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Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Walkthrough

Walkthrough: Character Creation & Takakura’s Tour

Character Creation: Customize your character’s appearance, including complexity, eye shape, iris color, hairstyle, hair color, and outfit. Choose a name and preferred pronouns for your character.

Takakura’s Introduction: Upon starting the game, you’ll meet Takakura, your late father’s old friend. He informs you about inheriting the run-down farm and encourages you to turn it into something remarkable.

Farm Tour: Takakura takes you on a tour of the farm, showing various points of interest: 

  • Two rectangular fields for growing crops and tree saplings.
  • A small well to recharge your watering can.
  • A coop for raising chickens, requiring feeding and attention.
  • The barn for cattle care and milking cows.
  • Item and food storage shelter in front of the barn.
  • Your home, where you can rest, cook, and check weather forecasts.

Farming Basics: Learn how to grow crops successfully using a hoe and watering can. Remember to water them daily, excluding rainy days.

Coop Management: Take care of chickens by letting them out during the day, feeding them bird feed, and collecting eggs daily.

Cattle Care: Keep cattle happy and well-fed inside the barn. Milk cows daily using a milker.

Home Life: Rest and advance to the next day in your home. Check the T.V. for weather forecasts, use the kitchen to cook dishes, and change your appearance using the mirror.

Nature Sprites: Meet the Nature Sprites, your companions throughout the game, who will play a vital role in your farming journey.

Receive a Camera: Takakura gifts you a camera, a useful tool for documenting your adventures.

Begin Chapter 1: After the tour, Takakura suggests you go to sleep, marking the start of the game on Spring 1, Year 1.

Chapter 1: 

  • Finding Love and Settling Down
  • Objective: Get married to one of the available bachelors or bachelorettes before the year ends.
  • Calendar and Seasons System: The game has four seasons, each with 10 days. Plan your actions accordingly.
  • Finding Your Partner: Increase your relationship with a bachelor/bachelorette to 8 hearts. Gift them items they like, triggering event cutscenes.
  • Gift Examples:

Cecilia: Flowers, Crops, Eggs, Milky Soup, Egg Soup

Gordy: Flowers, Eggs, Milk, Milk Soup, Crops

Gustafa: Flowers, Moonlight Ore, Eggs, Milk, Milk Soup, Crops (except Tomato)

Nami: Flowers, Moonlight Ore, Eggs

Matthew: Eggs, Milk, Dishes

Molly: Toy Flower, Goddess Drop Flower, Coins, Moonlight Ore, Milk, Milky Soup, Egg Soup

Rock: Fodder, Toy Flower, Mist Moon Flower, Coins, Milky Soup, Egg Soup

  • Blue Feather: Once at 8 hearts, the Nature Sprites leave a Blue Feather in your earnings box. Gift it to your chosen partner for marriage.
  • Other Events: Learn about the Nature Sprites and strange animals. Receive a horse in Summer 1. Optionally, purchase a Seed Maker.
  • Year End & Marriage: The marriage event happens on Winter 10, Year 1. Choose spouse’s name/address and watch the cutscene.

Chapter 2:

  • New Characters: Meet new characters in Forgotten Valley, though none are romanceable.
  • Expanded Home and Family: You have a child now, and your home includes a kitchen and bathrooms.
  • New Year’s Festival: Participate in the Spring 1 festival.
  • Unique Requests: Complete requests from characters like Garrett for rewards.
  • Feline Friend: Adopt a cat that appears on your farm.
  • Raising a Toddler: Interact with your toddler through snuggles and lullabies.
  • Befriending Vinnie: Befriend the mysterious character Vinnie to unlock Crop Fusing.
  • Crop Fusing: Fuse crops and fruits to create new hybrids with Vinnie’s help.
  • Year End: Progress to the next chapter by achieving side objectives and events.

Chapter 3 :

  • Your Child’s Growth: Your child is now a young kid, with likes and abilities that can still be influenced by gifts.
  • Their Own Room: Your child has a room with a bed, toy box, bookcase, and diary.
  • Obtaining the Plant Encyclopedia: Fulfill Braddock’s request for 2 Power Drinks to get the Plant Encyclopedia for your child.
  • A Desire to Help: Your child may offer to help on the farm and receive an allowance from Takakura.
  • Your Child Helps Out: Your child can run errands for characters in the game.
  • Treasure?: Your child finds a mysterious wooden box on the beach.
  • What is Love?: Your child asks questions about love and relationships.
  • Year End: Chapter concludes, leading to Chapter 4, where your child becomes a teenager.

Chapter 4:

  • No clear objective: Regular tasks like farming and befriending your teenage child are likely the main focus.
  • Home Expansion: Your home now includes a separate bedroom for you.
  • Teenager Behaviors: Your child may exhibit typical teenage traits, but your relationship with them remains crucial.
  • Influencing Likes and Abilities: Gift specific items to influence your child’s development.
  • Events Based on Interests: Various events occur based on your child’s main “Like.”
  • “Secret Spot” Event: Your child seeks a private space and discovers a secret spot with Kate.
  • Year-end Cutscene: The year concludes with a cutscene, possibly related to your child’s main “Like.”
  • Focus on Teenage Years: Year 4 emphasizes experiencing your child’s growth and development.
  • Continuation: The game continues into the next year, continuing your child’s journey.

Chapter 5:

  • No specific objectives: Your character is now a late adult with reduced maximum stamina.
  • Child in Adulthood: Your child has entered adulthood and follows their own path based on “Likes” and “Abilities.”
  • Surprise Gifts: Your child might leave gifts for you outside the house, reflecting their interests.
  • Events with Your Child: Experience events with your child, such as building shelves in the kitchen or celebrating your marriage.
  • Set Your Own Goals: Create your own goals, like maximizing profits, expanding the farm, or obtaining Blessed Tools.
  • Year-end Cutscene: The chapter concludes with a unique cutscene, possibly based on your child’s main “Like.”
  • Focus on Personal Growth: Chapter 5 focuses on your child’s adulthood and personal growth.
  • Continuation: The story will progress into the final chapter, Chapter 6: Twilight.

Chapter 6:

  • Focus on Child’s Adulthood: Chapter 6 continues to focus on your child’s adulthood and your character’s aging with reduced Maximum Stamina.
  • Romantic Walk: Experience a romantic moment with your spouse, going for a walk together in Forgotten Valley.
  • Philosophical Discussion: Baddock visits your home to discuss philosophy with your child, reaffirming their “Like” and interests.
  • End of Your Character’s Life: Chapter 6 marks the end of your character’s life, but the game continues indefinitely.
  • No Specific Objective: There’s no particular objective in this chapter, but guide your child’s “Like” toward your chosen direction.
  • Final Cutscene: The game’s ending cutscene will be influenced by your child’s interests as they leave town to pursue their passion.
  • Game Continues Indefinitely: After the credits roll, the game continues indefinitely, offering an open-ended experience without specific objectives.
  • Engaging in Various Activities: Enjoy activities like fishing, cooking, and finding hidden treasures without the pressure of completing a storyline.
  • Chapter 7: Serves as proof of completing the main storyline, allowing you to explore the game freely.

Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Wiki

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is a delightful farming simulation game available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Microsoft Windows. It is actually a remake of the classic game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, with additional features and improvements from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

The plot revolves around your character starting a new life in the tranquil community of Forgotten Valley, fulfilling your late father’s dream of running a farm with the help of his friend Takakura. In this idyllic valley, you’ll cultivate crops, raise animals, and befriend the local residents while carrying on your father’s legacy. As the seasons pass, you’ll find love, get married, raise a child, and witness them grow up.

After completing your daily farm tasks, you can enjoy various activities such as fishing, exploring ancient treasures at the dig site, or socializing with townsfolk to create cherished memories. As time goes by, your child will mature and choose their path in life, whether it’s inheriting the farm or pursuing other aspirations. This remake introduces new events, enhanced festivals, additional cooking recipes, and a variety of previously unseen crops.

The game also features a camera to capture family moments, dressing up in various outfits, and helping fellow residents with their requests. Whether you’re new to the STORY OF SEASONS series or returning to the nostalgic Forgotten Valley, an enchanting and fulfilling life awaits you.

In the prologue, the protagonist, originally living in the city, discovers Forgotten Valley while going through their late father’s belongings. Intrigued by the idea of farming, they write a letter to their father’s friend Takakura, expressing their desire to try farming. With excitement, they leave the city behind and embark on their journey to Forgotten Valley to start their new life as a farmer.


Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Guide

Comprehensive Guide for STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life:

  • Discover True Love: In the game, seasons last only 10 days, so finding a partner and giving them a blue feather by the end of the first year is crucial. This will extend the gameplay, allowing you to experience the passing years, raise children, and witness the ebb and flow of village life. Remember, presenting the blue feather to someone with high affection increases the chances of acceptance. If you’re open to options, wooing Gustafa is a breeze as he simply adores flowers.
  • Profitable Farming: In the beginning, you may not be able to ship many items as only those created on your farm with high quality can be shipped. Sheep can prove to be a lucrative investment, with their high-quality wool fetching a considerable price. Additionally, you’ll receive payment for shipped items in the blue box outside your house. Van’s visits on the 3rd and 8th of each month offer an excellent opportunity to sell almost anything for instant cash. Accumulating items like fish and mining finds can lead to a big payoff, and even flowers can yield a handsome sum.
  • Planting the Seeds of Wealth:Planting a variety of trees early in the game is a wise decision, as they grow surprisingly fast and bear seasonal fruits. A diverse fruit supply ensures a continuous harvest. Wait for the fruits to fall to the ground before picking them, though you might get a few early ones by shaking the trees.
  • Seasonal Planning: As each season lasts only 10 days, careful planning is essential. To maximize your crop yield, aim to plant your crops within the first one or two days of the season. While you can purchase seeds for all seasons anytime, it’s advisable to buy the ones you need for the next season at the end of the current one, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the upcoming challenges.
  • Hydration Matters: If you notice your crops wilting before reaching full maturity, watering them twice daily can make a significant difference. Water them in the evening when the earth appears less wet for the second watering.
  • No Need to Panic: Running out of stamina doesn’t lead to dire consequences. Instead, time is moved forward a few hours, and your stamina increases slightly. This allows you to continue working on your tasks without major setbacks.
  • Winning Hearts with Flowers and Fruit: Many villagers have a fondness for flowers, making them an easy way to gain friendship points. Gustafa, Molly, Lumina, Chris, and the older residents particularly enjoy them. Offering villagers vegetables and fruit also prove popular, especially with Matthew, Nami, and Sully.
  • Hidden Recipes: Explore the villagers’ homes and interact with objects to uncover hidden recipes. Additionally, visit the Harvest Sprites near the big tree in the north of the village daily by eating a toadstool mushroom to receive new recipes.
  • The Mysterious Hill: Despite its imposing appearance, the giant hill in the village leads nowhere. It merely provides an account of your character’s actions without an actual interactive experience. Don’t waste six hours of your day on this disappointing endeavor; instead, focus on other productive tasks.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll become a successful farmer in STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life, building relationships, making profits, and thriving in this unique and charming world. 

Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Gameplay

Embark on a delightful farming adventure with the reimagined version of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, featuring over 70 new events for engaging experiences in Forgotten Valley. Choose your protagonist’s gender as “man,” “woman,” or “other,” and explore diverse and inclusive relationships by marrying any eligible candidate regardless of gender.

Raise nine different types of animals, cultivate hybrid crops, and upgrade facilities to breathe new life into the land. Forge meaningful connections with residents through heartwarming events and build lasting friendships. Watch your child grow into adulthood, presenting choices of inheriting the farm or pursuing other paths.

With updated visuals, animations, and mechanics, this classic offers a fresh and enchanting farming simulation experience for a new generation of players. Beyond farming, immerse yourself in the valley’s charming world, befriend memorable characters, and participate in all-new events. Experience the joys of farm life, heartfelt relationships, and countless adventures in this captivating journey.

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