How To Change Archetype In Remnant 2? A Complete Guide

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How To Change Archetype In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, players are presented with a diverse array of character classes known as archetypes, each characterized by a distinct appearance that aligns with their unique specialization. These archetypes possess their own set of strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to assume various roles during intense combat encounters.

Their versatility is particularly evident in multiplayer, where different archetypes can complement and bolster one another, facilitating a wide range of team compositions for exploration and adventure.

However, as players progress through the game, there may come a time when they desire to switch to a different archetype to explore new gameplay possibilities. Regrettably, creating a completely new character to do so would result in the loss of hard-earned progress and achievements.

Fortunately, there is a way to change archetypes in Remnant 2 without sacrificing your current progress. To achieve this, players must seek out specific items known as Engrams. These valuable Engrams can be obtained by first acquiring the base material from designated vendors in the game.

For instance, players seeking to adopt the Medic archetype can obtain the necessary Engram, the “Medic Pin,” from Dr. Norah, while those aspiring to become the Handler archetype can acquire the “Old Whistle” from Mud Tooth. Similarly, the “Rusty Medal” from Brabus enables access to the Hunter archetype, and the “Old Metal Tool ” from Reggie grants players the Challenger archetype.

It’s essential to note that if a player already possesses a specific archetype, the corresponding material for that archetype will not be available for purchase from the vendors. This is because having duplicate materials would serve no purpose since the archetype is already accessible to the player.

One intriguing exception to this process is the Gunslinger archetype. In order to obtain this archetype, players must complete their second world and acquire a “Worn Cylinder” from Mud Tooth. After exhaustively delving into Mudtooth’s stories, he will reward players with the coveted “Worn Cylinder,” making it accessible in Ward 13.

To actualize the transition to a new archetype, players must take the acquired material to Wallace, a key character found within Ward 13. Wallace has the ability to convert the material into the desired Engram, unlocking the corresponding archetype. Although this process comes at a cost, the benefits of acquiring a fresh archetype and broadening one’s gameplay experience far outweigh the expense.

By utilizing this method, players can explore a multitude of archetypes, gaining access to all of the starting classes within the game. This feature empowers players to adapt their playstyle and explore new character possibilities, making their journey through Remnant 2 both thrilling and ever-evolving.

What are Archetype Perks?

Archetype Perks in Remnant 2 encompass five distinct categories: Prime, Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic.The Prime Perk embodies the fundamental essence of an Archetype, granting exclusive advantages. When combining two Archetypes to form a Class, only the Prime Perk of the Archetype in the primary slot becomes active.

For example, a Gunslinger in the primary slot would experience an augmentation in ammo reserves, while a Medic in the primary slot would witness an enhancement in their healing capabilities.The Damage Perk serves a straightforward purpose: it amplifies the damage dealt by your character.

As you progress and level up the Archetype, the efficacy of this perk increases. Its effects vary based on your specific Archetype, empowering Ranged, Melee, Mod Power, or Skill Damage, depending on the class.The Team Perk is a boon that benefits not only the individual player but the entire team, even when playing solo.

Team perks can manifest as increased ammo drops, shared healing among teammates, or improved team defense. Each Team Perk offers a unique enhancement that adds an additional layer of depth to the gameplay experience.

The Utility Perk plays a crucial role in elevating the overall gameplay experience. Often referred to as a “Quality of Life” perk, it focuses on providing small yet significant improvements that synergize with the gameplay elements of each Archetype. For instance, an Archetype reliant on frequent Sprinting and Evading may receive a utility perk that reduces stamina costs, facilitating smoother movement.

The Relic Perk, a temporary boon, activates after using a Relic, such as the Dragon Heart. These perks can be game-changers, tipping the scales of battle, but their effectiveness relies on the availability of Relic Charges. Each Relic Perk is tailored to align with the specific role of the Archetype, whether it involves dealing damage or providing valuable support.

However, it is essential to use Relics judiciously, as they also serve as the primary source of healing. Thus, strategic management of relic usage ensures that healing remains accessible when most needed.Upon its release, Remnant 2 featured four distinct Archetypes: the Gunslinger, Handler, Challenger, and Medic.

Each Archetype comes with its specialized perks, skills, and traits, offering players diverse options for tailoring their gameplay experience.Gunslingers excel as the DPS class, specializing in maximizing damage output and swiftly dispatching enemies.


Types of Archetype Perks 


1. Swift Shot (Damage Perk)

Grants a 1.5% fire rate and 2.5% ranged damage increase, with the stats scaling as the Gunslinger levels up.

Upgraded Perk

Fire rate and ranged damage boosts are raised to 15% and 5%, respectively.

2. Posse Up (Team Perk)

Enhances ammo pickups by providing 20% additional ammo per player, equally distributed among teammates. Additionally, ammo box consumables drop extra ammo.An extra ammo box spawns, and pickups award 30% more ammo.

3. Quick Hands (Utility Perk)

 Bestows a 10% reload speed increase for equipped weapons.

Upgraded Perk

The bonus is doubled if the weapon’s magazine is empty.

4. Sleight of Hand (Relic Perk)

After using a Dragon Heart, equipped weapons are reloaded.

Upgraded Perk

Provides a 15% ranged damage increase for 10 seconds.

5. Loaded (Prime Perk)

Whenever any Gunslinger Skill is used, both equipped weapons are instantly reloaded, and all weapons gain infinite reserve ammo for 5 seconds.

Upgraded Perk

At Level 5, all weapons receive infinite ammo for 6.5 seconds. At Level 10, the duration is extended to 8 seconds.In the dynamic world of Remnant 2, players can explore diverse playstyles through these compelling Archetypes, each with its distinct strengths and perks to master.

Remnant 2

Remnant 2, a captivating action role-playing video game developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, emerges as a thrilling sequel to the acclaimed Remnant: From the Ashes (2019). The unveiling of Remnant 2 took place in December of 2022, stirring the gaming community with excitement, and its official release for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S occurred in July 2023.

In terms of gameplay, Remnant 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, drawing inspiration from the challenging Soulslike genre. Players immerse themselves in a mesmerizing third-person shooter experience, where they wield a dynamic combination of two powerful firearms and a formidable melee weapon.

The journey commences with players selecting their distinct character archetypes, each with unique traits and abilities to shape their destiny.Among these captivating classes is the Gunslinger, replacing the Ex-cultist from the previous installment, focusing on the mastery of firearms.

The Challenger class unleashes awe-inspiring shockwaves that disintegrate enemies with sheer force, while the Handler class bonds with a loyal canine companion that lends valuable aid during combat encounters. As players advance through the game, they unlock the opportunity to dual class, merging the strengths of two archetypes for even greater versatility.

Harnessing archetype-specific perks and skills adds a layer of tactical depth to the gameplay. For instance, the Gunslinger boasts the extraordinary ability “Loaded,” enabling instant reloads of all carried firearms, while the Handler class can rely on the prime perk ability “Bonded” to have their loyal canine companion revive them during dire situations.

Remnant 2 Gameplay

Remnant 2 sets a new standard by significantly expanding its procedural generation mechanics, elevating the overall gaming experience. Not only does the game modify the layout and enemy spawn points, as witnessed in its predecessor, but it now encompasses the random generation of diverse enemy types, stunning regional aesthetics, formidable boss characters, intriguing non-playable characters, and the very fabric of the game’s storyline and quests.

This groundbreaking approach ensures that each playthrough is an entirely unique and unpredictable adventure.While players have the option to embark on this captivating journey solo, the game also supports an immersive three-player cooperative multiplayer mode. This means that players can join forces with friends and allies, facing the challenges together and savoring the camaraderie that arises from conquering the formidable foes.

Throughout their epic odyssey, players can unlock an array of prestigious trophies, a testament to their prowess and determination as they achieve significant milestones and conquer challenging tasks.In conclusion, Remnant 2 surpasses expectations as a dynamic and engrossing third-person shooter action role-playing game.

With its rich diversity of character archetypes, engaging gameplay, and innovative procedural generation, this game secures its place among the greats in the gaming world.

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