Jackie ‘O’ Henderson quits Weight Watchers after losing 18kg on the system.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson quits Weight Watchers after losing 18kg on the system.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has denied gastric banding and the controversial diabetes drug Ozempic were to blame for her dramatic 18kg weight loss.

On Monday’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, furious Jackie, 48, revealed she suffered from trolls who claimed the radio star underwent the surgery as an alternative to diet and exercise to losing weight.

“When I first lost weight and started losing weight earlier this year, everything was fine. And when I lost some more, people suspected it was going to explode very quick,” she began.

“And since then, I would say the last 3-4 months, people have been so adamant in their belief that I haven’t gotten out of it and done something different.”

Jackie insisted that while it doesn’t matter how you lose weight, she did it the healthy way.

“I can’t say enough that I haven’t done anything but eat right, exercise and quit drinking,” she said.

She said the biggest change was in her mindset, as she had struggled to shed excess pounds in the previous three years because she “wasn’t in the right space”.

“I just wasn’t motivated and I wasn’t feeling good mentally, so I just wasn’t there. I couldn’t find that motivation in myself, she explained.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has denied gastric banding and the controversial diabetes drug Ozempic were to blame for her dramatic 18kg weight loss following a troll attack. Pictured after losing weight

“I wanted so badly (to lose weight) and tried so hard, but then I fell off the wagon and then I ate at McDonald’s, and I think we’ve all been there with diet and exercise. .”

Jackie also responded to a conspiracy theory circulating among critics that she secretly underwent gastric banding surgery to lose weight.

‘WWhen I took time off from work last year, people thought that because I had taken time off and it coincided with my weight loss, I had gastric banding surgery,” he said. she declared.

A mum-of-one has revealed she couldn’t have gastric banding because she wasn’t big enough to qualify for the procedure.

Jackie also denied the speculation that she took Hollywood alternative weight loss drug Ozempc, which was originally developed for people with diabetes.

“I don’t want to get involved in the Ozempic debate, which is that people who have real problems with diabetes need this drug, v.ersus to those who go out and abuse for other reasons,” she said.

On Monday’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, a furious Jackie revealed she was hit on by trolls who claimed the radio star underwent surgery as an alternative to diet and exercise to lose weight . Pictured for her weight loss journey

Elsewhere, Jackie spoke about the news that she quit WW (often called Weight Watchers in the past) because she has now achieved her goal and needs to move away from the weight loss rhetoric.

“You can still stay with WW and do the maintenance angle. But I just thought I was done with all this weight loss stuff,” she said.

Jackie mentioned that her methodology for dealing with criticism is to simply ignore the trolls.

Jackie revealed she suffered from troll attacks and claimed she had the surgery as an alternative to losing weight through diet and exercise. Pictured after the weight reduction

“I don’t want to delete the (negative) reviews. I just let them go. Let them out and whatever they think, they think,” she said.

It comes after Jackie took to Instagram on Sunday night to celebrate her partnership with WW (formerly Weight Watchers) for her incredible 18kg weight loss.

She revealed that she had ended her relationship with the company, which was filed.

“This month I am nearing the end of my partnership,” one mother wrote in the caption alongside a photo of her drastically weakened resolve.

Jackie’s submission was peppered with claims that she had used the infamous diabetes drug Ozempic as an alternative to natural weight loss.

‘Ozempic approval? Lol,” one commenter wrote, while another claimed, “We’ve been following you for years and know you don’t like sports or healthy eating.”

They continued, “Why aren’t people being honest they just took Ozempic. Funny how everyone who takes Ozempic ‘suddenly’ stops drinking.”

“It’s not Weight Watchers. And that’s probably why the collaboration ended.

Jackie recently revealed she lost 40lbs in just five months but was forced to quash rumors it was celebrity diet pills.

Jackie revealed that she was regularly forced to shut down rumors that her weight loss was due to celebrity diet pills. Pictured after losing weight

Many thought she was taking Ozempic, but last month Jackie revealed she had lost weight the old-fashioned way: following a low-calorie diet, exercising regularly and avoiding alcohol.

“I don’t take the drugs that people talk about,” Jackie replied.

“Honestly, you can do it… but I will say this, I think (giving up alcohol and exercise) was a great thing. I had never done it before, so it was a blow to me.

Jackie, who has only recently started playing tennis more often, added that quitting alcohol and taking the train was “awesome” (she had never done it before).

The mother, believed to be one of them, also confirmed that she didn’t even consume any alcohol at Kyle’s wedding ceremony in April.

Additionally, Jackie recently opened up about her new diet on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, revealing that she usually skips breakfast, often referred to as intermittent fasting.

She also avoids carbs and satisfies her hunger throughout the day by munching on pre-cut pieces of steak.

She recently shared several different photos from her current trip, as well as an unusual swimsuit in the south of France.