Mom Shared How Cup O’ Noodles Sent Her Son to Emergency Room

Mom Shared How Cup O’ Noodles Sent Her Son to Emergency Room

A mother has opened up about her son’s traumatic accident after eating Cup O’ noodles, which caused his skin to bleed and had to be hospitalized.

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Parenting is the hardest job in the world. There is no rule book on how to raise your child. Usually, you will learn from experience, but not every experience is easy.

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A mother took to TikTok to share her son’s unexpected accident with a common food product that could be microwaved as she walked out of the room. What happened will shock you.

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One mother said her son had been in the burn intensive care unit for days after trying to make himself a cup of Cup O’ Noodles.

“I even just came here because I never wanted a kid to go through what my son went through the last few days,” said TikTok user @legofam.

She explained that her young son had been admitted to the ICU with burns after a horrific and completely unexpected accident involving Cup O’ noodles, which her children are very fond of. .

That said, her elementary-age son wanted a Cup of O’ Noodles and thought he could make it in the microwave without his mom’s help. Although he did it correctly, what happened after he took it out of the microwave left @legofam and her family traumatized.

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“In the end, he dropped the Cup O’ Noodles in his lap,” said @legofam, adding, “Right away, he screamed.”

He eventually took off his pants and discovered that his skin had melted “literally like a popsicle,” according to @legofam.

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She and her son got in the car and headed straight to the emergency room, where things got a lot worse before they got better.

@legofam said: “At the time, little did we know that he had deep second-degree burns at the time.

And as she learned at the hospital, “a burn like that doesn’t stop burning even with hot water and medication.” It can still continue to burn for up to 72 hours and get even worse.

Ms. @legofam explained, this horrific burn was all over her son’s groin, thighs and private areas. And even though he was given fentanyl and morphine to help him relax, he still couldn’t stop screaming in pain.

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For treatment, the hospital ended up applying pig skin to his burn to close the nerves.

And while @legofam’s story may sound like a rare accident, the surgeon and nurse at the hospital informed her that it is a common accident they see in children.

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In the comments section, the user sent his best wishes to @legofam and reminded her that she is still a great mom.

“It’s not your fault. Just an unfortunate accident. Sending healing vibes,” one user wrote.

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Other parents have even started sharing their most heartbreaking parenting moments to show @legofam that these horrible guilt-inducing accidents happen to the best of them. ta.

“Today my daughter (8 months old) crawled out of our bed, face down on the hardwood floor. Worst scorpion fall you can imagine,” one parent read.

Others responded to that comment by explaining that their children had the same accident.

In a follow-up video, @legofam shares that her son is much better and is likely to be released soon. She also notes that although her son’s physical injuries will most likely heal, his emotional scars will not, so she will put him in therapy. @legofam and her husband are also considering going to therapy to help deal with guilt.

Sending our best to their families.