How Many Champions in League of Legends 2023? List of All Champions

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League of Legends

In League of Legends, champions have the ability to regenerate health and mana during a match. This regeneration process allows them to recover health and mana points over time, enabling them to stay in the game longer and continue participating in battles.

Health regeneration (HP regen) is the rate at which a champion naturally heals their health over time. It’s represented by a small amount of health being restored every few seconds, gradually helping the champion recover from injuries sustained in fights or while farming minions.

Mana regeneration (MP regen) is similar but pertains to the recovery of a champion’s mana, which is necessary to cast their abilities. Mana regeneration works in a way that champions regain a portion of their maximum mana pool over time, allowing them to sustain their spellcasting abilities throughout the match.

Champions can also enhance their regeneration stats through items or abilities that specifically boost their health or mana regeneration rates, making them more resilient and effective during extended engagements. Understanding and managing regeneration is crucial for players to succeed in the game and make strategic decisions about when to engage or disengage from combat.

How Many Champions in League of Legends 2023?

League of Legends has seen an impressive fourfold increase in the number of champions available, boasting a staggering roster of more than 140 unique champions. This substantial growth has allowed the game to offer an even more diverse and expansive gameplay experience for its dedicated player base.

Health Regeneration (HP Regen):

Health regeneration is the rate at which a champion passively recovers lost health over time. Champions have a base health regeneration value, which means they slowly regain health even without any external factors. This passive regeneration is essential for sustaining champions during laning phases and allows them to recover between fights or skirmishes.

Items and Abilities:

Some items and abilities in the game can increase a champion’s health regeneration. For example, certain health or tank-oriented items may grant bonus health regeneration stats, and specific champion abilities might provide temporary healing effects that aid in recovery during combat.

Mana Regeneration (MP Regen):

Mana regeneration works similarly to health regeneration but applies to a champion’s mana pool, which is used to cast abilities. Each champion has a base mana regeneration value, allowing them to gradually replenish their mana over time and maintain their spellcasting capabilities.

Items and Abilities:

Certain items and abilities can increase a champion’s mana regeneration rate. These items are usually designed for mana-dependent champions, like mages, who rely heavily on their abilities to deal damage or provide utility in battles.

Energy and Resourceless Champions:

Not all champions in League of Legends use traditional health and mana resources. Some champions, like energy-based champions (e.g., Lee Sin, Zed) or resourceless champions (e.g., Garen, Renekton), have different resource systems. Energy-based champions have a unique energy bar that replenishes quickly, while resourceless champions do not consume any resources to use their abilities.

Fountain Regeneration:

Besides passive regeneration during matches, champions can fully regenerate their health and mana by returning to their team’s fountain. The fountain is the area located in the team’s base, and when champions recall or respawn there, their health and mana are fully restored.

Strategic Importance:

Regeneration plays a critical role in the strategic decision-making of players. Knowing when to retreat from a fight to regenerate, when to use potions or other healing effects, and managing regeneration-enhancing items are vital for effective gameplay.


Champions in League of Legends 2023



1 Aatrox
2 Ahri
3 Akali
4 Akshan
5 Alistar
6 Amumu
7 Anivia
8 Annie
9 Aphelios
10 Ashe
11 Aurelion Sol
12 Azir
13 Bard
14 Bel’Veth
15 Blitzcrank
16 Brand
17 Braum
18 Caitlyn
19 Camille
20 Cassiopeia
21 Cho’Gath
22 Corki
23 Darius
24 Diana
25 Dr. Mundo
26 Draven
27 Ekko
28 Elise
29 Evelynn
30 Ezreal
31 Fiddlesticks
32 Fiora
33 Fizz
34 Galio
35 Gangplank
36 Garen
37 Gnar
38 Gragas
39 Graves
40 Gwen
41 Hecarim
42 Heimerdinger
43 Illaoi
44 Irelia
45 Ivern
46 Janna
47 Jarvan IV
48 Jax
49 Jayce
50 Jhin
51 Jinx
52 K’Sante
53 Kai’Sa
54 Kalista
55 Karma
56 Karthus
57 Kassadin
58 Katarina
59 Kayle
60 Kayn
61 Kennen
62 Kha’Zix
63 Kindred
64 Kled
65 Kog’Maw
66 LeBlanc
67 Lee Sin
68 Leona
69 Lillia
70 Lissandra
71 Lucian
72 Lulu
73 Lux
74 Malphite
75 Malzahar
76 Maokai
77 Master Yi
78 Miss Fortune
79 Mordekaiser
80 Morgana
81 Nami
82 Nasus
83 Nautilus
84 Neeko
85 Nidalee
86 Nilah
87 Nocturne
88 Nunu & Willump
89 Olaf
90 Orianna
91 Ornn
92 Pantheon
93 Poppy
94 Pyke
95 Qiyana
96 Quinn
97 Rakan
98 Rammus
99 Rek’Sai
100 Rell
101 Renata Glasc
102 Renekton
103 Rengar
104 Riven
105 Rumble
106 Ryze
107 Samira
108 Sejuani
109 Senna
110 Seraphine
111 Sett
112 Shaco
113 Shen
114 Shyvana
115 Singed
116 Sion
117 Sivir
118 Skarner
119 Sona
120 Soraka
121 Swain
122 Sylas
123 Syndra
124 Tahm Kench
125 Taliyah
126 Talon
127 Taric
128 Teemo
129 Thresh
130 Tristana
131 Trundle
132 Tryndamere
133 Twisted Fate
134 Twitch
135 Udyr
136 Urgot
137 Varus
138 Vayne
139 Veigar
140 Vel’Koz
141 Vex
142 Vi
143 Viego
144 Viktor
145 Vladimir
146 Volibear
147 Warwick
148 Wukong
149 Xayah
150 Xerath
151 Xin Zhao
152 Yasuo
153 Yone
154 Yorick
155 Yuumi
156 Zac
157 Zed
158 Zeri
159 Ziggs
160 Zilean
161 Zoe
162 Zyra

League Of Legends Champions

In League of Legends, there is a vast selection of more than 140 champions available for players to choose from. Throughout a match, champions earn experience points (XP) by defeating enemies, which allows them to level up and unlock new abilities.

To enhance their champions’ strength, players can acquire items using gold. Gold is earned passively over time and actively by defeating enemy minions, champions, and defensive structures. The shop menu, accessible only when a champion is in their team’s base, allows players to purchase items to improve their champion’s performance on the battlefield.

It’s important to note that each match in League of Legends is independent and self-contained. Levels and items obtained during one match do not carry over to the next, ensuring a fresh and balanced playing experience in every game. 

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