LoL Chess 13.13c Patch Notes and Update

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LoL chess

LoL Chess is a game mode in the popular multiplayer online game League of Legends (LoL). In this mode, players can indulge in a highly strategic gameplay experience focused on creating victorious builds of units called “Champions”.

The rules of the game are quite simple. Each player starts with an empty game board and a set amount of gold coins. With these coins, players buy and recruit champions, which are divided into different classes and elements such as water, mountain, inferno, wood and light. Once the champions are recruited, they are placed on the game board to engage in auto-battles against enemy champions.

The goal of the game is to build a competitive roster of champions that work well together and strategically position them on the field to outmaneuver your opponent. Players who win battles receive additional gold coins, which they can use to buy more champions, level up existing champions, or gain access to the more powerful champions.

One of the unique aspects of LoL Chess is that it is constantly evolving. The game regularly releases new updates that change champion stats and allow new champions to be placed on the game board. This means that players must constantly adjust their strategies and develop new tactics when trying to outsmart their opponents.

To be successful in LoL chess, players must be very strategic in assessing the composition of the opposing team, as well as their own strengths and weaknesses. They must make strategic decisions about how to select and deploy their champions based on the board situation. The game isn’t just about buying the strongest champions, it’s more about building a balanced team that can face the opponent in different scenarios.

LoL Chess is a fun and engaging addition to the League of Legends experience. It offers players a challenging and dynamic gaming experience that allows them to put their strategic thinking and tactical skills to the test. With new updates being released all the time, there is always more exciting gameplay to look forward to.

LoL Chess 13.13c patch notes

Bringing a combination of nerfs and bug fixes, the latest LoLChess patch targets Kai’Sa and Lux ​​for nerfs while also fixing Sett’s issues. In addition, the patch corrects the gold value when selling 4-star yordles. The developers’ goal was to refine the meta and fix critical bugs that may have impacted gameplay, although the extent of their impact is uncertain at this early stage.

Legend Extensions:

  • Removed the gold from Buried Treasures I/II/III.
  • Small Grab Bag gold value reduced from 8 to 4.
  • Big Grab Bag gold value reduced from 12 to 8.
  • Giant Lucky Bag gold reduced from 15 to 10.


  • Kai’Sa’s mana reduced from 40/110 to 40/140.
  • Lux starting mana reduced from 25/45 to 0/40.
  • Lux’s Flux damage reduced to 700/1050/3333 from 750/1125/3333.


  • Removed an exploit that could make Sett nearly invincible.
  • 4-star yordles now sell for the correct amount of gold.


LoL chess gameplay

LoL Chess is a game mode in League of Legends in which players recruit champions to form winning comps and engage in auto-battles with opposing champions. Players use gold coins to purchase champions divided into classes and elements, which they use strategically on the game board. The goal is to build a balanced team and enable the champions to outmaneuver the enemy, win battles and earn more gold coins.

The game is constantly evolving with new updates and changes to the champions, and may require a strategic assessment of the composition of the opposing team, as well as your own strengths and weaknesses. LoL Chess is a challenging and dynamic gaming experience.

In LoL Chess, players start with an empty board and a set amount of gold coins. With these coins they buy champions from a selection of random champions. Players must then position these champions on the game board to engage in auto-battles with opposing champions.

There are several classes of champions in the game. These classes include assassins, blademasters, bruisers, mages, rangers, and more. There are also several elements associated with each champion, such as: B. Water, Mountain, Inferno, Wood and Light. Each champion has unique attributes such as health, attack damage, spell power, and other stats.

Players must decide which champions to buy based on their strengths and weaknesses, and the synergies between them. The goal is to create a balanced composition of champions that work well together to defeat the opponent. The upgrades and synergies can depend on the element and class of the champions. For example, a balanced composition could be a combination of a frontline fighter, a centerline caster, and a rearguard.

When a battle begins, the two players’ armies will automatically attack each other with their champions. Once combat begins, players have no control over the combat, but can rearrange their champions to benefit from their positioning and tactics. The outcome of the battle is determined by the level of champions, their position on the game board, and any synergy between them.

Players must carefully and strategically manage their gold coins to buy more champions, upgrade their champions, or get new champions with a higher rarity level. Leveling up champions can improve their stats and give them an edge in battles. The game is won by reducing the opposing team’s health to zero. Players can also win by having the last surviving champion on the board.

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