Is John Ziegler leaving Channel 27 News?

Is John Ziegler leaving Channel 27 News?

A prominent figure has recently left a popular news channel, leaving a void in the team. Their absence will be felt within the news agency, as they have played an important role in its success.

The departure has raised expectations among viewers and industry watchers regarding the future endeavors of this respected individual. Who was? Let’s find out the whole story.


WKOW-TV, a popular news channel, has been a trusted source of information for viewers in its broadcast area. Known for its commitment to providing reliable news coverage, WKOW-TV has been a staple in the community for many years.

With a dedicated team of journalists and reporters, the channel strives to provide comprehensive and timely news updates, covering a wide range of topics that matter to the local audience.

Viewers have come to rely on WKOW-TV for its professionalism, integrity and in-depth reporting, making it a vital part of the media landscape in its broadcast region. WKOW is owned by Allen Media Broadcasting.

Since joining WKOW in 2018, Ziegler has quickly become a celebrity in the Madison area. Prior to WKOW, he gained valuable experience as a meteorologist at FOX 46 in Charlotte, North Carolina and KOLR 10 in Springfield, Missouri.

Ziegler’s dedication to his craft and ability to deliver clear and concise forecasts inspired viewers who relied on his expertise to follow their daily weather updates. His pleasant on-air personality and dedication to providing accurate and reliable weather information have made him a trusted figure in the community.

Is John Ziegler Leaving Channel 27 News?

Yes, John Ziegler has left Channel 27 News. John Ziegler, the beloved chief meteorologist at WKOW-TV in Madison, Wisconsin, congratulated the station and the community.

His last show aired on July 8, 2023, which marked the end of his tenure with WKOW. Ziegler has decided to be closer to his family and move to his home state of Minnesota.

What can we expect next?

Ziegler has not revealed his next career move. Although he expressed his excitement about the next chapter of his entrepreneurial journey in a Facebook post.

Ziegler’s departure from WKOW is a loss for the station, as he played a major role in its success. WKOW has long been one of the most watched local news stations in the Madison area, and Ziegler’s presence has helped build its strong audience.

Is John Ziegler leaving Channel 27 News
Is John Ziegler Leaving Channel 27 News?

The talented meteorologist is definitely making a lasting impact on WKOW and the Madison community, and his fans eagerly await news of his future endeavors.

Exciting opportunity at WKOW-TV for Chief Meteorologist

There is a rare opportunity for a lively and charismatic Chief Meteorologist at WKOW-TV, the ABC affiliate in Madison, Wisconsin. In a newsroom where weather is a priority, we’re looking for someone to oversee our 27 Storm Track weather team.

With coverage of 12 counties in southern Wisconsin and a wide range of weather events, WKOW-TV provides service to a significant geographic area.


Is John Ziegler leaving Channel 27 News

John Ziegler / Facebook

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The ideal candidate must be able to explain the weather every day in a way that is interesting and easy to understand, and they must be willing to act quickly in the event of severe weather. Our meteorologists are expert forecasters who can create graphics that are easy to understand and use state-of-the-art equipment.

In this management position, the Chief Meteorologist would coordinate schedules with the News Director to ensure we have sufficient staff to cover all weather-related events. He or she would also continually ensure that the team stays on task with 27 WKOW’s goal of providing the best and most accurate weather coverage in the industry. Our Chief Meteorologist will serve as an ambassador for the television network, making public appearances and participating in online discussions.

Candidates must have a degree in meteorology or atmospheric science and have worked as a broadcast meteorologist for at least five years. An investigation into their background is required of applicants.

The Allen Media Broadcasting division includes WKOW. Positions are available throughout AMB for applicants with all experience levels and desired advancement level. Links to all stations and job opportunities can be found at

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John Ziegler – FAQ

Who is John Ziegler?

John Ziegler is the former chief meteorologist at WKOW-TV in Madison, Wisconsin.

Why did John Ziegler leave WKOW-TV?

John Ziegler left WKOW-TV to be closer to his family and returned to his home state of Minnesota.

What is the impact of John Ziegler’s departure on WKOW-TV?

The departure of John Ziegler is a loss for WKOW-TV, as he played an important role in its success. He was a popular and trusted figure in the Madison community.

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