How to Beat the Shrewd Boss in Remnant 2?

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Shrewd Boss in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, the game features an array of formidable bosses, each requiring the utmost concentration and multiple tries to overcome. However, amidst these challenging encounters, there are also some bosses that prove to be less daunting. One such boss is Shrewd, who awaits players in the early stages of The Expanding Glade area within the Yaesha Realm. This encounter rewards those with precise aim and the ability to consistently target the head of the boss.

Armed with these skills, players should find themselves well-equipped to bring down Shrewd and emerge victorious in this encounter. So, prepare your weapons, steady your aim, and embark on this thrilling battle in your quest through Remnant 2.

How to Beat the Shrewd Boss in Remnant 2?


Defeating Shrewd is not an overly challenging task, as long as you’re aware of a few key attack moves and come prepared. In this guide, we’ll cover the strategies and weaknesses to ensure victory against this boss.

  1. Choose the Right Weapons: For this battle, opt for a sturdy ranged weapon since Shrewd rarely engages in melee combat. Having a high-fire rate secondary weapon is also beneficial for the later stages of the fight.

  2. Target the Head: Like many creatures in the game, Shrewd’s critical weakness is its head. Aim for headshots whenever you can to deal maximum damage.

  3. Watch for Bow Positions: Shrewd stands on a platform at the edge of the arena and wields a bow. Pay attention to how he holds his bow before firing:

    • Horizontal Bow: Shrewd fires two slow-moving arrow bolts that deal significant piercing damage.
    • Vertical Bow: Shrewd fires a fast arcing shot that explodes, inflicting damage and Root Rot, which slows your movement.
  4. Dealing with Eggs: After sustaining initial damage, Shrewd will disappear and summon eggs around the arena. These eggs hatch into tree creatures, filling the area with mobs. Quickly shoot and destroy the eggs before they have a chance to unleash the creatures.

  5. Beware of Melee Attacks: When Shrewd’s health reaches about half, he will teleport into the arena and attempt to strike you at melee range. His main melee attacks include:

    • Charging Dash: Shrewd charges up and dashes a short distance, inflicting heavy damage and Root Rot.
    • Scythe Bow Spin: Shrewd spins, swinging his scythe bow around himself three times, causing massive damage and inflicting Root Rot.
  6. Kiting Strategy: Maintain distance from Shrewd and kite him around the central tree in the room. This tactic will help you avoid his attacks and control the pace of the battle.

By following these strategies and being observant of Shrewd’s attack patterns and weaknesses, you’ll find that defeating this boss is well within your reach. Stay focused, keep an eye on the eggs, and take down Shrewd with ease. Good luck on your adventure through Remnant 2!


Rewards for Beating the Shrewd Boss in Remnant 2

After successfully defeating Shrewd, I was rewarded with valuable loot, including three Lumenite Crystals, 500 Scrap, a Tome of Knowledge, and a Soul Sliver. The Soul Sliver is particularly important as it can be combined with other crafting materials at McCabe in Ward 13 to create the Rotted Arrow Weapon Mod.

When equipped, the Rotted Arrow Weapon Mod allows you to shoot a detonating arrow that inflicts damage in a small area upon explosion. Additionally, a lingering cloud of gas is left behind, continuously dealing damage over time to any enemies caught within its range. This powerful mod proves to be a formidable asset in your battles against adversaries.

Remnant 2 Gameplay

Remnant 2, much like its predecessor, is a third-person shooter that draws inspiration from Soulslike video games. In this game, players have the freedom to wield up to two guns, alongside their trusty melee weapon. At the start of the adventure, players get to choose from various character archetypes. For instance, the Gunslinger class takes the place of the Ex-cultist class from the previous game and revolves around skillful firearm usage. The Challenger class possesses the ability to release a devastating shockwave, obliterating enemies, while the Handler class benefits from a loyal dog companion that aids them in combat.

As players progress through the game, they will unlock the ability to dual class, expanding their range of abilities even further. Additionally, players can activate unique perks and skills tailored to their chosen archetype. For the Gunslinger, the standout ability is called “Loaded,” allowing the character to instantly reload all firearms they are carrying.[4] Meanwhile, the Handler class features the powerful perk ability “Bonded,” which grants their canine companion the capability to revive the character if they fall in combat.

With such diverse character archetypes and distinct abilities, players are equipped to face the challenges that await them in Remnant 2. Whether they prefer a guns-blazing approach or prefer the assistance of a loyal companion, the game caters to a variety of playstyles.


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