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Metroid Dread Walkthrough

As you begin your exploration of the captivating ZDR, you will be bestowed with a significant mission. Throughout this enthralling journey, a key focus will be on venturing into diverse regions to discover crucial upgrades for your suit. These enhancements will not only enhance your exploration capabilities but also fortify your prowess in combat situations. To assist you in this endeavor, the walkthrough sections below are meticulously organized by region name, accompanied by their corresponding immediate objectives, often leading to the discovery of the next upgrade for your suit.

Moreover, if a new objective requires revisiting a previously explored area, our walkthrough will also provide callouts to uncover hidden upgrades utilizing the newly acquired abilities.

  • Artaria – Defeat the Damaged EMMI
  • Artaria – Obtain the Charge Beam
  • Artaria – Obtain the Spider Magnet
  • Artaria – Obtain the Phantom Cloak
  • Cataris – Reach the Dairon Shuttle
  • Dairon – Obtain the Wide Beam
  • Cataris – Obtain the Morph Ball
  • Artaria – Obtain the Varia Suit
  • Cataris – Obtain the Diffusion Beam
  • Dairon – Obtain the Morph Ball Bomb
  • Burenia – Obtain the Flash Shift
  • Dairon – Obtain the Speed Booster
  • Artaria – Obtain the Grapple Beam
  • Ferenia – Defeat the Boss
  • Burenia – Reach the Ghavoran Shuttle
  • Ghavoran – Obtain the Super Missile
  • Elun – Obtain the Plasma Beam
  • Ghavoran – Obtain the Spin Boost
  • Ghavoran – Obtain the Ice Missile
  • Ferenia – Obtain the Storm Rockets and Space Jump
  • Burenia – Obtain the Gravity Suit
  • Artaria and Cataris – Obtain the Screw Attack
  • Burenia and Ghavoran – Obtain the Cross Bomb
  • Hanubia and Ferenia – Obtain the Wave Beam
  • Hanubia – Obtain the Power Bomb
  • Itorash – Defeat Raven Beak

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey filled with challenges, discoveries, and the continuous pursuit of empowering upgrades for your suit.

Metroid Dread Ending Guide

Metroid Dread Ending Guide

Upon successfully reaching the concluding stages of Metroid Dread, the final boss fight awaits you. This guide will provide invaluable assistance in navigating through this pivotal encounter to achieve a satisfying conclusion to your thrilling adventure.

Ending Bonuses

Depending on the swiftness of your progress, as measured by your end game clock, and the level of completion in collecting various in-game items, the ending of Metroid Dread can be influenced, leading to distinct unlockable bonuses. Notably, the game features a total of 275 missiles (285 with amiibo scans), 12 E tanks (13 with amiibo scans), and 15 Power Bombs. Accomplishing different completion rates will impact the bonuses that accompany the game’s ending.

Metroid: Zero Mission Art

An exclusive reward awaits those who manage to beat the game, regardless of the mode or completion level chosen. The Metroid: Zero Mission Art is a special addition that commemorates your successful completion of the game.

Chozo Archives

To gain access to the coveted Chozo Archives, it is necessary to achieve a remarkable feat – completing the game with an impressive 100% completion rate. This highly sought-after accomplishment will grant you entry into this esteemed collection.

Metroid Dread 100% Guide

To aid you in your quest for total completion in Metroid Dread, the game offers a comprehensive 100% guide. This guide serves as a valuable resource, providing detailed instructions and insights to assist you in discovering and securing all the essential elements throughout the game.

By adhering to these guidelines and diligently striving for full completion, you can unlock the most rewarding endings and bonuses that Metroid Dread has to offer, ensuring a gratifying conclusion to your remarkable gaming journey.


Metroid Dread Gameplay

Metroid Dread offers a sophisticated action-adventure gameplay experience, placing players in the role of the skilled bounty hunter, Samus Aran, as she embarks on an exploration of the intriguing planet ZDR. Staying true to the legacy of previous Metroid games, the title maintains the classic side-scrolling gameplay, enriched with the addition of free aim and melee attacks from the 2017 release, Samus Returns.

As players traverse the planet’s diverse environments, they have the opportunity to discover new items and powerful weapons, enabling them to unlock access to previously inaccessible areas, enhancing the depth and excitement of their journey.

One notable addition in Metroid Dread is the introduction of stealth elements, elevating the tension and challenge. Players must cleverly navigate through sections inhabited by EMMI robots, employing tactics such as hiding, minimizing noise, and using the Phantom Cloak—a remarkable camouflage that renders Samus invisible but comes with the trade-off of reduced movement speed. Should an EMMI catch Samus, the player is presented with two brief opportunities to perform precise melee counters and escape.

Failure to do so results in Samus’s demise. The EMMIs can only be eliminated once Samus acquires the temporary “Omega Blaster” upgrade, which is then lost upon its use; however, vanquishing an EMMI bestows a valuable permanent upgrade upon Samus.

Furthermore, players can seek upgrades by discovering Chozo statues or obliterating Core-X entities, as seen in previous Metroid games. Additionally, the game features an in-game gallery that rewards players with unlockable images based on their completion time, difficulty level, and percentage of collected items, encouraging replayability and mastery of the gameplay.

Overall, Metroid Dread expertly blends classic side-scrolling action with contemporary gameplay elements, delivering a compelling and immersive experience that will captivate both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Metroid Dread Wiki

Metroid Dread is an esteemed action-adventure title jointly developed by Nintendo and MercurySteam and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game’s release took place on October 8, 2021. Positioned as a continuation of the events in Metroid Fusion (2002), players undertake the role of the skilled bounty hunter, Samus Aran, as she embarks on an enigmatic mission to uncover the origins of a cryptic transmission on the planet ZDR. The game retains the hallmark side-scrolling gameplay characteristic of earlier 2D Metroid installments, while also incorporating engaging stealth elements.

Metroid producer Yoshio Sakamoto originally conceived the concept of Dread for the Nintendo DS in the mid-2000s. However, technical constraints led to the suspension of its development. Industry commentators expressed a keen desire for a new 2D Metroid experience and eagerly included Dread in their “most wanted” lists. Following their collaboration on Metroid: Samus Returns in 2017, Sakamoto entrusted the development of Dread to MercurySteam, marking it as the first original side-scrolling Metroid game since Metroid Fusion. Nintendo officially unveiled the game at E3 2021, generating significant anticipation among the gaming community.

Upon its release, Metroid Dread garnered widespread critical acclaim and received accolades from various gaming outlets, earning a position among the best games of 2021. At the esteemed Game Awards 2021, the title secured three nominations, notably including the prestigious Game of the Year category. It emerged victorious in the Best Action/Adventure Game category. Notably, the game achieved remarkable commercial success, setting records as the fastest-selling Metroid game in Japan, the UK, and the US. To date, Metroid Dread has sold nearly three million copies, firmly establishing it as the best-selling Metroid game in the franchise’s history.

Metroid Dread Plot

The Galactic Federation has received compelling evidence indicating the existence of the X, a perilous species of parasitic organisms capable of mimicking any host it infects, on the secluded planet ZDR. In response to the loss of communication with the seven EMMI (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers) robots sent to investigate, the Federation has dispatched the renowned bounty hunter Samus Aran to ZDR for a thorough investigation.

During her exploration underground, Samus encounters a formidable Chozo warrior who not only blocks her exit but also defeats her in combat, rendering her suit stripped of most of its abilities. Guided by her ship’s computer, Adam, she embarks on a quest to find an alternative route to the surface and eventually return to her ship. However, her path is fraught with danger, and she faces relentless attacks from the reprogrammed EMMI robots. Yet, a mysterious energy source found within one of the planet’s central units grants her temporary access to the Omega Blaster, enabling her to overcome the EMMI threats and regain some of her abilities.

In the region of Ferenia, Samus is ensnared by another EMMI, but her rescue comes in the form of a Chozo named Quiet Robe, who deactivates the hostile robots. Quiet Robe reveals a disturbing history of the Chozo on ZDR, involving two tribes: the scientific Thoha and the warrior Mawkin.

The tribes once united to trap the Metroids on the planet SR388, but Raven Beak, the Mawkin leader, harbored nefarious ambitions of using the Metroids as a dangerous bioweapon for galaxy-wide conquest. This resulted in the slaughter of the Thoha tribe, with Quiet Robe spared for his Thoha DNA to control the Metroids. Raven Beak plotted to use ZDR to house the Metroids while Samus eradicated them from SR388. His ultimate aim was to extract the Metroid DNA implanted in Samus during the events of Fusion, a crucial step to reviving the Metroids.

The fateful encounter with Quiet Robe is marred by his untimely assassination by one of Raven Beak’s robotic soldiers. With Adam’s encouragement, Samus must now confront Raven Beak and confront the threat posed by ZDR. As she progresses through Elun, she inadvertently releases the X parasites into the planet.

The situation worsens as the X possesses Quiet Robe’s lifeless body and reactivates the remaining EMMI. On the surface, Samus faces the final EMMI, which she eventually vanquishes by harnessing her Metroid DNA-powered energy-draining ability. However, she is not without consequences, as the infusion of Metroid abilities begins to transform her into a Metroid herself.

The culminating showdown takes place on the airborne fortress of Itorash, where Samus confronts the deceptive Raven Beak, who has been masquerading as Adam. Raven Beak discloses his sinister motives and plans to clone Samus to create a formidable army of Metroids. An intense battle ensues, during which Samus nearly meets her demise but ultimately taps into the extraordinary power bestowed upon her by her Metroid abilities. As she launches a ferocious attack on Raven Beak, Itorash hurtles towards ZDR, leading to a climactic crash. Samus harnesses her newfound powers to obliterate Raven Beak, resulting in his infection by an X.

Amidst the ensuing chaos, Samus struggles to escape the planet’s impending self-destruction, hampered by her energy-draining Metroid powers. In a moment of unexpected intervention, the X possessing Quiet Robe offers itself to be absorbed by Samus, effectively neutralizing her Metroid abilities and facilitating her escape from the doomed planet before its final cataclysmic explosion.

Development of the game has undergone meticulous planning and execution, resulting in a captivating and action-packed adventure that has enthralled players and earned critical acclaim.

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