How to Beat the Ravager in Remnant 2? Remnant 2 Ravager Location

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Remnant 2 Ravager Wiki

Ravager’s Lair is a significant location in Remnant 2, where players encounter the Corrupted Ravager, the once god of death of the Pan. In this area, players have the critical choice to join the Corrupted Ravager by either killing or sparing The Doe, its mythic counterpart, which lies injured in the arena. The decisions made during this encounter will impact the rewards obtained from the area.

Within Ravager’s Lair, players will come across unique NPCs and enemies. The main NPC is the Corrupted Ravager itself, the formidable boss players must defeat to progress. Additionally, enemies like Root Tumblers will pose challenges to players as they explore the lair.

No merchants are present in Ravager’s Lair, so players won’t find any shops or trading opportunities in this location. The lair also holds valuable items, including the Ravager’s Maw, Crimson Membrane, Ravager’s Mark, and Broken Antler. The specific rewards obtained depend on the choices players make during the boss fight. As for events and secret passages, Ravager’s Lair does not feature any special events or hidden routes that players need to uncover.

The walkthrough for this area involves engaging in a fierce battle with the Corrupted Ravager and making crucial decisions regarding The Doe. Depending on the choices made, players can obtain different rewards, such as the powerful Ravager’s Maw or Crimson Membrane, among others.

How to Beat the Ravager in Remnant 2?

How to Beat the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2 – Strategies for Success

1. Dodging the Ravager’s Lunge Attacks

The Corrupted Ravager’s galloping lunge attacks can be devastating if not avoided properly. Players must time their evasive maneuvers carefully to avoid taking damage. Pay attention to the Ravager’s cues and learn when it’s the optimal moment to dodge its attacks. Additionally, when in close-quarters combat range, be prepared for the Ravager to swipe at the player twice, requiring precise timing to evade both strikes.

2. Targeting the Vulnerable Spots

The most vulnerable area of the Corrupted Ravager is the red pulsing growth on its back. From the start of the battle, focus all offensive efforts on this weak spot to inflict critical damage. Equip high-magazine, high-volume weapons, as relying solely on melee attacks will be challenging. Consistent targeting of the vulnerable spot is crucial for success.

3. Utilizing Stone Pillars

The battle arena contains stone pillars that can provide cover and protection. Players should strategically position themselves to avoid standing behind certain pillars to prevent the Ravager from knocking them down. These pillars can act as barriers against the Ravager’s energy pulse and vortex ability, offering a moment of respite and safety during the fight.

4. Dealing with the Ravager’s Vortex Ability

The Ravager’s vortex ability is one of its most devastating attacks. It generates a cyclone that pulls players towards the creature, leading to potential death. To avoid this, establish distance and attack from afar. This not only helps evade the vortex but also allows players to anticipate lunging attacks. Retreat behind stone pillars during the vortex attack to ensure safety.

Alternate Kills in the Ravager Boss Fight

Players have the option to explore alternative outcomes in the Ravager quest, depending on their decisions regarding the Red Doe.

A. Killing the Doe Mid-Fight

If players deal enough damage to the Doe during the Ravager fight, it will attempt to use the Ravager to heal itself. In this scenario, players can choose to kill the Doe before it regains its health, denying the Ravager an opportunity to recover. This alternative kill rewards players with the “Ravager’s Maw,” which can be taken to McCabe to craft the “Feral Judgment” melee weapon. This weapon gains power through successive melee attacks, making it formidable in close combat.

B. Letting the Ravager Eat the Doe

Alternatively, players can allow the Ravager to regain strength by consuming the Doe during the battle. This will make the fight more challenging as players essentially face the Ravager twice. However, triumphing in this scenario rewards players with the “Crimson Membrane,” which can be exchanged with McCabe for the “Merciless” long gun. The Merciless fires a powerful penetrative blast and has a 25% chance of dealing additional critical damage to foes.

In conclusion, to defeat the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2 successfully, players should focus on dodging its attacks, targeting its vulnerable spots, utilizing stone pillars for protection, and dealing with its vortex ability effectively. Exploring alternate kills can lead to unique rewards and add depth to the storyline. Good luck in your quest!


Remnant 2 Ravager Location

The Corrupted Ravager boss fight in Remnant 2 takes place in the world of Yaesha. To encounter the Ravager, players need to progress through the main story and solve the Water Harp puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, the bridge to the Ravager’s Lair will be raised, granting access to the boss fight.

Yaesha – The Location

Yaesha is a distinct region in the game, known for its lush forests, ancient ruins, and unique wildlife. Players will explore this world as part of the main questline in Remnant 2. Throughout their journey in Yaesha, they will encounter various enemies and face challenging boss fights, including the Corrupted Ravager.

Entering the Ravager’s Lair

Upon reaching the Corrupted Ravager’s Lair, players will trigger a dialogue with the beast before making a crucial decision. They must choose whether to kill the Red Doe or spare its life. If they choose to spare the Doe, they will engage in a fierce battle with the Corrupted Ravager.

Fighting the Corrupted Ravager

The Corrupted Ravager boss fight presents a formidable challenge. Players need to be prepared for its lunging attacks, quick bites, and powerful abilities. By focusing on the Ravager’s weak spots, avoiding melee attacks, dealing with additional enemies, and watching for devastating attacks like the Red Flare and Gorenado, they can increase their chances of defeating the boss.

Rewards and Alternate Kills

Depending on the choices made during the fight, players can receive different rewards and outcomes. These include unique materials that can be exchanged for powerful weapons like the “Feral Judgment” and “Merciless.”

How to Beat Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2?

Defeating the Corrupted Ravager boss in Remnant 2 can be extremely challenging, but there are several strategies to make the fight easier:

  • Focus on the Weak Spot: The root spot on the Corrupted Ravager’s back is one of its weak spots. Concentrate your attacks on this area to deal significant damage using your weapons and abilities.
  • Avoid Melee Attacks: The Corrupted Ravager’s melee attacks, particularly the lunges and bites, can deal substantial damage. Stay alert and dodge these attacks to prevent taking heavy hits. The bite attack occurs twice in quick succession, so be prepared to evade both strikes.
  • Deal with Hollow Mobs: During the battle, the Corrupted Ravager will summon Hollow mobs as additional enemies. Focus on eliminating them quickly to reduce distractions and concentrate on the boss.
  • Watch for Red Flare and Gorenado: The Corrupted Ravager has powerful attacks such as the Red Flare and Gorenado. When you see these attacks coming, use sidesteps and rolls to get out of their area of effect and avoid taking damage.

By following these strategies and maintaining awareness of the Corrupted Ravager’s movements and attacks, you can improve your chances of defeating this challenging boss in Remnant 2.

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