Is 5 Star Murder True Story?

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Is 5 Star Murder a True Story?

No, “Five Star Murder” is not a true story. While the movie draws inspiration from real-life murder investigations, it is a work of fiction. The concept of a murder mystery unfolding during a hurricane in a historic renovated five-star hotel is fictional, as are the characters and events portrayed in the film. The filmmakers have taken creative liberties to craft a thrilling and suspenseful storyline, but the core premise is not based on any actual events.

5 Star Murder Movie 

“Five Star Murder” is a gripping thriller directed by Jose Montesinos and written by Chris Retts. The film stars Damaris Lewis as Caroline Baker, a headstrong guest at the Libertine Grand Hotel, and Adam Ignacio as Marcos Garcia, the concierge who aids her in solving the murder mystery. The story is set in a picturesque five-star hotel on the beach, which was historically renovated by the enigmatic architect Louis Laurent.

After Laurent’s mysterious death, rumors circulate that he hid his fortune within the hotel’s walls. As treasure hunters converge on the hotel during a devastating hurricane, a series of brutal murders occur, leading Caroline and Marcos on a desperate mission to identify the killer before it’s too late. The movie promises to deliver suspense, intrigue, and unexpected twists as the characters fight for survival amidst the storm’s chaos and the deadly hunter within their midst.


5 Star Murder Cast

Cast Name Character Name
Damaris Lewis Caroline Baker
Adam Ignacio Marcos Garcia
Rachel G. Whittle Brianna
Jill Jane Clements Joan Steele
Quinn Bozza Quinn
Darrell Snedeger Dylan
Ted Ferguson Harold Steele
Kimberly Blake Rose
Jose Hernandez Waiter
Roger Anthony Owner
Jaye Stakes Concierge
Riley Hale

5 Star Murder Plot

The heart of “Five Star Murder” lies in its intricate and suspenseful plot. The movie centers on the Libertine Grand Hotel, a historic and lavishly renovated five-star establishment. Architect Louis Laurent, before his mysterious demise, is believed to have hidden his vast fortune within the hotel’s confines during the remodeling process. As news of the treasure spreads, a group of ruthless treasure hunters gathers at the hotel to claim the hidden riches.

However, their quest takes a dark turn when a devastating hurricane strikes the town, leaving the hotel and its occupants trapped within its walls. As the storm rages outside, the tension inside the hotel escalates when a series of murders occur among the group of treasure hunters. Caroline, a guest at the hotel, seeks the help of Marcos, the concierge, to uncover the identity of the killer and save herself and others from both the storm’s fury and the ruthless murderer among them.

The gripping plot delves into secrets, betrayals, and hidden motives, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the movie. The film’s twists and turns culminate in a shocking revelation about the true killer’s identity and their connection to the elusive treasure.

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