Pokemon TCG Server Status, Why is Pokemon TCG Down?

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Pokemon TCG Server Status

Pokemon TCG Online servers have been shut down. The Pokemon Company has officially terminated the online services of the Pokemon TCG Online app today. The reason behind this decision is to pave the way for the much-anticipated release of Pokemon TCG Live, scheduled to be available on both PC and mobile devices starting June 8, 2023. The upcoming Pokemon TCG Live offers players the chance to engage in battles using their custom decks, and it has undergone extensive testing during its beta phase across all devices worldwide. As part of the planned shutdown, the Pokemon TCG Online app was officially removed from all app stores and the website on June 5.

For existing Pokemon TCG Online players, there is good news as they will be able to migrate their card collections to Pokemon TCG Live once the new app is live. However, it’s essential to be aware of certain limitations during the migration process. Players will only be allowed to transfer a maximum of four copies of a single card to the new game. This means that players need to carefully choose which cards to transfer, as some of their favorites may not make it to the next game.

The Pokemon TCG Live promises to introduce several exciting features to enhance the online gaming experience. Players can look forward to a comprehensive Ranked Ladder system and enjoy cosmetic options such as card backs. These cosmetics will be accessible through microtransaction purchases or by completing the game’s Battle Pass. Moreover, Pokemon TCG Live will enable players to battle each other conveniently on their mobile devices, a feature that was previously unavailable in Pokemon TCG Online. With these exciting additions, players should be prepared to bring their best Pokemon TCG cards into the new game and explore the expanded possibilities it offers for competitive play and personalization.

Why is Pokemon TCG Down?

The Trading Card Game community is mourning the loss of Pokemon TCG Online as its servers have been permanently shut down, leaving players without access to the beloved digital version of the Pokemon card game. The unfortunate termination of the Pokemon TCG Online app’s online services was executed by The Pokemon Company, but it comes with a silver lining in the form of the eagerly awaited Pokemon TCG Live, set to launch on June 8, 2023, catering to both PC and mobile users.

With the upcoming release, players can rejoice in the continuation of thrilling battles with their custom decks, as Pokemon TCG Live has undergone extensive testing during its beta phase across all devices worldwide. The anticipation for this new iteration of the app is high, promising captivating duels and engaging gameplay.

The planned shutdown of the Pokemon TCG Online’s servers was scheduled in May, leading to the app’s official removal from all app stores and the website on June 5, signaling the end of an era for this well-loved virtual card game. As the community bids farewell to Pokemon TCG Online, they eagerly await the exciting adventures that await them in the virtual realms of Pokemon TCG Live.


Pokemon TCG

The Pokémon Trading Card Game, also known as PTCG or Pokémon TCG, is a popular collectible card game inspired by the Pokémon franchise. Developed by Creatures Inc., the game was initially published by Media Factory in Japan in October 1996. In the United States, it was first released by Wizards of the Coast. However, in June 2003, Nintendo took over the publishing rights from Wizards of the Coast and passed them on to The Pokémon Company. The Pokémon Trading Card Game has achieved immense success, and as of March 2023, it has sold over a staggering 52.9 billion cards worldwide. The game allows players to collect and trade various Pokémon cards, each featuring different creatures from the Pokémon universe with unique abilities and attributes. Players use these cards to battle against each other, employing strategic tactics to outwit their opponents and emerge victorious. The game’s captivating gameplay and the allure of collecting cards depicting beloved Pokémon characters have made it a beloved pastime for enthusiasts of all ages across the globe. With an ever-expanding roster of cards and ongoing updates, the Pokémon Trading Card Game continues to captivate new generations of players and remains an enduring part of Pokémon culture.

Pokemon TCG Gameplay

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is a strategic card game where two players, acting as Pokémon Trainers, face off against each other on a designated playmat. Each player selects one Pokémon as their Active Pokémon and takes turns attacking their opponent’s Active Pokémon. When a Pokémon takes damage equal to or exceeding its Hit Points (HP), it gets “Knocked Out.” The victorious player earns Prize cards for each of their opponent’s “Knocked Out” Pokémon, with some special card mechanics offering the chance to earn 2 or 3 Prize cards based on their hierarchy. The primary win condition is to collect six Prize cards, leading to an instant victory.

To start the game, one player chooses heads or tails, and the other flips a coin to determine who goes first or second. Alternatively, dice can be used, with even numbers representing heads and odd numbers representing tails, particularly in official tournaments organized by The Pokémon Company. The player going first cannot attack or play a Supporter card on their first turn unless a card specifies otherwise. Each player shuffles their decks, draws seven cards, and puts one Basic Pokémon in play as their Active Pokémon. If a player lacks a Basic Pokémon, they must reshuffle and draw another hand until they get one, allowing the opponent to draw an extra card for each reshuffle. Once both players have a Basic Pokémon, they can place up to five more Basic Pokémon on their Bench and set aside the top six cards from their deck as Prize cards.

During their turns, players can take various actions, including playing additional Basic Pokémon, evolving their Pokémon, using Trainer cards (such as Item cards, Supporter cards, Stadium cards, and Pokémon Tool cards), attaching Energy cards, and utilizing Pokémon Abilities and attacks. Players can also switch their Active Pokémon with one on the Bench by paying the Active Pokémon’s retreat cost in Energy. At the end of their turn, a player can use their Active Pokémon’s attack if it meets the necessary Energy requirements. The attack’s effects are then activated, and damage is applied to the Defending Pokémon. Some attacks may have additional effects but no damage, depending on the defender’s weaknesses or resistance to the attacker’s Pokémon type. Players can also attach an Energy card to their Pokémon before attacking the opposing Defending Pokémon. If they “Knock Out” the opposing Pokémon, they can claim 1 Prize card before ending their turn.

The game offers a dynamic and engaging experience as players strategically build their decks, evolve their Pokémon, and carefully choose when to attack and retreat. With its extensive card pool, diverse Pokémon, and tactical gameplay, the Pokémon Trading Card Game continues to captivate players of all ages and remains a beloved part of the Pokémon franchise.

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