the game offers a vast and open-ended experience. 

It features both single-player and massively multiplayer gameplay, where players’ actions have a direct impact on the ongoing narrative of the persistent universe. The game’s release came after a successful Kickstarter campaign in November 2012, with pre-release test versions available to backers since December 2013. 

Elite Dangerous was officially launched for Windows in December 2014 and later for macOS in May 2015. It also supports various PC virtual reality devices. Additionally, the game’s expansion, Elite Dangerous Odyssey, brings first-person shooter elements to planetary surfaces and bases, though it lacks virtual reality support.

Elite Dangerous garnered commercial success, selling over 500,000 copies by April 2015, with Frontier Developments anticipating £22 million in revenue from sales. By January 2019, cumulative sales of the game surpassed 4.3 million units, comprising both the base game and the Horizons expansion. 

The base game sales reached 3.5 million units by April 2020. Moreover, Elite Dangerous generated more than £100 million in revenue as of October 2020. With its immersive exploration, engaging multiplayer features, and continuous updates, the game has established itself as a prominent entry in the Elite video game series, delighting space simulation enthusiasts and science fiction fans alike.

Elite Dangerous Update 16 Patch Notes


Added to …

  • New passenger evacuation missions have been added. Wealthy passengers will now be requesting expedited evacuation from locations affected by the presence of the Thargoids for additional credits (if you can appease their requirements and demands) 

  • The Thargoids will, as of this Thursday’s maintenance ‘tick’ ahead, retreat from any system when their hold on that system is defeated. Previously this would only occur for Invasion systems.

  • In honour of the late Michael Brookes, a new organisation has been added to the game, Brookes Galactic Tours.

    • You can now find their adverts in most markets and their new megaship, The Legacy, which can be found in Artemis near Freeholm.

    • Brookes Galactic Tours has also established a new mini-series of tourist beacons to a handful of fantastic locations, the first of this series begins at the beacon at Freeholm. We hope you enjoy exploring and will take a moment to pause and enjoy the wonder that Mike helped bring to the universe of Elite.


  • Release fees for impounded ships that are not the player’s current ship can now be paid 

  • Fix for the Stuck Recovery button put players exponentially far away 

  • Fix for Large Habitat buildings in Tourism settlements ignoring states, making restore missions incompletable 

  • Fix for Chargaff Installation incorrectly being flagged as an Outpost rather than Starport 

  • Fix for Trevithick Vision incorrectly being flagged as an Outpost rather than Starport 

  • Fix for being unable to restock Caustic Sink Launcher ammo until existing Caustic has been purged from the module 

  • Fix for crash sites not always correctly containing the mission item 

  • Fix for POIs spawning in locations they shouldn’t, on undiscovered planets 

  • A fix has been implemented to address a situation where Bark Mounds would be wrongly indicated as present at a location via the DSS, but would not in fact be there – Right!? We can hear you from here, Canonn!  

  • Fix for being able to only accept one squadron application at a time 

  • Fix for visual artefacting in planetary rings 

  • Fix for Thargoid interceptor “Energy Surge Detected” notification not triggering on their arrival 

  • Fix for fires inside buildings at Thargoid Occupied settlements not being extinguished when venting via the Atmospheric Control Panel 

  • Fix for Thargoid Interceptor’s emissives being white and exerted hearts no longer glowing 

  • Fix for deployed SRVs not returning in their previous position when the owning Commander logs in after logging out whilst on foot 

  • Fix for mining deposit fragments getting stuck inside the asteroids – Still digging! This time! 

  • Fix for Gunner Role being unable to use TG Pulse Neutraliser or Shutdown Field Neutraliser 

  • Thargoid Interceptors will now be consistently recorded in the journal 

  • Fix for the Player Journal not always accurately logging Thargoid kills 



  • Crime scan results can no longer be evaded by relogging.

  • Messages received from the server whilst the player is in hyperspace are now queued until they exit hyperspace.

  • Commanders will now be able to target or plot a route to Titans or Maelstroms via the System Map.

  • After joining a multicrew session and assigning yourself the Gunner role, assigned turrets or utilities would not be reflected in the UI. This has now been fixed.

  • On-foot wanted players can now access the Shipyard Terminal at Detention Facilities.

  • Camera shake now applies to on foot players when using Guardian objects at Thargoid imprint sites.

  • Raised maximum prices of Fleet Carrier items.

    • Further reading: Instead of the maximum price the Fleet Carrier owner can set being 10x the galactic mean price (i.e. the slider goes up to 1000%), they can now set it to 100x the galactic mean price (i.e. 10,000%). This will now apply to all three markets on the Carrier.
      The decision was made to do this in consideration that some things are rare but have a relatively low price; this means that Commanders will now be able to sell them at a price that is worthwhile for the effort they went to, to acquire them.

  • Collector limpets will now be much less prone to collisions when collecting objects near asteroid surfaces.

  • Fixed potential crash when exiting mission completion screen. 



  • Rebalanced the volume of music heard at the Thargoid Surface Site.

  • Fix for changing hardpoints animation sound effects being inaudible when in Outfitting.

  • Fixed the audio for the holograms in the Thargoid Surface Site not matching their in-world location accurately.

  • Rebalanced the volume of the Thargoid Hunter music – They just want to be heard!

  • Rebalanced the reverb of the Revenant’s primary and secondary weapons.

  • Improved the management of Revenant’s primary weapon sounds so it doesn’t become overwhelming when in combat with multiple Revenants.

  • Fixed Thargoid Hunter’s combat music being audible when the combat music is disabled in the audio options.

  • Fixed the Titan’s combat music being audible when the combat music is disabled in the audio options.

  • Fixed the Thargoid Titan ambience still being audible when the exploration music is disabled in the audio options.

  • Improved the balance of the ship’s internal sounds when impacted by the defensive wave of the Maelstrom.

  • Improved the Aculeus Launcher’s rocket’s audio as it flies past you.

  • Fixed the Revenant’s vocalisations not being obscured by physical barriers.

  • Fixed AX Missile Launchers deploy and stow audio being difficult to hear in certain situations.

  • Adjusted the volume of the Revenant’s primary weapon when it isn’t being looked at.

  • Various optimisations for loading some sections of audio have been made.


  • Found and fixed some duplicated materials on the advanced multi-cannons, to help with optimisation.

  • Added some new cup props to certain social areas (which are technically “zero-g” environments) to mostly avoid the issue of having un-capped beverages in these areas – Bringing you optimised immersion, 3309. No more panic over hot drink spillages.

  • Fixed schematic model for the subsurface mining missile so that it is now visible.

  • Added support for various consoles to be pushed into an offline mode for deserted settlements.

  • Fixed the collision mesh on the wrecked Beluga so you can no longer fly through it.

  • Adjusted the notifications UI model for VR, which optimises rendering of this element.

  • Fixed missing textures on Scorpion SRV missile model.

  • Found and fixed a number of issues with how gradients are applied on certain paintjobs, smoothing them out and improving quality.

  • Fixed mirrored decal on the Fer De Lance underside.

  • Addressed a number of visual issues for the Anaconda if applying paint jobs.

  • Adjusted the Hazard shipkit spoiler slightly to prevent an intersection issue with the Anaconda’s cockpit



  • Fixed a crash when logging in docked at a fleet carrier in a system that has a large amount of carrier traffic.

  • Fixed a crash when logging in docked at a port in a system from which the Thargoids have retreated.


  • The Orthrus now has a codex entry.

  • All Thargoid War related passenger missions will now have a link to the relevant page of the Pilot’s Handbook.

  • Contacts panel UI for Glaives and Orthrus will correctly show the schematic icon and sigil.


  • If you are trapped inside a container after logging in at a POI, you will now be able to free yourself using a panel inside the container – Commanders live for exploration but do consider caution when navigating confined spaces, however tempting they may be. Advice here can also be applied to general life.

  • Fixed an issue where some Horizons locations would not generate the intended micro-resources at all viable locations


  • Passengers in evacuation missions are now a little more chatty – It’s good to talk things through, you know? Don’t keep things bottled up in these kinds of situations.

  • Transport missions for Thargoid War-affected ports no longer request non-essential commodities.

  • Disconnecting after restoring power to a Thargoid-occupied settlement during the mission will no longer reset the settlement to the offline state when you log back in, allowing you to continue the mission without needing to source a second Power Regulator.



Elite Dangerous Gameplay

Elite Dangerous offers a captivating and immersive gameplay experience set in a vast and realistic open-world representation of the Milky Way galaxy. Players assume the role of a spaceship pilot, beginning their journey with limited resources and a spacecraft. The primary objective is to traverse the galaxy and engage in diverse activities to earn money and reputation. 

Players can choose from a range of roles, including traders, miners, explorers, bounty hunters, pirates, and assassins. Each role presents unique challenges and rewards, allowing players to shape their own path in this open-ended universe.

The game’s multiplayer aspect, known as Open Play, enables players to interact with each other in a persistent, massively multiplayer environment. Players can form alliances, participate in large-scale battles, and influence the narrative of the shared universe through their actions. However, it’s worth noting that while Open Play allows a degree of freedom for player interactions, certain actions, such as griefing or exploiting game mechanics, are strictly prohibited and can lead to consequences such as bans from the main server. For those who prefer a solitary experience, Elite Dangerous also provides an online-only single-player mode.

As players progress, they can upgrade their ships and customize them with various modules, such as engines, weapons, scanners, and energy systems. The game introduces a second in-game currency called Arx, which players can purchase with real money and use to buy cosmetic enhancements for their ships. 

Additionally, the vastness of the virtual galaxy is truly awe-inspiring, featuring around 400 billion star systems, complete with planets and moons that rotate and orbit in real-time. Approximately 150,000 of these star systems are based on real astronomical data, while the rest are procedurally generated, ensuring a seamless and dynamic experience as players explore uncharted territories, dock at space stations, and encounter various challenges and opportunities that await them in this remarkable futuristic world.

Release Date of Elite Dangerous Update 16

Elite Dangerous Update 16, a highly anticipated update for the game, has now been rescheduled to be released on Tuesday, August 1st, 2023. This update is expected to bring significant enhancements and new features to the already immersive space flight simulation experience. Frontier Developments, the studio behind the game, has been diligently working on this update to offer players an even more engaging and thrilling gameplay experience.

Players and fans of Elite Dangerous can expect more information and possibly a detailed list of changes and features included in Update 16 as the release date approaches. Frontier Developments’ commitment to delivering regular updates and their dedication to the Elite Dangerous community ensure that the game will continue to evolve and provide an unparalleled space adventure for both new and veteran Commanders alike.

With the release of Update 16 on August 1st, 2023, the galaxy of Elite Dangerous is bound to expand with new opportunities, mysteries, and adventures awaiting those who dare to explore its vast and captivating universe.

Disclaimer: The above information is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site.

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