Update Aesha Scott Relationship, Who is Scott Dobson?

Aesha Scott Relationship

Aesha Scott, Chief Stew on Below Deck Down Under, radiated joy during her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Alongside Captain Jason Chambers, they brought fun to the talk show despite not being physically present. Aesha opened up about her equation with ex-boyfriend Jack Stirrup, stating they maintained a friendship after their breakup due to his infidelity. However, she chose to focus on her new relationship with Scott and shared that they are going strong for over three years.

Before her current role, Aesha was known for her boatman with deckhand Jack Stirrup on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4, which ended after his cheating was revealed. Last July, she clarified that they remained friends and even revealed Jack’s apology for his actions. Aesha has clearly moved on and happily talked about her current boyfriend, Scott, who is a Kiwi managing a bar in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Their relationship seems to be thriving as they plan to buy a home together in New Zealand, reaching new milestones along the way. During the talk show, Aesha also shared her excitement about a substantial tip they received on the first charter, which she planned to use for their house deposit. Aesha Scott’s radiant smile and positivity clearly indicate that love is in the air for the couple.


Who is Scott Dobson?

Scott Dobson is the adventurous boyfriend of Aesha Scott, a well-known reality TV star from Below Deck and Below Deck Down Under. Hailing from Tauranga, New Zealand, Scott is a thrill-seeker who absolutely loves speed flying, rock climbing, hiking, biking, and all sorts of outdoor activities. He and Aesha have known each other since high school and reconnected in 2020, embarking on exciting journeys together ever since. Their love for each other is evident as they share their thrilling escapades on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Before her role as Chief Stew on Below Deck Down Under, Aesha was famously involved in a boatman with deckhand Jack Stirrup during Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t endure as Aesha discovered his unfaithfulness.

However, Aesha has undoubtedly moved on and couldn’t be happier with her current partner, Scott. When asked about their relationship on WWHL, Aesha beamed with joy, confirming they have been together for over three wonderful years. Their bond seems stronger than ever as they celebrate various milestones together, including a generous tip received after their first charter.

Aesha playfully shared their plans to buy a house in New Zealand during a confessional, humorously stating their desire to have real toilets instead of buckets (as they once lived in a converted ambulance). Clearly, the couple is looking forward to the next step in their relationship, embracing both adventure and the comforts of home.



Who is Aesha Scott?

Aesha Scott, hailing from Tauranga, New Zealand, is a renowned reality TV personality, best known for her captivating roles as a chief stewardess on hit shows like “Below Deck Mediterranean” and “Below Deck Down Under.” Before her rise to fame on television, she dedicated several years to yachting, gaining experience both as a skilled deckhand and a competent chief stewardess.

On “Below Deck Mediterranean,” Aesha’s infectious charm, optimistic outlook, and delightful sense of humor made her an instant fan favorite. Her close bond with fellow cast member Anastasia Surmava and unwavering support for her crewmates garnered significant attention.

Aesha Scott’s vibrant personality, coupled with her adventurous spirit and eagerness to explore new avenues, has endeared her to viewers. She finds joy in trying out thrilling activities and sharing exciting experiences with her boyfriend, Scott Dobson, who also hails from New Zealand. Their love story started in high school and rekindled in 2020, and they are now embarking on a journey to purchase a house together in New Zealand.

Given her immense popularity, Aesha was invited to be part of the “Below Deck Down Under” series, where she continues to shine as the chief stewardess, but this time on a different yacht and in a fresh location.

In the yachting industry and the world of reality TV, Aesha Scott is revered and admired for her commendable work ethic, exuberant persona, and contagious energy, making her a cherished figure among fans and industry peers alike.


What is The Current Status of Aesha Scott And Scott Dobson’s Relationship?

In a delightful virtual chat with BravoTV.com on July 6, Aesha couldn’t contain her affection for her boyfriend, Scott. She passionately exclaimed, “Scott and I are just better than ever, I absolutely love the sh-t out of that man. He’s so wonderful.” Currently, the couple is maintaining their love long-distance, as Scott pursues his dreams in Colorado, working in a bar and striving to become a pro athlete.

Aesha beamed with pride as she shared how Scott had recently made a short film about his speed-flying adventures, which he entered into film festivals, and now he’s setting his sights on a feature-length film.

The couple’s love knows no borders, as Aesha disclosed their plans to buy property together in their native land of New Zealand. “We’re just saving at the moment to buy property in New Zealand this summer,” she joyfully revealed. Despite spending time apart due to their busy lives, Aesha reassured that their bond is stronger than ever, expressing her confidence in their long-term future together.

Though they are not engaged yet, she sees a beautiful journey ahead with Scott, one that includes marriage and children, but she emphasized that they are in no hurry to rush into anything.

On a recent episode, Aesha and Captain Jason Chambers joined in virtually, bringing much-needed fun and excitement to the talk show. Amidst a fan’s curious question about her past relationship with ex-boyfriend Jack Stirrup, Aesha gracefully shared that she and Jack remained friends after parting ways due to his infidelity.

However, to honor her new romance with Scott, she chose to step back from interacting with Jack. When asked about her current beau, she couldn’t help but glow as she revealed they have crossed the three-year milestone and are still going strong.

Aesha adorably described Scott as a “Kiwi” managing a bar in Breckenridge, Colorado, showing immense pride in his endeavors. With such a strong bond and exciting plans for the future, Aesha and Scott’s love story is one to be cherished. Fans can catch Aesha in back-to-back episodes of “Below Deck Down Under,” airing on Bravo on Mondays at 8/7c.

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