How to Get Obsidian in Minecraft? How to Make Obsidian in Minecraft?

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How to Get Obsidian Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the most straightforward and efficient method to obtain obsidian involves the use of a diamond or netherite pickaxe. To begin the process, you must first locate a source of lava, which can typically be found in lava pools, underground caves, or lava falls. Armed with a bucket, you can then collect the lava from the source.

Once you have gathered the lava, you need to identify a water source block nearby. By pouring the collected lava directly onto the water source block, a fascinating chemical reaction occurs. The lava and water will interact in a remarkable manner, causing the lava to cool rapidly and solidify, ultimately transforming into obsidian.

This process is a crucial aspect of Minecraft gameplay, as obsidian serves various valuable purposes. Its inherent blast-resistant properties make it an ideal choice for constructing robust shelters to safeguard against hostile creatures like creepers or other players. Moreover, obsidian is a vital ingredient in crafting the enchantment table, adding an essential element to the game’s magical aspects.

By mastering the art of mining obsidian, players can unlock new possibilities in their Minecraft adventures, expanding their potential for creative building and resource management. This process exemplifies the intricate blend of creativity and strategic thinking that defines the immersive and captivating world of Minecraft.

How to Make Obsidian Minecraft?

Intriguingly, the Minecraft realm introduces a block of rare magnificence, boasting a captivating deep purple and black hue, resilient against all explosive forces, save for the formidable wither’s “blue skull” attack. This remarkable property renders obsidian a vital asset for crafting impenetrable, blast-resistant shelters, proving particularly effective against the likes of hostile creepers or cunning adversaries.

Beyond its defensive allure, obsidian serves as a key ingredient in several essential recipes, including the revered enchantment table, unlocking the realm of magic and mystique. Unlike conventional items that can be crafted with ease, obsidian eludes the art of crafting in Minecraft’s diverse universe, manifesting as a scarce natural wonder.

Akin to a grand alchemical experiment, the transformation of obsidian unfolds when flowing water encounters the stillness of a lava “source” block. This enchanting encounter promptly transmutes the lava into the elusive obsidian, offering a remarkable alternative to crafting.

Allow us to venture forth into the exploration of distinct methods to uncover and procure this enigmatic block:

Method 1: Making Obsidian without a Diamond Pickaxe

  • Seek out a pool of lava, the cradle of obsidian creation. A crafting recipe for this precious block remains absent, for it emerges when flowing water meets the tranquility of a stationary lava source block.

  • Uncover these stations of lava in the following locales: within caves and ravines, cascading gracefully as “lava falls” with only the top block acting as a source; abundant in the bottom layers of the map, requiring cautious navigation to avoid falling into its molten depths; occasionally found as lava lakes on the surface, but no more than about twenty blocks above sea level; and even hiding in certain villages, where a single smithy may showcase two lava blocks from the exterior.

  • To embark on the transformation, craft buckets from three iron ingots and collect the lava. Scoop up the stationary blocks of lava, as only these have the power to metamorphose into obsidian. Flowing lava, however, remains elusive to the bucket’s grasp.

  • Select an appropriate location for the mystical metamorphosis, crafting a contained hole. Ensure a safe perimeter, free from anything flammable within two blocks in any direction, as proximity to lava may ignite wood, tall grass, and other flammable objects.

  • Pour the lava into the prepared hole, heeding the distinction between flowing and stationary lava. The alchemical transformation unfolds solely when stationary lava encounters the flowing water. Thus, for each block of obsidian desired, one bucket of stationary lava is required. Bear in mind that without a diamond pickaxe, mining the obsidian becomes a destructive act, rendering it irretrievable. Consequently, careful contemplation of its placement is essential before proceeding.

  • Channel your inner architect and introduce flowing water to the lava pool using your now-empty bucket. Gently place the water above the lava, allowing it to cascade gracefully upon the fiery liquid.

  • The result is nothing short of enchanting – the lava will surrender to the flowing water, transforming into obsidian in a mesmerizing dance of elemental magic. Consider erecting a temporary, non-flammable structure around the lava pool to prevent any unwelcome deluge.

Method 2: Transforming Lava Pools with a Diamond Pickaxe

  • Acquire the elusive diamond pickaxe, the sole tool capable of mining obsidian. The coveted diamond is synonymous with durable and efficient tools within the Minecraft realm, and for good reason – it is the gateway to the realm of obsidian.

  • Embark on a daring expedition to locate a pool of lava, lying concealed near the very bottom of the map. Your formidable diamond pickaxe allows you to promptly convert the entire lava pool into a wondrous sea of obsidian, eliminating the need for laboriously transporting lava in buckets.

  • Ensure safety and containment by creating a small wall on one side of the pool, leaving space to place a water block. This strategic enclosure reduces the likelihood of water pushing you into the searing lava, safeguarding against unexpected mishaps.

  • Embrace your alchemical prowess as you pour water over the lava, guiding its path to a higher level than the lava’s surface. Witness the transformative cascade, as the flowing water bestows the gift of obsidian upon the lake’s surface, manifesting in a stunning display of elemental harmony.

  • Carefully test the edge of the newly formed obsidian, ensuring there is no underlying layer of lava beneath. A single misstep may result in an unfortunate encounter with the molten depths or the loss of the precious obsidian block.

  • Channel your inner tactician as you mine the obsidian, ensuring there is no lurking lava underneath. Stand beside the water, and as you mine the obsidian at its edge, let the water rush in, transforming the next layer into obsidian before the lava’s fiery touch can cause any harm. Continue mining to gather the desired quantity of obsidian, moving the water when necessary.

Method 3: Making Nether Portals

  • Amass a grand total of twenty precious obsidian through alternative means, as the creation of a Nether portal necessitates the esteemed sum of ten obsidian blocks. However, delving into the realm of ingenious tactics, the adept craftsman can unlock the secret to infinite obsidian, negating the arduous search for additional lava sources.
  • Embark on the creation of a Nether portal, should you not possess one already. Erect a vertical frame of obsidian, standing five blocks tall and four blocks wide. Invoke its activation with the aid of flint and steel, igniting the lowest obsidian block. A word of caution, though – this arcane maneuver may falter if another portal lies in close proximity. The corners of the portal need not be of obsidian, granting a measure of flexibility in design.
  • Prepare yourself for a perilous journey as you traverse the hazardous Nether, ensuring adequate preparedness for the perils that lie ahead. The remaining ten obsidian blocks, while vital, may be left in a secure location to enable the exploration of safe routes beforehand. To proceed, traverse a certain minimum distance in a straight, horizontal line, incorporating a prudent 3-block safety margin:

For PC, Pocket Edition, and Console Edition “large” worlds: venture forth for 19 blocks.

For Console Edition “medium” worlds: embrace a journey of 25 blocks.

For Console Edition “classic” worlds, including all PS3 and Xbox 360 worlds: embrace an ambitious sojourn spanning 45 blocks.

  • Heed this caveat – should you possess multiple Overworld portals, steer clear of their coordinates, for this artifice shall fail should you loiter in proximity to an existing portal.
  • Give rise to a second portal, strategically constructed within the Nether’s domain, employing the same technique as the first one. Upon traversing through this portal, you shall emerge in a pristine, brand-new portal in the Overworld.
  • An incongruous appearance adjacent to a previously erected portal indicates an insufficient distance traveled within the Nether. In such a case, retrace your steps to the Nether, dismantle the portal with the aid of a diamond pickaxe, and commence rebuilding in a more appropriate location.
  • Delight in the spoils of your labor as you mine the newfound obsidian within the freshly formed Overworld portal. A generous bounty of fourteen obsidian blocks awaits your discerning gaze, free for the taking. Let your diamond pickaxe conduct this task with precision and finesse, harvesting the coveted resource.
  • Unveil the enigmatic process that bestows upon you an ever-replenishing reservoir of obsidian. This wondrous cycle commences with your passage through the Nether portal you recently constructed. With each crossing, a novel portal materializes within the Overworld, presenting an opportunity to mine yet more of this remarkable substance.
  • To expedite the accumulation of obsidian, adopt a pace befitting your ambitions. Lay claim to a bed, thereby establishing a spawn point near the permanent Overworld portal. Facilitate the process further by positioning a chest near the temporary Overworld portal, where the spoils of your mining endeavors, along with the diamond pickaxe, find sanctuary.
  • A temporary act of self-sacrifice, albeit within the bounds of this digital realm, enables your swift return to spawn. Thereafter, a reiteration of your journey through the Nether initiates the emergence of yet another new portal in the Overworld, perpetuating the cycle. To ensure a measure of safety, construct a tunnel linking the Nether portals, a conduit that enhances your expeditionary prowess.

Method 4: Mining in the End

  • Embark on a quest of unparalleled significance as you endeavor to locate the elusive End portal, a gateway to the final and most formidable domain within the realm of Minecraft. Exercise fortitude and caution, for this pursuit, involves the arduous quest of activating the portal through the utilization of numerous Eyes of Ender.
  • Approach this endeavor with utmost preparation, reserving your courage for the inevitable confrontation with the fearsome Ender Dragon.
  • Should your endeavors unfold within the realm of Pocket Edition, take heed – the End Portal exclusively functions in infinite worlds, not those designated as “Old,” and this compatibility demands version 1.0 or later, a marvel released to the realm in December 2016.
  • Stand upon the End platform, the inception point of your journey as you traverse through the End portal. Behold a spectacular array of nine obsidian blocks upon which you stand, poised to embark on your daring expedition. Brandish your trusty diamond pickaxe, poised to face the Ender Dragon or any other obstacles that dare impede your progress.
  • Set your sights upon the obsidian pillars gracing the island’s landscape, each adorned with majestic purple crystals. Embark on the task of mining these towering edifices, discovering their composition entirely composed of the elusive obsidian.
  • As the time comes for your triumphant return to the familiar realm of the Overworld, you possess two viable routes. Choose to relinquish your existence, embracing death’s embrace as your passage, or alternatively, triumph over the Ender Dragon, thereby granting you the opportunity to traverse through the exit portal.
  • With each venture through the End portal, the nine-block obsidian platform replenishes itself, marking this path as a swift and prolific source of infinitely recurring obsidian.
  • Alas, the obsidian pillars do not replicate themselves unless the Ender Dragon is reborn to guard them once more. This ethereal transformation demands the placement of four ender crystals atop the exit portal, signaling the dragon’s return to the fray.


How to Find Obsidian in Minecraft?

To unearth the coveted material, obsidian, within the vast world of Minecraft, adventurers must embark on a quest of exploration and resourcefulness. Obsidian, a rare and valuable block of deep purple and black hues, holds a prominent place in the realm, renowned for its incredible hardness and resistance to explosions.

  • To begin the quest for obsidian, adventurers must seek out a source of lava, which can be found in various places, including “lava falls” in caves, lava lakes, and sometimes even in villages with smithies.
  • Armed with a trusty bucket crafted from three iron ingots, players must collect the stationary lava blocks carefully, ensuring they don’t mistake them for flowing lava.
  • The next challenge is to create a secure space to facilitate the transformation of lava into obsidian. A hole must be dug and protected from flammable materials to avoid destructive fires.
  • By pouring the collected lava into the designated hole and introducing flowing water, the magic of Minecraft ensues, transforming the lava into the coveted obsidian block.
  • Alternatively, adventurers with a powerful diamond or netherite pickaxe can venture deep into the map to find a lava pool and transform it entirely into obsidian. Caution is crucial here, as a barrier must be erected to prevent contact with scorching lava.
  • For those venturing into the Nether, ruined portals hold the key to procuring obsidian, presenting yet another pathway to obtaining this sought-after material.
  • Through these methods and a spirit of adventure, Minecraft’s world opens its doors to the discovery of obsidian—a block that offers unparalleled strength and versatility, enticing players to create awe-inspiring structures in their quests for mastery.

Obsidian in Minecraft

In the vast world of Minecraft, obsidian reigns as the most formidable and unyielding material. To acquire this precious resource, one must wield the mighty diamond pickaxe, for it is the only tool capable of effectively mining obsidian. Alas, the process is not swift, as it takes around 10 laborious seconds to extract a single block of obsidian.

Any attempt with a lesser pickaxe will prove futile, as the block will succumb to wear and tear after a grueling minute of fruitless mining. The genesis of obsidian lies in the fascinating interplay between lava and water. When a stationary lava source encounters a flowing water block, the magic happens, and obsidian emerges as a result.

However, this rare fusion does not occur naturally in the vast expanse of the Minecraft landscape. Should fate favor a player, and they stumble upon a fortuitous arrangement where a lava and water source converge closely, obsidian will gracefully manifest without any intervention from the player. 

If seekers of knowledge desire a visual demonstration of this process, an accompanying video provides a comprehensive walkthrough on how to craft obsidian and, excitingly, utilize this remarkable material to construct the coveted Nether Portal, unlocking a gateway to a whole new realm of adventures and challenges in the mystical dimension of the Nether.

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