How to Get Shikai in Roblox Type Soul? What Are the Types of Shikai?

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Shikai Exp Type Soul

If you are a Bleach anime fan and you are looking for an exciting game, Roblox platform is the right place for you. One such game that will captivate you is Type Soul, an RPG set in the Bleach universe. In Type Soul you have the freedom to choose your allegiance between the Hollows, Quincy or the Soul Reapers. Depending on your decision, you’ll unlock unique abilities, including the powerful Shikai. Read on to learn how to meditate and unlock Shikai’s extraordinary abilities in Type Soul.

How to get Shikai in Roblox Type Soul?

Do you want to get Shikai in Roblox Type Soul? Shikai is the powerful first awakening form of Zanpakuto, granting enhanced abilities. Although it takes time and effort, Shikai is worth acquiring. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you on your journey:

Start by becoming a Soul Reaper because only this race can wield Zanpakuto. To do this, start the game and let your character die. In soul form, seek out Kisuke, an NPC in Karakura City Park.

Engage in battles against hollows until you reach grade 2. These battles will not only strengthen your character, but also advance your quest to find Shikai. Also, complete the Division quests available in Soul Society.

Once you reach 2nd grade, you gain the ability to meditate. Travel to Soul Society and press the M button to start the meditation process. Your character will sit and listen to his gun’s voice. Remember that each meditation session lasts 20 minutes. To unlock Shikai you need to complete this process three times.

While meditating, you can keep up to date with new updates and developments in the game by visiting the official game’s Trello page or Discord server.

After completing the third meditation, you can enter your inner world and face Shikai in battle. If you can’t enter this world, just die once and everything should work as intended.

Prepare for a challenging fight against Shikai, because they have the same skills as you. Having fewer skills can actually be an advantage and make it easier to emerge victorious. Remember to keep your distance to avoid falling victim to a Shikai combo.

If you lose, don’t worry. After an hour, you can try the fight again. To decrease the cooldown, consider defeating NPCs or engaging in battles with other players.

By following these steps you’ll be on your way to unlocking the awesome power of Shikai in Roblox Type Soul.


What types of Shikai are there?

There are different types of Shikai in the game Type Soul, each with their own unique set of moves. Here is a list of the different types of Shikai, categorized by their rarity:


  • Blood Shikai
  • Ice Shikai
  • Ink Shikai



  • Berserker Shikai
  • confusion Shikai
  • Water Shikai
  • Wind Shikai
  • Creation Shikai
  • Lightning Shikai
  • Shadow Shikai

These different types of Shikai provide players with different abilities and playstyles to explore and utilize in their gameplay.


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