[NEWS] Road Closed After A361 Accident Today [Update]

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You wanna know about A361 Accident Today. You can trust Monopolewine.com to provide you with the most recent traffic updates. Today, we’re bringing you important information on a recent accident that closed the Road Closed After A361 Accident Today. Authorities closed both lines of the A361 for safety after a major incident close to the Asda supermarket. The Clink Road intersection to the A362 Warminster Road junction are both affected by the closure, which started on Wednesday just before midnight. In order to help you plan your trips efficiently, our staff is closely watching the situation and will provide you up-to-the-minute updates on the closure’s duration and traffic patterns. Watch this space for updates on Monopole !

Describe the serious accident that happened on the A361 in Frome

The A361 road in Frome has had a serious incident. The area’s traffic flow has been significantly hampered as a result of this occurrence. The A361 road has been closed in both directions as a result of the accident, which happened close to the Asda supermarket.

Road Closed After A361 Accident Today?

[NEWS] Road Closed After A361 Accident Today

[NEWS] Road Closed After A361 Accident Today

Although the specifics of the collision between two automobiles are still being clarified, it has been characterized as a serious accident. On Wednesday night after midnight, the incident happened. Due to this tragic collision, the government took the required steps to seal down the damaged section of the A361 road in order to safeguard the safety of both drivers and first responders on the scene.

Further details about the accident’s cause and the state of those involved are still being withheld from the public. The Avon and Somerset police and other emergency services were soon sent to the area to offer assistance and launch an investigation.

Drivers in the vicinity have experienced traffic delays and detours as a result of the closure of the A361 road. Authorities urge drivers to use alternate routes and exercise patience while the road is closed as they work carefully to repair the issue and resume normal traffic flow.

Road Closed Following A361 Accident Today Video

After the accident, notice of a road closure beginning before midnight

Authorities acted quickly to close the dangerous section of the A361 road in Frome following the serious traffic collision to guarantee the safety of everyone nearby. The shutdown was put into effect on Wednesday just before midnight.

Areas Affected and Closure Scope:

The A361 in the area of the Asda shop is completely closed in both directions. The closure specifically covers the area between the A362 Warminster Road and Clink Road intersections. The Avon and Somerset police have cordoned off this section of the A361 to make it easier to conduct the required cleanup and investigation tasks.

Motorists are unable to reach the impacted section of the A361 as a result of this closure. It is strongly advised for commuters passing through this area to choose alternate routes. The closure is anticipated to last for a long time as police conduct their investigation and clean up the situation.

As soon as it is declared safe for use by the public, the road will be reopened, according to the authorities, who are closely monitoring the situation. It is crucial for drivers to be informed via official channels and comply with police officers’ directions when it comes to handling traffic detours.

The public’s understanding and patience are greatly valued during this time of closure as the authorities make every effort to remedy the issue and resume regular traffic flow. Plan your trips appropriately and think about avoiding the impacted area altogether until further notice.

Data from dependable sources

[NEWS] Road Closed After A361 Accident Today

[NEWS] Road Closed After A361 Accident Today

Here is the present state of affairs regarding the road closure and the anticipated time of reopening, as reported by updates from Travel Somerset’s official Twitter account and the traffic monitoring website Inrix:

Twitter account for Travel Somerset: Travel Somerset tweeted about the serious accident that shut down the A361 Frome Bypass in both directions and happened close to the Asda supermarket.

According to the tweet, the A361 road was closed at both ends after a serious accident that prompted the Avon and Somerset police to take that action.
Website for Inrix Traffic Monitoring:

According to Inrix, the A361 road is closed in both directions from Clink Road to A362 Warminster Road for recovery work. It’s anticipated that the closure would last until at least this afternoon.

Inrix also provided information regarding the accident-related sluggish traffic on the A338 Salisbury road. Due to the event, the road is blocked in both directions, which causes delays between Wick and Charlton All Saints.

The authorities are trying to guarantee that traffic is managed safely in light of the extent of the road closure as well as the ongoing investigation and recovery efforts. To minimize delays on their trips, motorists are encouraged to avoid the impacted region and look for alternate routes.

The public should consult reputable sources like Travel Somerset and Inrix for the most recent information regarding the road closure and any nearby traffic diversions because the situation is subject to change based on updates from the authorities.

Statement from Avon and Somerset Police

On Tuesday, July 25 at 10:30 p.m., emergency services were summoned to the A361 Frome Bypass in response to a major two-vehicle traffic incident. The A361 road has been closed from the Berkley Roundabout to the intersection with the A362 Rodden Down due to the seriousness of the event.

The circumstances of the crash and any potential contributing factors are being thoroughly looked into. The road must be closed in order for our officers and other required staff to examine the area in detail.

We are currently urging anyone who saw the collision or who may know something that could help with our investigation to come forward and contact the police. We are especially interested in viewing any pertinent video that may have been recorded by nearby dashcams, doorbell cameras, or CCTV cameras at the time of the crash.

To protect the security of everyone engaged and the reliability of the investigation, the A361 road had to be closed. The public’s potential inconvenience is acknowledged, and we truly appreciate their understanding and cooperation while this is going undertaken.

Call 101 and cite reference number 5223178752 if you have any information that will aid us in our inquiries. With your help, we can better comprehend the facts around this occurrence and the variables that contributed to it.

The public’s cooperation and understanding are much appreciated by the Avon and Somerset Police as they actively seek to address the problem as quickly as they can.

Information gleaned from the traffic watch service, Inrix regarding the anticipated period of closure

The A361 route is expected to be closed in both directions for several hours, according to traffic monitoring agency Inrix. Due to the ongoing investigation and recovery efforts necessary as a result of the major accident that happened on the Frome Bypass, the road is closed.

Drivers should be advised that the closure might last until this afternoon at the very least. The road closure may cause substantial traffic disruptions in the area, resulting in delays and detours.

Drivers must be sure to plan their routes appropriately and think of alternate detours to avoid the problematic section of the A361 at this time. To reduce inconvenience during the closure, be ready for potential delays and heed the instructions of the traffic management staff.

However, the length of the closure will depend on how quickly the recovery and investigative processes move forward. Authorities are actively attempting to quickly clean the area and wrap up the inquiry. The A361 route will eventually reopen, thus motorists are recommended to be informed about any changes in the situation through dependable sources like Inrix and local traffic authorities.


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