Honkai Star Rail Best Battle Pass Light Cone, Best Cones Ranked

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Honkai Star Rail Best Battle Pass Light Cone 

The Nameless Honor battle pass in Honkai Star Rail offers players a chance to earn free currency and level-up materials by simply playing the game daily for about a month. For those willing to invest more, the premium version called Nameless Glory provides additional rewards like Star Rail Special Passes and rarer materials.

At level 30, players who opt for Nameless Glory can choose one of seven exclusive light cones. These light cones offer unique effects to enhance gameplay, making it essential to choose wisely. Let’s rank all seven light cones to help you make the best decision:

  • Warmth Shortens Cold Nights :

This Abundance light cone boosts your character’s maximum health and provides healing to the entire team whenever the equipped character uses a skill or attacks. It’s especially beneficial for a healer but might be less effective for characters with lower health pools.

A Nihility light cone that deals extra damage to an enemy your equipped character just attacked. While it has decent damage potential, other free options with similar effects are available, making it less appealing for some teams.

The Destruction light cone, providing a significant attack boost and healing based on the wearer’s attack stat when an enemy is defeated. Although useful, there are better free options and a 5-star item in Herta’s Store that might be more advantageous.

A Hunt light cone that increases your critical hit rate and cleanses one status ailment or debuff per attack when it’s a critical hit. While helpful, there are other free light cones with similar effects, making it less necessary to spend money on this one.

The Preservation light cone that offers a mix of offense and defense. While it boosts defense and increases the character’s ultimate ability damage based on defense stat, it might be more suitable for tank characters than those meant for damage dealing.


Honkai Star Rail Tales of the Fantastic Guide

The Tales of the Fantastic event in Honkai Star Rail offers players an exciting adventure filled with 9 quests to complete. To begin this event, players must first fulfill the prerequisite of finishing the Trailblaze quest titled “Xianzhou Luofu – A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant.” Once the event is underway, players will have limited time to progress through the 9 quests, each offering unique combat challenges and instructions. Here is a detailed description of two chapters in the event:

  • X3 Hero’s Journey Chapter:

This chapter focuses on the journey of a hero, taking players through thrilling battles and intriguing storylines. In this segment, players can expect to encounter various enemies and challenges that will test their skills and strategies. The Hero’s Journey is filled with surprises, and players must carefully follow the instructions to advance and unlock the next stages of the story.

  • X6 Legends of Past and Present:

The Legends of Past and Present chapter delves into the rich history of the game’s world, revealing tales of legendary characters and their exploits. Players will be immersed in epic battles and confrontations against formidable adversaries, each with its own unique set of skills and abilities. To successfully conquer this chapter, players must master their combat prowess and adapt to the changing dynamics of the battles.

Throughout the event, players should pay close attention to the details of each quest and execute their strategies effectively to achieve victory. It is essential to make the most of the limited time available to complete the 9 quests and earn valuable rewards. The Tales of the Fantastic event provides a captivating and action-packed experience for players, allowing them to uncover new aspects of the Honkai Star Rail world and face thrilling challenges.

As players progress through the event, they will have the opportunity to enhance their gameplay skills and enjoy the rich storytelling that the game has to offer. So, grab your weapons, hone your abilities, and embark on a journey like no other in Honkai Star Rail’s Tales of the Fantastic event!

  • To Complete the Hero Journeys :


How to Complete

Hero’s Journey Chapter 1

1. Meet Mr. Xiyan in Central Starskiff Haven to start the quest.


2. Battle the Master of the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus and his followers. Use physical or frozen DPS skills to defeat them.


3. Take control of a remote cycrane to explore off-limits locations and gather essential items.


4. Be careful of enemies guarding valuable pellets while navigating the cycrane.


5. Upon collecting all necessary items, return to Mr. Xiyan, complete his trials, and offer the treasures to an Aureate Elixir Furnace.

Hero’s Journey Chapter 2

1. In this Honkai Star Rail Tales of the Fantastic event, embark on a trial with Mr. Xiyan, starting at Central Starskiff Haven and progressing to Scalegorge Waterscape.


2. Interact with a statue and complete three challenging tasks:


a. Identify and defeat a malicious mirage.


b. Destroy specific objects in a yellow-marked area.


c. Solve Abacus Circuitry puzzle (button sequence).

Hero’s Journey Chapter 3

1. Speak with Mr. Xiyan in Central Starskiff Haven and continue the conversation in Scalegorge.



2. Fight Phantylia, a foe weak against Physical, Ice, and Lightning attacks.


3. Place Growth elixirs in three location markers.


4. Confrontation with Voidrangers, two of whom are weak to Physical damage.


5. Investigate a bright flower and place items in the correct order.


6. Fight Malefic Ape and use elemental attacks

  • To Complete the Legends of Past and Present :

In the Tales of the Fantastic event in Honkai Star Rail, the main objective of the Legends of Past and Present chapter is clear-cut: players must defeat as many opponents as possible within a specific number of turns. The opponents will continuously appear one after the other in succession. For each stage, players have the flexibility to choose two trial characters and two protagonist model buffs to aid them in their battles.


Honkai Star Gameplay

Honkai: Star Rail offers an engaging and immersive gameplay experience, combining classic Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) elements with modern mechanics from its subsidiary, HoYoverse’s, previous action RPG, Genshin Impact. The game’s core gameplay revolves around assembling a team of characters, each with their unique abilities and strengths.

Players have the freedom to build a lineup that suits their playstyle and strategy, fostering a sense of customization and personalization. In combat, players control a team of four characters, engaging in turn-based battles. This tactical approach allows players to carefully plan their moves and make strategic decisions based on their characters’ skills and the enemy’s weaknesses.

Honkai: Star Rail features a rich and immersive world for players to explore. Elements of open-world and dungeon exploration are present, providing players with the opportunity to venture into diverse and visually stunning landscapes, uncovering secrets, and encountering formidable foes. The gacha system, a prevalent feature in many mobile games, is an integral part of Honkai: Star Rail’s gameplay.

Through the gacha system, players can obtain new characters, weapons, and other valuable items. This mechanic adds an element of excitement and collection, encouraging players to progress through the game to acquire powerful assets and expand their roster. The inclusion of mechanics carried over from Genshin Impact, such as the gacha system, contributes to the game’s familiarity for players who have previously experienced miHoYo’s titles.

It also allows Honkai: Star Rail to capitalize on the successful aspects of Genshin Impact’s gameplay, ensuring a seamless transition for players familiar with the studio’s previous work. Furthermore, the incorporation of JRPG elements ensures that Honkai: Star Rail appeals to fans of the genre. The game offers a balanced mix of storytelling, character progression, and strategic combat, making it enjoyable for both seasoned JRPG enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Honkai Star Rail Plot

Honkai: Star Rail takes place in a captivating science-fantasy universe, where humanity follows the paths of enigmatic beings known as Aeons. The player steps into the shoes of the Trailblazer, whose name and gender are determined by the player, awakening on a space station with no recollection of their past. They soon realize that they possess a powerful cosmic entity called a Stellaron.

Joining forces with a group of adventurers known as the Trailblazers, the player embarks on a thrilling journey aboard the Astral Express, a vast cosmic train that traverses the universe along the fabled “Star Rail.” As the Trailblazer begins their quest for identity and seeks to neutralize the remaining Stellarons, they encounter fellow crew members, including March 7th and Dan Heng.

The Astral Express is also home to Himeko, the ship’s skilled engineer, and Welt, a seasoned interdimensional traveler from the Honkai Impact 3rd universe. Their first destination is Jarilo-VI, a planet plagued by the devastating Eternal Freeze, a perpetual winter brought on by the might of a Stellaron. As they approach the capital city of Belobog to address the Stellaron’s impact, they are suddenly branded fugitives by Supreme Guardian Cocolia, under the influence of a mysterious voice emanating from the Stellaron.

The crew manages to escape underground, where they uncover the ongoing conflict between the peacekeeping Wildfire and Svarog, the leader of the robots, who resists all peace negotiations. After reconciling the factions, the crew confronts Cocolia, who fuses herself with the Stellaron. Through a hard-fought battle, the crew emerges victorious, and Bronya, Cocolia’s adoptive daughter, assumes the role of the new Supreme Guardian, announcing her intentions to bridge the divide between the two regions.

Following the events on Jarilo-VI, the crew receives a signal from Kafka, requesting their assistance in resolving a Stellaron incident on the Xianzhou Luofu. However, their involvement is prohibited in Stellaron affairs, and instead, they are assigned to deal with Kafka and the Stellaron Hunter, Blade. Jing Yuan, the Cloud Knight general, tasks them with eradicating the threat they pose.

Upon confronting Kafka, she reveals that her mission was already completed the moment the Trailblazer arrived, as prophesied by her boss, Elio. As the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus and Lord Ravager Phantylia emerge from the shadows, Dan Heng unveils his Imbibitor Lunae lineage, aiding Jing Yuan and the Trailblazers in their battle against Phantylia, resulting in her retreat.

The unfolding story of Honkai: Star Rail takes players on an epic journey across diverse worlds, introducing them to intriguing characters and engaging in thrilling battles. With each new adventure, players unravel the mysteries of the Stellaron and the fate of the universe, immersing themselves in an epic narrative that captivates the imagination.

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