How to Defeat Master Kohga Totk? Master Kohga Tears of the Kingdom

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How to Defeat Master Kohga Totk? 

To defeat Master Kohga, the leader of the Yiga Clan and a unique boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to be prepared for a challenging fight that puts your skills to the test. Before engaging in the battle, make sure you have acquired the Autobuild ability, which can be obtained by entering the Forest of Time Chasm southwest of East Post Ruins in Hyrule Field.

Once you’re ready, you’ll encounter Master Kohga at different locations in the Depths region. In the main story quest “A Mystery in the Depths,” there will be an ambush by Master Kohga, and you’ll engage in an interesting dialogue with him where Link and Kohga will mock each other.

During the fight, Master Kohga will attack you using a truck with a battering ram at the front. Your objective is to avoid contact with the truck and find an opportunity to strike him from behind or shoot arrows at him from a distance to break his attacks. When he falls off the truck, seize the moment to deal maximum damage. The first phase of the battle will continue until about half of his health is depleted.

In the second phase, Master Kohga will again use the truck, but this time it will be guarded by walls on the sides, and he will drive it towards you at insane speed. Lure him into hitting the arena wall to create an opening for you to get on the truck and attack him.

Once you deplete all of his health, he will escape in an airplane, seemingly ending the fight. However, after a while, he will reappear in another area for a second phase.

In this phase, Master Kohga will be flying an airplane and attacking you with flames. Shoot an arrow at him to bring him down from the plane, and then attack him until he respawns in the plane. Continue this process until his health is fully depleted.

The third phase of the battle takes place in a naval arena. Master Kohga will be on a raft, attempting to hit you. Use a nearby raft to approach him while avoiding a frontal attack. You can shoot arrows at him, use remote bombs on his raft, or climb onto his raft and knock him off it.

After overwhelming him, he will respawn again at a distance, and you’ll have to repeat the process until he loses all his health.

Finally, the fourth and last phase involves facing Master Kohga in a giant death robot known as a Zonai Construct in a wrestling arena. Dodge his charges and shoot arrows to bring him out of the robot. Once he activates a shielded cube and starts shooting massive laser beams from his hands, wait for him to throw three floating morning star balls at you.

Use the Recall ability on the balls to direct them backward at Kohga, knocking him out of the robot and allowing you to deal significant damage. Repeat this process until he is defeated.

In each phase, remember to utilize your resources effectively, such as arrows and food to retain stamina. With skillful maneuvering and strategic attacks, you can emerge victorious in your battles against Master Kohga and complete the side adventure as well as the main story quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Master Kohga Tears of the Kingdom

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Master Kohga makes a surprising return as a major boss character. Similar to his appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, he is the leader of the Yiga Clan and presents a unique and formidable challenge to players.

To encounter Master Kohga, players need to follow an elaborate quest chain that involves the Yiga Clan. These quests are scattered across different regions in Hyrule. The twist in this game is that most of the Yiga Clan and Master Kohga quests are unlocked within the Depths, an area accessible early in Tears of the Kingdom.

The first encounter with Master Kohga occurs during the main story quest “A Mystery in the Dungeons.” Following this quest, players will eventually reach the Great Abandoned Central Mine within the Depths, where the first step towards the Yiga Clan side quest begins.

Once in the Great Abandoned Central Mine, players will face Master Kohga for the first time. The boss fight involves dealing with his slow-moving car as he attempts to ram the player. To defeat him, players must climb onto the vehicle and attack him directly.

After the initial encounter, players will need to find Master Kohga in three other locations across Hyrule:

  • Abandoned Gerudo Mine (south of Abandoned Kara Kara Mine)
  • Abandoned Lanayru Mine (a separate section within the Depths, accessible via Lanayru Wetlands Chasm)
  • Abandoned Hebra Mine (accessible through the Rito Village Chasm)

Each location presents its own unique challenges, and players must utilize their skills and resources effectively to emerge victorious.

Defeating Master Kohga in all locations will reward players with powerful end-game weapons and valuable resources for crafting and upgrading. The battles against Master Kohga are a test of the player’s combat abilities and add an exciting element to the overall adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


About the Master Khonga

Master Kohga is a recurring character and boss in The Legend of Zelda series. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, he is the leader of the Yiga Clan, a group opposing the Sheikah and continuously hunting Link. Despite being a figure of authority, Master Kohga is often seen napping and being lazy. He has a particular love for Mighty Bananas and is known to hold secrets about the Sheikah.

In Breath of the Wild, Link encounters Master Kohga during the “Divine Beast Vah Naboris” main quest outside the Yiga Clan Hideout. Master Kohga initially berates Link for disturbing his napping spot but realizes that Link is the hero he has been searching for upon seeing the Sheikah Slate in Link’s possession. He introduces himself and challenges Link to prepare for the fight.

The battle against Master Kohga consists of three phases, each utilizing his control over magnetism and levitation. In the first phase, he throws a rock at Link, which can be countered by attacking him while he’s levitating. In the second phase, he conjures two spinning rocks, and Link must hit him when one is directly above his head to stun him. In the third phase, he summons a fortified boulder that Link must push back using Magnesis, stunning Master Kohga and allowing Link to finish the fight.

After the battle, Master Kohga uses his last energy for a “secret technique,” which backfires and causes him to fall down a pit. He proclaims that he will be remembered, and the Yiga Clan will continue to pursue Link throughout Hyrule Kingdom. As a reward for defeating him, Link receives the Thunder Helm from a treasure chest.

Master Kohga also appears in other games, such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, showcasing his significance as a notable character within The Legend of Zelda series.

About The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is an esteemed action-adventure game franchise crafted by the renowned Japanese game designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. Nintendo primarily develops and publishes the series, but some portable versions and re-releases have been entrusted to other studios like Flagship, Vanpool, and Grezzo. The gameplay combines action-adventure elements with action RPG mechanics.

At the heart of the series are the different iterations of the protagonist, Link, a brave young man belonging to the elf-like Hylian race, and Princess Zelda, a magical princess who embodies the mortal reincarnation of the goddess Hylia. Together, they embark on quests to save the enchanting land of Hyrule from Ganon, an evil warlord turned demon king who serves as the principal antagonist throughout the series. Ganon seeks to wield the Triforce, a sacred relic left behind by the three goddesses that shaped Hyrule, in order to reshape the world according to his dark desires. The Triforce possesses the power to grant any wish to its user, but if someone with an imbalanced heart attempts to touch it, it will split into three triangles and bond with three individuals whose hearts embody Power, Courage, and Wisdom in equal measure.

While each game may present varying personalities and backgrounds for Link and Zelda, certain traits are often consistent. Link is often depicted as left-handed and clad in green, while Zelda is associated with wisdom, light, and prophecy. While the conflict with Ganon forms the central plotline of the series, certain games have explored alternative settings and antagonists, with Link journeying to different lands to fulfill their calling.

Since the original release of The Legend of Zelda in 1986, the series has flourished, comprising 19 main entries across all of Nintendo’s major game consoles, alongside numerous spin-offs. In addition, an animated TV series based on the games aired in 1989, and Nintendo has commissioned individual manga adaptations in Japan since 1997. The Legend of Zelda stands as one of Nintendo’s most successful and revered franchises, with several of its games earning acclaim as some of the greatest video games of all time.


The gameplay in The Legend of Zelda series is a captivating blend of puzzles, action, adventure/battle elements, and exploration. These core components remain consistent across the series, but each new installment introduces refinements and additional features to enhance the gaming experience. In later games, stealth gameplay is introduced, requiring players to evade enemies while progressing through levels. Racing elements are also incorporated in certain titles.

While it is possible to complete the games with minimal exploration and side quests, players are often rewarded with helpful items or increased abilities for solving puzzles and discovering hidden areas. Some items, like bombs, boomerangs, keys, and weapons, appear frequently throughout the series, while others are unique to specific games. The gameplay in The Legend of Zelda leans more towards hack-and-slash combat rather than the strategic, turn-based or active time combat found in games like Final Fantasy. Despite containing some role-playing elements, the series is primarily categorized as a real-time adventure game, according to the game’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Every main Zelda game comprises three principal areas: an overworld, allowing multidirectional movement and freedom of action; areas for interaction with other characters, ranging from caves to entire towns and cities, where players gain special items, advice, and can complete side quests; and dungeons, labyrinthine areas underground with challenging enemies, bosses, and items. Each dungeon typically holds a major item essential for solving puzzles and defeating the boss, aiding players in progressing through the game. Maps and magic compasses aid players in navigating dungeons and locating essential items.

The player’s health or life meter is represented by a line of hearts, with each heart usually representing two hit points. Heart Containers, found at the end of dungeons or dropped by dungeon bosses, increase the player’s maximum hearts. Pieces of Heart, hidden around the game world, combine to form full heart containers. Health can be replenished by collecting hearts from defeated enemies, consuming potions or food, or visiting Great Fairy Fountains for complete healing. Fairies found in specific locations can instantly revive the player or be stored in empty bottles for later use.

The series introduced several pioneering features. The original Legend of Zelda was the first console game to include a save function, enabling players to pause and resume their game later. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time introduced a targeting system that simplified 3D combat by allowing players to lock the camera onto enemies or friendly NPCs. These innovations have become industry standards and contributed to the enduring popularity and success of The Legend of Zelda franchise.

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