Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen, How to Solve the Tower of the Unseen Puzzle in Remnant 2?

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Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen Puzzle Guide

The Shielded Heart relic in Remnant 2 is a valuable item that provides significant defensive benefits to players during various boss fights and challenging encounters. When activated, the Shielded Heart grants the user a shield that equals 100% of their current health for a duration of 20 seconds or until the shield is depleted.

This defensive ability can be a game-changer, especially during intense boss battles, where survival is key. Here are some scenarios where the Shielded Heart can prove to be extremely useful:

Boss Fights

   Many boss encounters in Remnant 2 feature powerful attacks that can deal massive damage to players. Having the Shielded Heart active before engaging in these fights can give you a crucial buffer of extra health, allowing you to endure the boss’s onslaught and continue dealing damage.

High-Damage Phases:

  Some bosses have specific phases where they unleash devastating attacks or become more aggressive. The Shielded Heart can provide a safety net during these high-damage phases, ensuring that you have additional protection to survive the onslaught.

Last Stand Situations:

  There may be moments in the game where you find yourself low on health, facing multiple enemies or a challenging boss. Activating the Shielded Heart can buy you precious seconds to heal up or take out enemies without the fear of an instant defeat.

Solo Play:

For players who prefer solo play or find themselves without a dedicated support role in co-op, the Shielded Heart can act as a self-sufficient defensive option, reducing the need for constant healing.

Difficult Encounters:

 Beyond boss fights, there are numerous tough encounters scattered throughout the game. The Shielded Heart’s protective shield can provide that extra layer of security to tackle these challenges.

As you progress through the game and face tougher adversaries, having the Shielded Heart relic in your arsenal can significantly improve your chances of success. It complements various playstyles, including tanky builds that focus on damage absorption and survivability.

How to Solve the Tower of the Unseen Puzzle in Remnant 2?

In the challenging adventure of Remnant 2, players will encounter a particularly perplexing puzzle known as the Tower of the Unseen. Among its many floors filled with puzzles and formidable enemies, the one in the Tower of the Unseen stands out as one of the most difficult, right alongside the notorious Chimney.

Navigating through its labyrinthine levels proved to be quite the trial, leaving me struggling for longer than I would have preferred. However, fear not, fellow gamers, for I have just the guide to spare you from the same fate.

Upon reaching the checkpoint within the Tower of the Unseen, you’ll notice a radiant orb on your right, known as the Stellar Powered Cell. This seemingly innocuous item holds the key to the puzzle’s progression. Take the Stellar Powered Cell, and the door adjacent to it will promptly shut. To continue your journey, head back outside and to the left, where you’ll find another door awaiting the Stellar Powered Cell.

As you press on, an elevator will transport you to a room with a conspicuous hole in its center and yet another Stellar Powered Cell. For the moment, let this one be and proceed through the door it powers. This will lead you along a winding path, granting you access to a locked door on the right side of the room. Unlock this door using the Stellar Powered Cell you found earlier and ascend to the door situated above. Enter through it and ride the elevator.

Beyond this door lies the showdown with the boss, E.D. Alpha. While this boss may present a challenge, it can be overcome with proper preparation. Be wary of the purple barricades it summons, as they can easily ensnare you. Defeat the boss and claim the Stone of Continuance from its center, a valuable artifact in your journey.

Now that you’ve triumphed, venture back to the first floor and retrieve the initial Stellar Powered Cell. With it in hand, return to the third floor and obtain the second Stellar Powered Cell. Now, equipped with both, return to the middle floor, where the central elevator awaits. Activate the elevator, step back, and allow it to descend. Ensure you are in the best possible shape, with your health at its fullest, before leaping to the bottom of the elevator shaft.

In this moment, you’ll find yourself submerged in a pool of water, a narrow walkway guiding your path, and a slot beckoning for a Stellar Powered Cell. Do not hesitate; place the Stellar Powered Cell in the slot. Behold as the door opens before you, offering passage to a new area. Embrace this opportunity, for it leads you to an elevator that conceals the coveted prize: the Shielded Heart Relic.

The Shielded Heart Relic proves to be a powerful boon, granting its user a remarkable shield that amounts to 100% of their current health. This defensive protection will persist for an impressive duration of 20 seconds or until the shield itself is depleted, bestowing upon the player an invaluable advantage in their battles.

So, brave adventurers, with this guide in your arsenal, you shall conquer the Tower of the Unseen puzzle in Remnant 2 with prowess and skill. Embrace the challenge, face the trials, and emerge victorious with the Shielded Heart Relic as your testament to triumph.


How to Open the Locked Door in Tower of the Unseen?

In the Tower of the Unseen in Remnant 2, even after defeating the boss, you may encounter a locked door in the main chamber. To access the area behind this door and claim your reward, you must insert an orb into a slot located just behind the base of a statue. However, reaching this spot requires a slight detour from the main path.

Remember the first lift you took after opening the initial door? Beneath this lift, there lies a hidden path that leads to the solution. Drop down through a hole below the lift and descend further into a pool of water. As you do, you’ll find yourself positioned right behind the base of the statue.

Moving carefully, walk along the narrow beam ahead, and once you reach the back of the statue, insert the orb into the designated slot. This action triggers the unlocking of the previously inaccessible door, granting you access to the reward within.

The prize waiting for you behind the door is the Shielded Heart Relic, a powerful item that provides a shield equivalent to 100% of your current health for a duration of 20 seconds. This relic proves highly valuable, particularly if you’re pursuing a shield-focused build. For optimal effectiveness, consider pairing it with other rings and amulets that enhance shields and shield damage.

With the door open and the Shielded Heart Relic in your possession, you can now proceed through the Tower of the Unseen with added protection and confidence. Don’t forget to explore other areas of the game and discover the best rings and weapons to further strengthen your character and prepare for even greater challenges ahead. Happy hunting.

Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen Walkthrough

To navigate through the Tower of the Unseen in Remnant 2, players must first discover this industrial space within N’Erud, usually located at one of the corners of the Timeless Horizon. Upon finding the small facility with bridges, enter and locate the elevator. Riding the elevator will lead you to a corridor with a yellow gate, which serves as the entrance to the Tower of the Unseen.

As you explore the area, keep an eye out for the Burden of the Stargazer ring, which can be found on a dead body holding it on a stairway shaped like a throne.

One challenging encounter players will face is the Ambush room, where a black sphere triggers waves of common enemies to attack. Defeating them will summon a Specter, presenting a formidable 1v1 battle.

Another important item, the Vacuum Seal, can be found on a bridge near a dead body, accessible via an elevator. However, be cautious of Strider patrols in the vicinity.

Throughout the Tower, you’ll encounter doors with red panels that require a Stellar-Powered Cell. These cells are necessary to open doors leading to new areas. When you find a Stellar-Powered Cell, ensure you leave it in the panel slot to maintain access.

Keep progressing until you obtain two Stellar-Powered Cells, allowing you to access a secret room through an elevator. Inside this room, you’ll find the Samoflange amulet.

Continuing on, players will reach the main hall of the Tower, where they’ll encounter E.D. Alpha, the boss. Defeating this enemy will reward you with the Refunder drop and the Stone of Continuance at the center of the hall.

To acquire the Shielded Heart relic, approach the statue in front of the Stone of Continuance, which has a slot in the back for a Stellar-Powered Cell. However, accessing the slot from the ground is not possible. Instead, make your way to a higher level around the backside of the statue, find an elevator, and trigger it to reveal a hole underneath. Jump down to access the slot and insert a Stellar-Powered Cell.

This action will open a door on the side of the main hall. Go through it to find and claim the Shielded Heart relic, which provides a shield equivalent to 100% of your current health for 20 seconds. With all the valuable rewards obtained, you can continue your adventure through the Tower of the Unseen in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen Puzzle Solution

To solve the Tower of the Unseen puzzle and obtain the Shielded Heart Relic in Remnant 2, follow these steps:

  1. Start from the spawn at the Tower of the Unseen checkpoint and grab the Stellar-Powered Cell on the right side wall.

  2. Head outside and take the ramp up to the large backroom, continuing past the elevator.

  3. Use the first Stellar-Powered Cell to open the door on the left side.

  4. Call the elevator down and go to the third floor, picking up another Stellar-Powered Cell from the ground.

  5. Return to the first floor with the elevator and take back the first Stellar-Powered Cell used to open the door.

  6. Hold both Stellar-Powered Cells in your hands and call the main elevator. As soon as the elevator arrives, quickly jump off backwards, causing the elevator platform to detach and fall.

  7. After the platform falls, drop down the elevator shaft to reach the bottom floor.

  8. Follow the only available path and insert one of the Stellar-Powered Cells into the device, which will open the door on the right.

  9. Go through the door and collect the Shielded Heart relic at the end.

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