Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set Not Showing Up, How to Get Realmwalker Explorer Set in Remnant 2?

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Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set Not Showing Up

If the Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set is not showing up, there are a few potential reasons to consider. First, ensure that you have completed the game’s story at least once and obtained the Broken Compass. Without fulfilling this requirement, the Explorer archetype won’t be unlocked, and consequently, the Realmwalker Set won’t be available.

If you’ve met the prerequisites but still can’t find the Realmwalker Set, check if you have exchanged the Broken Compass for the Golden Compass with Wallace in Ward 13. This step is crucial for selecting the Explorer archetype in your next playthrough and receiving the starting Realmwalker gear.

Additionally, confirm that you are accessing the Whispers vendor in Ward 13 after unlocking the Explorer archetype. The vendor should offer the Realmwalker Set for purchase with Scrap. If you’ve followed all these steps and still encounter issues, consider checking for updates or patches to ensure there are no bugs or glitches preventing the appearance of the Realmwalker Set.

How to Get Realmwalker Explorer Set in Remnant 2?

To get the Realmwalker Explorer Set in Remnant 2, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Game’s Story: To begin the process of obtaining the Realmwalker set, you need to play through the game’s story and reach the end. This is a prerequisite for unlocking the Explorer archetype, which is essential for obtaining the Realmwalker set.

  2. Obtain the Broken Compass: After finishing the game’s story, you will receive the Broken Compass as a reward for your efforts. The Broken Compass is a crucial item needed to unlock the Explorer archetype.

  3. Exchange Broken Compass for Golden Compass: Take the Broken Compass to Wallace, who can be found in Ward 13. Wallace is a vendor who provides various services in the game. To unlock the Explorer archetype, you need to exchange the Broken Compass for a Golden Compass.

  4. Gather Resources: To obtain the Golden Compass, you must pay Wallace 10 Lumenite Crystals and 1000 Scrap. Lumenite Crystals are valuable resources that can be acquired throughout the game, often dropped by bosses and special enemies. Scrap is a common currency that can be obtained from various sources like enemies, loot, and breaking down unwanted items.

  5. Choose Explorer Archetype: With the Golden Compass in hand, start a new playthrough of Remnant 2. During character creation, you will now have the option to choose the Explorer archetype. Selecting this archetype will grant you access to the Realmwalker armor set as your starting gear.

  6. Purchase Realmwalker Set from Whispers: Once you’ve unlocked the Explorer archetype, you can now buy the Realmwalker Set from the vendor named Whispers in Ward 13. This vendor becomes accessible once you have completed the steps above. You can purchase the entire Realmwalker Set for 2,725 Scrap, or buy individual pieces if you prefer:

    • Beret: 400 Scrap
    • Tunic: 1150 Scrap
    • Pantaloons: 825 Scrap
    • Gloves: 350 Scrap
  7. Equip the Realmwalker Set: After acquiring the Realmwalker Set, head to your inventory and equip the different armor pieces to complete the set. The Realmwalker armor boasts unique visuals that stand out in the world of Remnant 2.

Realmwalker Set Stats: The full Realmwalker armor set offers the following stats:

  • Armour: 40
  • Weight: 21
  • Bleed Resistance: 5
  • Fire Resistance: 4
  • Shock Resistance: 7
  • Light Resistance: 9


Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is an action-packed third-person shooter combined with elements of a role-playing video game. Developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, it serves as the sequel to the popular title Remnant: From the Ashes, which was released in 2019. The game was made available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X/S, and it officially launched in July 2023.

Players embark on a thrilling adventure in a post-apocalyptic world filled with dangerous creatures and challenging encounters. With its dynamic combat system, players engage in intense gunfights, tactical maneuvers, and use various abilities to overcome formidable enemies.

Remnant 2 received a positive reception from both players and critics upon its release. The game’s immersive gameplay, intriguing storyline, and improved graphics were particularly well-received. The seamless integration of third-person shooting mechanics with RPG elements added depth and variety to the overall gaming experience. With its successful launch, Remnant 2 continued to captivate players, offering hours of exciting gameplay and a compelling narrative set in a richly crafted universe.

Remnant 2 Gameplay

Remnant 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor as a third-person shooter with gameplay inspired by Soulslike video games. Players have the freedom to wield up to two guns alongside their melee weapon, offering diverse combat options. At the beginning of the game, players can choose from different character archetypes, each with its own unique abilities and perks.

For example, the Gunslinger class emphasizes firearm usage, the Challenger class can unleash devastating shockwaves, and the Handler class has a loyal dog companion to assist in battles. As players progress, they can even dual class, further expanding their skill set and abilities.

The game’s procedural generation system has been expanded significantly in Remnant 2. Not only does it change level layouts and enemy spawn points like the first game, but it now encompasses enemy types, region aesthetics, boss characters, non-playable characters, and even the game’s storyline and quests, creating a more dynamic and ever-changing experience.

Players have the choice to venture through the game alone or join forces with up to two other players in a cooperative multiplayer mode, enhancing the fun and challenge of the adventure. Remnant 2 offers a thrilling and engaging gameplay experience, combining strategic shooting mechanics with RPG elements, providing players with hours of excitement in its unpredictable and diverse world.

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