Royal Romance 12 Walkthrough, Gameplay, Guide, and More

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Royal Romance 12 Game

Royal Romances, created by Do Games Limited exclusively for Mobile Devices, stands as a cherished franchise with a rich history of nearly twelve remarkable installments. Each of these captivating editions showcases distinct objectives, immersive scenes, and a myriad of fascinating characters, making it a truly unparalleled gaming experience.

The crown jewel of this illustrious series is the 12th and latest installment known as ‘King’s Heart,’ which exudes grandeur and magnificence. In ‘King’s Heart,’ players are treated to an exquisite amalgamation of Puzzle, Adventure, and Hidden Object elements, ingeniously combined to deliver an enthralling and dynamic gameplay.

As players embark on their journey through the game’s captivating world, they are presented with a plethora of challenging puzzles to solve, breathtaking adventures to undertake, and cleverly hidden objects to discover, all of which contribute to an immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

Moreover, the game boasts an array of diverse achievements waiting to be unlocked, adding an extra layer of excitement and motivation for players to explore every nook and cranny of the captivating storyline. With each achievement unlocked, players receive a sense of accomplishment, urging them to delve deeper into the enchanting narrative.

Furthermore, ‘King’s Heart’ sets itself apart by offering players an array of choices that hold the power to shape the course of the game. These decisions are pivotal and can lead to multiple outcomes, ensuring that no two playthroughs are ever the same. This element of unpredictability enhances the game’s replayability, keeping players engaged and enthralled for countless hours.

In conclusion, ‘King’s Heart’ of the Royal Romances series is a true testament to the ingenuity of Do Games Limited, offering mobile gamers a sublime blend of mesmerizing storytelling, challenging puzzles, and delightful hidden object hunts. With its grand legacy and innovative gameplay, this remarkable installment continues to captivate players, making it a must-play for all enthusiasts of mobile gaming entertainment.

Royal Romance 12 Walkthrough

Here is the most expected Royal Romance 12 Walkthrough. To embark on this adventure of unraveling mysteries, you must adopt the role of a skilled detective. Within this game, there are various captivating mini-games, each offering unique objectives and challenges.

1) Journey to the Opposite Bank

The initial task centers around the protagonist’s quest to cross the river. To achieve this, you’ll need to locate hidden objects and employ the following steps:

  1. Interact with the squirrel on the left side of the screen, revealing three hidden objects: a Funnel, a Bag Key, and a Tile with an Image.

  2. Tap the glowing light to zoom in and discover additional items like a Taskbook and a Map.

  3. Utilize the Bag Key to open the bag and examine its contents, yielding items such as a Grappling Hook and a Blade.

  4. Select the Blade from your inventory and tap on the bushes located on the right side of the Door, uncovering a piece of rope.

  5. Now, choose the Grappling Hook from your inventory and combine it with the rope, crafting a functional Grappling Hook.

  6. Proceed to the left-side area, use the Grappling Hook to retrieve a box from the water, and collect items such as an Axe and a Coil.

  7. Select the Axe from your panel, clear the path by chopping the tree, and strike the same spot where the tree was cut to accomplish the first objective, “Get to the other side.”

2) Enter Sylvanna’s Hut

In the second area, a charming landscape awaits exploration, and you’ll encounter a girl sitting there. To progress in your investigation and discover more items for solving puzzles, you must interact with the girl and complete the following actions:

  1. Tap the bucket placed on the drum to zoom in and acquire a Tile with an Image and a Key.

  2. Select the Blade from your inventory and proceed to the small hut on the right side to obtain a Warrior Figurine.

  3. Next, interact with the house to open the zoom view, and place the Warrior Figurine in a specific location to unlock the door.

  4. Upon opening the door, a mini-game will be revealed, where you must find hidden objects such as a Chicken, Wreath, and Fork.

  5. Solve the puzzle and collect a Hut Key, which you can use to open the door on the left side, granting you access to Sylvanna’s Hut.

 3) Inside Sylvanna’s Hut

Welcome to Sylvanna’s Hut, a haven filled with furniture and decorations. Your primary goal in this area is to solve puzzles and explore numerous interactive items. Follow these steps to progress:

  1. Head to the table and obtain a Vial. Then, zoom in on the wheel to discover a Flint and a Harpsichord Key.

  2. Select the Harpsichord Key from your inventory and open the cover of the Piano to reveal an opener.

  3. Use the Opener on the table to remove nails and open the drawer, where you’ll find a Screw and a Honey Jar.

  4. Tap the small tree on the right side to zoom in, then select the Honey Jar from your list and place it under the hive.

  5. Use the Funnel from your inventory and put it into the Jar, subsequently obtaining grapes from the tree and bringing them to the Door on the right side. Here, you’ll find a Tile with an Image and a Note.

  6. Move to the left-side area to reveal the pond, and place the Tiles with Images on the board to initiate a mini-game. The objective is to place a key chip on every active tile using the buttons provided to solve the puzzle.

  7. As you complete the mini-game, a Magic Wool will be added to your inventory. Cross the bridge to reach the other side.

  8. Enter the house on the left side and zoom in on the wheel. Select the coil and attach it to the machine, then use the Magic Wool to create a Magic Thread.

  9. Head to the area on the right side under the window and utilize the Magic Thread to repair the dragon’s tail.

  10. Interact with the dragon to acquire a Spell Book, then hand it to the lady sitting outside, who will reward you with a Barrel Handle after the discussion ends.

4) Heal Sylvanna

Your goal in this objective is to aid Sylvanna in finding a cure for her injury and healing her. You will be in the same environment as the second objective. Follow these steps to progress:

  1. Tap the drum to zoom in, then select the Barrel Handle and Screw from your list and place them on the drum.

  2. Open the tap to release the liquid and collect a Hand Drill from the drum. Then, click on the drum located on the right-side house and use the Hand Drill to fill the herbicide into a vial.

  3. Move to the house on the left side, tap the plant pot, and use the Herbicide in a Vial to remove spikes. Examine the pot to discover a Gear and the second Key.

  4. Interact with the Piano and place both keys in the appropriate sequence (DCFAB) to play music using a note from your panel. Solving this puzzle will reward you with a Nuts Pouch.

  5. Return to the first jungle location, where a glowing light awaits. Tap the squirrel to zoom in and exchange the Nuts Pouch for a Flower Amulet.

  6. Proceed to the next location and tap the house on the left side. Open the zoom view to the table and place the Flower Amulet on the box, revealing another mini-game. This time, you must arrange the vials in the correct order according to the clues provided. Then, pour the liquids into the jars, following the instructions from the book.

  7. After successfully solving the puzzle, you will obtain the Healing Potion. Head back to the lady sitting on the floor.

  8. Select the Healing Potion from your list and give it to the lady, completing the fourth objective of your thrilling mystery-solving adventure.


Royal Romance 12 Guide

In the twelfth installment of the Royal Romance game, our journey takes us to the Opposite Bank, where we must navigate various challenges and obstacles. To progress, we embark on a quest to find hidden objects, including a Funnel, Bag Key, and Tile with an Image.

Additionally, we obtain essential items such as the Taskbook, Map, Grappling Hook, and Blade. By cleverly combining the Grappling Hook with a rope, we create a functional tool to retrieve a box from the water, containing both an Axe and a Coil. With the Axe, we chop down a tree, creating a path to the other side of the river and advancing in our journey.

Upon crossing the river, we enter Sylvanna’s Hut, a charming landscape where we interact with a girl. To proceed, we engage in a search for hidden objects like the Tile with an Image, Key, and Warrior Figurine. Using the Warrior Figurine, we unlock the door and solve a mini-game to obtain a Hut Key, granting us entry into Sylvanna’s Hut.

Once inside, we embark on another quest to find various items such as the Vial, Flint, Harpsichord Key, Opener, Screw, Honey Jar, Funnel, and grapes. Through puzzle-solving, we acquire the coveted Magic Wool and Spell Book, which prove essential in repairing the dragon’s tail with Magic Thread. As a reward, we receive a Barrel Handle.

Our adventure then leads us to heal Sylvanna. By using the Barrel Handle and Screw, we collect herbicide, allowing us to remove spikes from a plant pot and discover a Gear and a second Key. Playing the piano rewards us with a Nuts Pouch, which we exchange with a squirrel for a precious Flower Amulet.

To obtain the Healing Potion, we solve a mini-game involving vials and liquids. Finally, we present the Healing Potion to the lady, successfully completing this thrilling and enchanting adventure in the Royal Romance world.

Royal Romance 12 Gameplay

The Royal Romance 12 game presents players with an engaging and intricately crafted storyline, where a distressing situation unfolds as the queen has been kidnapped and is in desperate need of rescue. As a warrior equipped with detective prowess, you must undertake an epic quest to save the queen from her captors. The journey is rife with perilous encounters, and the very life of Sylvanna, the queen, hangs in the balance.

Utilizing a point-and-click interface, you will be able to navigate through various locations in the game world. As you progress, you will be immersed in a visual novel-style drama, interacting with a diverse and compelling cast of characters. Your detective skills will be put to the test as you uncover clues, solve puzzles, and unveil hidden secrets to advance through the captivating narrative.

Throughout the game, you’ll need to carefully observe your surroundings, analyze information, and make strategic decisions to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Your actions and choices will play a crucial role in determining the fate of the queen and the outcome of the story.

Prepare yourself for an enthralling adventure, as you step into the shoes of a skilled warrior-detective and embark on a quest filled with suspense, danger, and the opportunity to save a kingdom and its beloved ruler. Will you be able to unravel the mysteries, outwit the adversaries, and bring the queen back to safety? The fate of Sylvanna rests in your hands.

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