{Update} Adam22 wife Lena the Plug and Jason Luv video and meme go viral on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram

American YouTuber Adam22 has been slammed for letting his wife Lena “The Plug” make a video with another man, Jason Luv for money with his viral meme on Twitter

Adam22 allowed his wife to run over another man.

Adam John Grandmaison, an American podcaster and YouTuber also known as Adam22, is facing a lot of backlash on Twitter for his planned content, which is eerily reminiscent of the film industry and has undoubtedly crossed the line into prank. .

Adam22 marries Lena the Plug and Jason Luv’s video and meme goes viral on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram

He married Lena ‘The Plug’ Nersesian in May 2023; she was a content developer who later entered the film business. The first tape made by Adam and Lena, which was uploaded to their OF, was released in 2017. It wasn’t until 2019 that the footage was readily available online. Following this, the couple launched The Plug, a podcast where they spoke with people who worked in film.

Lena Admits Jason Luv Was More Intriguing Than Adam22

Lena the Plug has admitted that she finds having sex with a celebrity “more interesting” than her partner. Work-life balance is difficult, even under ideal circumstances. But when your job involves being recorded having sex with individuals in front of a million people, it’s not hard to see how that could have a bit more of an impact on your personal life.

She acknowledged that she enjoyed it and found Jason’s new d**k interesting in a video she appeared in on Adin Ross’ YouTube channel. “You chose Jason over your husband?” asked the host. Although Adam was incredibly empowering for her, she maintained that a new experience will always be a little more exciting and unusual given that she’s only slept with one guy for seven years.

Lena went on to say that after filming with Jason, she went through “three to four days” of excruciating pain. After they started to feel better, she said they got closer and Adam had more sex than before, which she attributed to him trying to “assert his dominance”.

Twitter is outraged by this bizarre incident

Adam faced a lot of backlash on Twitter when he allowed his wife Lena to interact with another man on camera for views and influence. Many people came to report that he must have been convinced to sell his wife for cash and money.

Lena finally made the video available to the public Thursday night, and soon after everyone commented on the video, Adam22’s name started trending on social media.