Honkai Star Rail Widget: How to Get the Hoyolab Widget for Honkai Star Rail?

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Honkai Star Rail Widget 

The Honkai: Star Rail Widget is a new feature introduced in the Version 2.37 update of the HoYoLAB app, developed by miHoYo. This widget is designed to provide iOS users with a seamless and immersive experience, allowing them to access the world of Honkai right from their home screens.

With the introduction of the Honkai: Star Rail Widget, players can easily stay connected to the game and access relevant information and features without needing to open the app itself. It offers quick access to essential gameplay data and updates, making it convenient for players to keep track of their progress and stay engaged with the Honkai universe.

Here are some key features and details about the Honkai: Star Rail Widget:

Home Screen Integration: The Honkai: Star Rail Widget is integrated directly into the iOS home screen. Users can add it to their home screen by following the steps mentioned in the previous section. Once added, the widget provides a glanceable view of important game-related information without the need to open the HoYoLAB app.

Real-time Game Updates: The widget offers real-time updates about the game, including events, announcements, and in-game activities. Players can quickly check for the latest news and updates related to Honkai: Star Rail directly from their home screen.

Customizable Widget Background: One of the exciting features of the Honkai: Star Rail Widget is the ability to customize the widget background. Players can choose their favorite character from Honkai: Star Rail to set as the background, adding a personal touch to their home screen.

Easy Access to Honkai Universe: Through the widget, players can quickly access the Honkai universe, explore characters, and stay engaged with the community discussions within the HoYoLAB app. It acts as a gateway to dive deeper into the world of Honkai.

Tracking Gameplay Stats: The widget provides essential gameplay stats and data, such as character progress, achievements, and previous Memory of Chaos runs. Players can keep track of their in-game performance and use this information to improve their gameplay.

Streamlined User Experience: With the Honkai: Star Rail Widget, miHoYo aims to enhance the user experience by offering a streamlined way for players to interact with the game. The widget eliminates the need to navigate through the app, saving time and effort.

iOS Exclusive (As of July 27, 2023): At the time of the Version 2.37 update release, the Honkai: Star Rail Widget was exclusive to iOS devices. Android users may have to wait for a future update to get access to the widget on their devices.

In conclusion, the Honkai: Star Rail Widget is an exciting addition to the HoYoLAB app, providing iOS users with a convenient and immersive way to access the world of Honkai right from their home screens.


How to Get the Hoyolab Widget for Honkai Star Rail? 

Honkai: Star Rail is an RPG developed by miHoYo, and with the Version 2.37 update released on July 27, 2023, a new feature called the HoYolab widget was introduced. This exciting addition offers iOS users a seamless and immersive experience, providing easy access to the world of Honkai right on their home screens.

To get the coveted HoYolab widget for Honkai: Star Rail on your iOS device, follow these simple steps:

Update Honkai: Star Rail to version 2.37: Before proceeding, ensure that you have the latest game update installed on your iOS device. Visit the App Store and check for any available updates for Honkai: Star Rail. The HoYolab widget is bundled with Version 2.37, so it’s essential to have it installed.

Locate the HoYolab widget: Once you’ve updated the game, access your device’s widgets panel by long-pressing on your screen and tapping the “+” icon.

Add the HoYolab widget: In the widgets panel, you’ll see a list of available widgets. Look for the HoYolab widget and select it. If you don’t immediately see the section for the widget, try restarting your phone.

Choose and add the widget: The HoYolab widget comes with various options to choose from. Select the one that suits your preferences and click “Add Widget.” If you also play Genshin Impact, there might be additional widget options related to that game as well.

Place the widget on your screen: After adding the widget, you can place it on your home screen as you like, allowing easy access to the HoYolab features.

The HoYolab widget is currently exclusively available only for iOS users. However, miHoYo might consider extending the widget to other platforms in future updates.

With the HoYolab widget, players can conveniently access various aspects of the game, such as event details, character information, announcements, and more, right from their home screen. This feature enhances the overall gaming experience and provides players with quick access to important information without having to navigate through the game’s menus.

As you embark on your adventures in the captivating world of Honkai: Star Rail, the HoYolab widget serves as a helpful companion, making your journey through the RPG more enjoyable and immersive.


Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail, also known as 崩坏:星穹铁道 (Bēnghuài: Xīngqióng Tiědào) in Chinese, is a role-playing gacha video game developed by miHoYo. The game is published by miHoYo in China and worldwide by its subsidiary Cognosphere, operating under the name HoYoverse. The game was officially launched on April 26, 2023, and is available for both Windows and mobile devices.

While the initial release covers Windows and mobile platforms, a port for PlayStation 5 is currently in development, with an expected release window in Q4. However, as of the latest update during the Summer Game Fest, the release date for the PlayStation 4 version is yet to be announced. This information was revealed through an accompanying trailer during the event.

Honkai: Star Rail is the fourth installment in the Honkai series, incorporating characters from the popular game Honkai Impact 3rd and incorporating gameplay elements from the critically acclaimed game Genshin Impact. This amalgamation of characters and gameplay elements aims to offer players a unique and engaging gaming experience that combines the best aspects of both Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact.

As the game’s popularity continues to grow, players eagerly await the release of the PlayStation 5 version and anticipate further announcements regarding the PlayStation 4 version. With its promising blend of role-playing, gacha mechanics, and beloved characters, Honkai: Star Rail has captured the attention of gamers worldwide and looks set to be a significant addition to the Honkai series.

Honkai Star Rail Gameplay

In Honkai: Star Rail, the gameplay draws inspiration from classic Japanese role-playing games. Players are tasked with assembling a team of characters, forming a lineup of four members to engage in turn-based combat. The game incorporates elements of both open-world exploration and dungeon exploration, providing players with diverse environments and challenges to conquer.

One of the notable mechanics in Honkai: Star Rail is the gacha system, which allows players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other items through a randomized draw. This mechanic is familiar to players who have experienced HoYoverse’s previous action RPG, Genshin Impact, as it has been carried over to enhance the gaming experience in the new title.

The turn-based combat system allows players to strategically plan their moves, making use of each character’s unique abilities and strengths to overcome formidable adversaries. As players progress through the game, they can unlock and upgrade characters, strengthening their team and unlocking new tactical possibilities.

In addition to the combat aspects, players can explore an expansive open world, venturing through different regions, uncovering hidden secrets, and encountering various challenges. The dungeon exploration feature provides players with additional opportunities to delve into specific areas, encounter powerful foes, and gather valuable resources.

Honkai: Star Rail combines the best elements of classic Japanese role-playing games with modern mechanics, offering an immersive and captivating gaming experience. The inclusion of the gacha system from Genshin Impact adds an extra layer of excitement as players seek to enhance their team and expand their roster of characters. With its engaging gameplay and intriguing world to explore, Honkai: Star Rail is poised to captivate players and keep them enthralled in its fantastical universe.

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