Is Only Mine True Story? Only Mine Cast, Plot, and Trailer

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Only Mine Movie 

“Only Mine” is a gripping crime thriller available on Netflix, loosely inspired by the harrowing real-life events of Laura Kucera. The film follows Julie, brilliantly portrayed by Julie Dillon, as she encounters David, a local police officer, and enters into a relationship with him. However, as the story unfolds, Julie becomes disturbed by David’s increasingly alarming behavior, signaling the onset of a terrifying and suspenseful tale.

The movie delves into themes of stalking and harassment, taking viewers on an intense journey filled with twists and tension. As David’s dangerous obsession escalates, Julie finds herself fighting for survival in a chilling and heart-pounding climax that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. With stellar performances and an engrossing plot, “Only Mine” is a captivating watch for fans of thrilling and suspenseful cinema.

Is Only Mine a True Story?

“Only Mine” draws partial inspiration from the true story of Laura Kucera, who bravely survived a shooting perpetrated by her ex-boyfriend, Brian Anderson, in 1994. However, it is important to note that the movie takes creative liberties, as Laura and Brian were not romantically involved in real life, contrary to their portrayal in the film.

Brian Anderson was sentenced to 55 years in prison for his heinous actions, facing charges of attempted kidnapping and the use of a firearm to commit a felony. Despite the fictionalized elements, the film still maintains a link to the harrowing events surrounding Laura’s ordeal, shedding light on the serious issue of stalking and the courage needed to overcome such a traumatic experience.


Only Mine Cast

The ensemble cast of “Only Mine” showcases a talented group of actors, with Amber Midthunder’s standout performance, renowned for her role in “The Ice Road,” adding a layer of brilliance to the film. Each actor brings depth and authenticity to their characters, resulting in an above-average portrayal that captivates the audience.

The movie’s narrative is further enriched by mini-interviews cleverly interspersed throughout, lending a touch of realism to the unfolding events. Although “Only Mine” has received mixed reviews, the cast’s strong acting abilities shine through, elevating the overall viewing experience. For those who appreciate suspenseful crime thrillers brought to life by skilled performers, “Only Mine” proves to be an engaging and compelling watch.

Only Mine Movie Trailer

Only Mine Movie Plot

The captivating plot of “Only Mine” centers around Julie, a woman whose life takes a dangerous turn when she enters into a relationship with David, a local police officer. Initially, their romance appears promising, but as time passes, Julie starts noticing disturbing signs in David’s behavior, indicating that he may be more than just possessive.

David’s actions become increasingly erratic and stalker-like, leaving Julie feeling trapped in a nightmarish ordeal she never saw coming. As his obsession with her intensifies, Julie finds herself fighting for her safety and sanity, desperately trying to escape the clutches of a dangerous and unhinged individual. The movie takes a chilling twist when Julie is left for dead in the wilderness, mirroring the real-life events surrounding Laura Kucera’s survival after a shooting by her ex-boyfriend.

The tension builds as Julie’s struggle for survival becomes the focal point of the story. With a thrilling and suspenseful climax, the film highlights Julie’s resilience and determination as she faces the ultimate battle against her stalker. “Only Mine” effectively delves into the harrowing reality of stalking and the courage it takes to triumph over such a horrifying experience, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the gripping narrative.

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