Is Singer Tabitha Nauser Pregnant? Who is Tabitha Nauser’s Baby Father?

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Is singer Tabitha Nauser pregnant?

Yes, singer Tabitha Nauser is pregnant. Singapore-based singer Tabitha Nauser, who is known for her Swiss-Indian heritage, has made an exciting revelation that she is expecting a child. The 31-year-old singer has managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for the past six months but finally shared the news in an Instagram post on Monday. In her heartfelt message, Tabitha expressed the challenge of keeping the pregnancy a secret for half a year and her great happiness at being able to announce it now.

She shared a photo showing her blossoming baby bump and another capturing a moment with her longtime partner Louie Salmon-Pansuk, who works as a music development manager. Alongside the pictures, she included the hashtag #babygirl, denoting the gender of her upcoming bundle of joy.

Who is Tabitha Nauser?

Tabitha Nauser, a talented Singaporean singer, was born on February 23, 1992 to a Swiss father and Singaporean-Indian mother. Her rise to fame began in 2009 when she took part in the third edition of Singapore Idol where she took third place. In 2017, Nauser achieved huge success with her song “Bulletproof”, which reached #1 on Spotify’s “SG Viral 50” chart and climbed to #4 on iTunes’ “SG Top Charts”.

Later that year she collaborated with Malaysian rapper SonaOne on her second single titled “Body Language”, further cementing her presence in the music industry. In addition to her musical endeavors, Nauser showcased her acting skills by portraying the character of Mimi Marquez in RENT’s Pangdemonium musical production. She has graced numerous festivals with her performances including Mosaic Music Festival, Shine Festival, Music Matters Singapore and F1 Singapore Grand Prix.

In particular, she had the honor of performing at the White House State Dinner for Singapore after-party in Washington DC. In 2018, Nauser collaborated with Dutch DJ-trap duo Yellow Claw, leading to the creation of the track Crash This Party. She also teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter Michael Fatkin for her single “Rules,” released in May 2018.

Nauser also had the opportunity to open for acclaimed singer Khalid during the Asian leg of his American Teen World Tour. Continuing her musical journey, Nauser released Don’t Let Me Drown in 2019, produced by Sacha Skarbek. That same year, she released her debut EP entitled Things I Should Have Say, which showcased her versatility as an artist. In addition to her musical achievements, Nauser appeared on the television show Singapore Social, further expanding her presence in the entertainment industry.

Surname Tabitha Nauser
birth date February 23, 1992
Old 31 years old
Profession Singaporean singer
Marital status Unmarried


Is Tabitha Nauser married?

No, Tabitha Nauser is not married yet. Tabitha Nauser’s relationship with Louie Salmon-Pansuk has entered its fifth year, and while marriage plans have yet to materialize, the singer is envisioning her dream wedding with some clarity. When it comes to the perfect marriage proposal, Nauser values ​​intimacy and a personal touch.

She shies away from extravagant, grand gestures and shows disinterest in flashy and over the top proposals. Instead, she appreciates the importance of a heartfelt and meaningful proposal that resonates on a deeper level.

Who is Tabitha Nauser’s husband?

Tabitha Nauser is not married yet. She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Louie Salmon-Pansuk for five years. Tabitha and Louie are expecting their child from 2023. Tabitha is six months pregnant. Because of their similarities, their relationship went relatively smoothly. Nauser approaches situations by thinking about how she would like to be treated and applies that mindset, just like Salmon-Pansuk. This mutual understanding and consideration promotes a harmonious connection between them.

While wedding bells are still ringing, Nauser envisions her dream wedding as intimate and personal, without sticking to big, flashy, and over-the-top proposals. As for wedding jewelry, she envisions more delicate pieces with some special elements. Nauser wants timeless jewelry that can be cherished for years to come, that transcend trends and become treasured heirlooms for her children and grandchildren.

How old is Tabitha Nauser?

In the year 2023, Tabitha Nauser, a talented pop singer from Singapore, is 31 years old. She rose to fame as the runner-up on Singapore Idol in 2009. Her date of birth is February 23, 1992. Nauser’s passion for singing and performing developed from a young age and was made even more special by her desire to make her a proud grandfather during his illness.

This motivation led her to audition for Singapore Idol. She forms a close bond with her younger sister named Serena. Additionally, Nauser had the honor of representing Asia in a remarkable collaboration and performance. She teamed up with Sean Kingston and various international artists for the official theme song of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, proving her talent on a global stage.

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