Siriyakorn “Bung” Siriboon is still missing after disappearing in Melbourne

Siriyakorn “Bung” Siriboon is still missing after disappearing in Melbourne

It remains a thriller about how a brilliant high school girl disappears on her way to college and is never seen again.

Siriyakorn ‘Bung’ Siriboon, 13, was usually accompanied by one of her seventh year classmates on the 1km walk to Boronia Heights College from her home in Melbourne’s Far East.

But one morning on June 2, 2011, the Boronia teenagers’ stepfather, Fred Pattison, said goodbye and walked to school alone, dressed in a blue and white uniform and carrying a backpack.

She didn’t graduate from high school and there was no way she would end up here with her older sister Pang, her mother Vanidda and her stepfather.

Twelve years later, Buga’s unsolved disappearance continues to baffle police, despite a million dollar reward, police investigating several possibilities, and renewed public fascination two years earlier.

His family’s long search for solutions continues and recently marked another anniversary of Bung’s disappearance with prayers at Melbourne’s Wat Dhammarangsee Buddhist temple.

Siriyakorn ‘Bung’ Siriboon (pictured) disappeared without a trace on June 2, 2011

Bung’s mother Wanidda and stepfather Fred Pattison (pictured last month) are still fighting for a solution 12 years later

His older classmates have by no means forgotten their classmate and have tattoos of Bunga’s identity in his honor.

Police revealed they were, however, known “weekly” on the tenth anniversary of Bunga’s disappearance in 2021.

“Ten years is a long time without answers, and I’m sure Beng’s loss seems as indisputable today as it did in 2011,” Detective Justin Tippett said at the time.

“Unfortunately, despite a full and thorough investigation, we have been unable to resolve this matter and provide answers to the Bung family or bring the perpetrator to justice.”

“We have never given up hope that one day we can find out exactly what happened to Bunga that day.”

Prosecutors have decided to grant immunity in exchange for data allowing the identification of the precise person responsible for the disappearance of the minor teenager.

“The prosecution will also consider the possibility of awarding damages to anyone who provides information about the identity of the main culprit or culprits,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Victoria Police to replace the casing.

Siriyakorn “Bung” Siriboon (pictured) would have been 25 if she had been alive

In 2013, police launched a week-long search in the Old Joe’s Creek basin near Bunga’s home after a person claimed they accidentally ran over her and dumped her body. No hint of {teen} was ever discovered

Beng’s mother and stepfather have faced many public calls and given several television interviews, the latest of which is the film The Project in 2021.

“She was very careful, she knew not to get in a car with strangers, it was only a 5-10 minute walk,” Mr Pattison recalled.

No one realized anything was wrong until hours later when her closest friend Djamai, known as House of Drums, told her about the football the next day.

Mr. Pattison asked Djama why she hadn’t taught drums at the College that day.

A good friend had assumed she was living sick because she hadn’t been to school that day. However, Djama feels bad when she tells Bung’s father and mother that their daughter is missing.

“He told me she wasn’t there, so I was very confused, and after taking a bath, she still wasn’t home,” Djamai recalled.

The disappearance of the drum upset his comrades

‘It was a very bad moment. I couldn’t walk the road alone,” Djamai said.

“I couldn’t walk the road we used to go to school together. It took me five years to get back on this path.

Best friend Djama (pictured) could no longer follow the path she and Bung would take if they went to school together

Were previous abductions linked?

Just weeks before Bung disappeared, an equally disturbing incident took place in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

An 11-year-old Asian schoolgirl was walking down Bennett Street in Boronia on her way to school when she encountered an elderly man wearing a white surgical mask. The man tried to lure her into his vehicle, but the brave young girl quickly threatened to use her mobile phone and managed to escape.

Police have learned of the disturbing parallels between these cases. Additionally, there was another attempted kidnapping involving a 16-year-old girl on June 21, although limited information is available on this specific crime.

Police likeness of man for attempted child abduction in Boronia, near where 13-year-old schoolgirl Bunga Siriboona disappeared

According to the police, what happened to Bunga?

Police believe Bunga was abducted or possibly murdered, but ten years after her disappearance there are still no suspects.

In 2013, a Boronia man claimed he accidentally ran over Bung and dumped his body on a nearby reservation, sparking a week-long search at the Old Joe’s Creek retention pond, a few miles from the spot. where the teenager was last seen. had been seen.

However, a large-scale search found no trace of her. Police questioned the man twice and released him without charge.

Task Force Puma, a task force dedicated to the disappearance, was shut down in October 2013 when the leadership disappeared and the case was referred to homicide detectives.

Three years later, police released information about a reported sighting of a heavily tattooed man driving a white Kingswood station wagon with an Asian-looking girl on the day Bunga disappeared.

The vehicle was driven by a white male in his 30s or 40s with bald or blond hair. The man had long-sleeved tattoos on his arms and a large tattoo on the left side of his neck.

Detective Inspector Hughes, who investigated Bung Sriboon’s disappearance, said:

“There are two specific pieces of information we’re asking the public to consider: a description of a man with a large tattoo on his neck and a description of a white station wagon.”

“We call on the public to think of anyone who might fit the description who has owned or had access to a similar vehicle.”

“If we can link these two pieces of information, we can better identify the person of interest.”

A $1 million reward will be offered to anyone with information about what happened to Bung

Bung’s mother Wanidda (left) and stepfather Fred Pattison have been at many public engagements

Last month, the Buddhist temple Wat Dhammarangsee shared footage of the emotional passing of Bung’s mother and stepfather on the twelfth anniversary of his disappearance.

Born in Thailand, Bunga and her family immigrated to Australia in 2007.

She was an excellent student who excelled in arithmetic.

“It wasn’t that Bung was late for school. She was a diligent and intelligent student. When she was absent from school that day, her teachers and friends assumed she was sick,” the temple said.

“Her father and mother thoroughly searched their property before contacting all Bung members to make sure she was not staying with them. When her father and mother tried to reach her by cell phone, they realized that Buga had left the phone in the house for them that day.

The drum would be 25 years old as we speak.

Bung was last seen by neighbors leaving her college at 8:30 a.m. on June 2, 2011, when she left her home on Elsie Street in Boronia and walked towards Albert Avenue.

She was dressed in her varsity uniform and carrying a varsity backpack which is in no way revealed.

A $1 million reward remains for information leading to the conviction of one or more specific individuals responsible for Bung’s disappearance.

13-year-old Siriyakorn ‘Bung’ Siriboon finally got his chance at college. But on June 2, 2011, she never entered Boronia Heights College.

The Bung College mates (pictured in A Current Affair 2019) have by no means forgotten their teenage years