Sympathy for the Devil Ending Explained, Plot, Review, Trailer, and More

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Sympathy for the Devil 2023

Sympathy for the Devil, a gripping American psychological thriller film released in 2023, showcases the impressive directorial talents of Yuval Adler, with a compelling screenplay penned by Luke Paradise.

The movie boasts a stellar cast, featuring Nicolas Cage in the role of “The Passenger” and Joel Kinnaman as “The Driver.”Having made its grand debut at the prestigious Fantasia International Film Festival on July 22, 2023, the film garnered significant attention and acclaim. Subsequently, eager audiences were treated to its theatrical release on July 28, courtesy of RLJE Films.

Sympathy for the Devil Ending Explained

In Sympathy for the Devil (2023), the stranger’s backstory unfolds, revealing that he was once an accountant living in South Boston, working for Jacob Sullivan, a member of the Boston mob with alcoholic use disorder.

The stranger fell in love, got married, and had a daughter, but things took a dark turn when Sullivan discovered his associate’s scam. The stranger was forced to invite the associate to his home, where he was murdered by Sullivan’s men. His wife witnessed the horrific act, leading her into a downward spiral of trauma, drugs, and alcohol. She began sharing the story of the murder, causing problems for Sullivan.

As the plot progresses, it is unveiled that David, whom we previously knew as the ordinary blue-collar worker, is, in fact, James Levine, a notorious hitman for the Boston mob. James had a haunting past, having killed the accountant’s wife and daughter, which led to his guilt and heavy drinking.

He eventually met Maggie and decided to leave his violent past behind, taking on the identity of David Chamberlain to start a new life and become a better person, seeking redemption for his sins. The stranger, seeking revenge for the murder of his wife and daughter, plans to terrify David and make him pay for his past actions.

He gives David an opportunity to experience a happy family life, only to remind him of the ghosts from his violent past. Throughout the film, the stranger drops hints about the consequences David’s family may face if he doesn’t comply with his demands.

In the climax, David confronts the stranger and manages to overpower and kill him, severing the final link to his dark past. David also eliminates the police officers to avoid arrest and protect his family’s future. Despite his regrets, he refuses to let his past destroy what he has built with Maggie and their children.

The movie leaves uncertainty about whether Maggie knows David’s past as James Levine. However, her certainty about his well-being in dangerous situations suggests she might be aware of more than what meets the eye. David surrenders to the arriving backup police, cleverly incriminating the stranger to ensure his own exoneration with the diner waitress as a witness.

In the end, David reconciles with his chosen identity as David Chamberlain, leaving behind the violent past of James Levine. The film concludes with David turning himself in, confident that the truth will exonerate him from any charges, thanks to his strategic actions during the final confrontation.


Sympathy for the Devil Plot

In Sympathy for the Devil (2023), we follow the gripping story of David Chamberlain, an ordinary blue-collar worker from Las Vegas, originally hailing from Tucson. David and his wife Maggie tragically lost their firstborn daughter during delivery, leaving a painful mark on their lives. Despite keeping the details hidden from their young son, he is aware of his sister’s fate.

One day, on his way to the hospital where Maggie is about to give birth to their third child, David encounters a peculiar and dangerous stranger. Sporting red hair and a red suit, the enigmatic man forces his way into David’s car at gunpoint and demands he pick up a mysterious card.

The stranger, seemingly intoxicated, astounds David by correctly predicting the card, an ace of spades. With his life hanging by a thread, David must now do as the stranger commands. The stranger, unsettled by David’s past drinking habits, strikes an unsettling conversation during the drive. He reveals that he knows intimate details about David’s wife and son and threatens harm if David doesn’t comply with his demands. Cornered and terrified, David makes a desperate attempt to seek help at a gas station, but the stranger catches on and ensures David remains under his control.

The stranger discloses that his mother is dying from lung cancer and needs to be taken to the Boulder City Hospital for her last rites. David is now coerced into becoming the unwilling chauffeur for this troubled man on a dark mission. David fears for his family’s safety and must navigate a dangerous path, all while trying to protect his loved ones from the stranger’s sinister intentions.

Amidst their drive, David spots a police car and seizes the opportunity to attract attention to their predicament. However, the stranger prevents David from stopping on the freeway, leading them into a residential area to evade the authorities. With a volatile hostage situation at hand, David must tread carefully to avoid endangering his family further.

As the tension rises, the stranger’s actions become increasingly unpredictable, culminating in a shocking and violent encounter with a police officer. David is left stunned by the stranger’s brutality, realizing he is dealing with a far more dangerous and complex individual than he initially assumed.

Faced with the threat of harm to his loved ones, David finds himself trapped in a harrowing and unpredictable ordeal, where every decision he makes could have dire consequences.

Sympathy for the Devil Cast



Nicolas Cage

The Passenger

Joel Kinnaman

The Driver/David Chamberlain

Alexis Zollicoffer


Cameron Lee Price


Oliver McCallum


Burns Burns


Rich Hopkins


Nancy Good


Kaiwi Lyman


Danny Tesla


Annisse White

Hospital Patron

Sympathy for the Devil Review

Sympathy for the Devil (2023) is a gripping and intense psychological thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. With exceptional direction by Yuval Adler and a compelling screenplay by Luke Paradise, the film delivers a roller-coaster of emotions.

Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of the tormented protagonist, David Chamberlain, is nothing short of remarkable, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Joel Kinnaman’s portrayal of the enigmatic and vengeful stranger adds an intriguing layer of complexity to the storyline.

The movie expertly weaves a tale of secrets, guilt, and redemption, leaving audiences questioning the true nature of the characters until the very end. The narrative’s clever twists and turns keep viewers guessing and engaged throughout, culminating in a thrilling and unexpected climax.

Sympathy for the Devil is a masterful cinematic experience that captivates with its suspenseful storytelling and powerful performances, making it a must-watch for fans of thought-provoking thrillers.

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