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[Link View]: Check Rutas Del Conflicto TWITTER Trending Details Here Now!

This post is about the online platform Ruta’s Del Conflicto telegram and its history and importance as a journalism portal.

Do you know the online platform Rutas Del Conflicto? Do you know the details? This platform is a very trendy portal for stories from victims of conflict and has become an important database for journalism. Although it is an academic background, it is slowly developing into a professional journalism work of the students. This platform is trending Worldwide.

Experience Ruta’s Del Conflicto telegram Other important details and the routes covered so far as part of the project. Stay tuned to learn more about the project details.

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What is Rutas Del Conflicto?

Rutas Del Conflicto stands for Routes of Conflict. It is an online platform where people can share their tragic stories of conflict and suffering with the public. Oscar Parra is the current speaker and coordinator for Routes of Conflict. It started in 2013 as a university project of the students.

The Rutas Del Conflicto TWITTER is a collection of data on the massacres since 1982. This platform contains not only data but also the actual testimonies of the conflicts, thereby verifying the official database information. For more information, see the attached external links.

What is the vision and mission of Rutas Del Conflicto?

This digital media platform mainly collects information about armed conflicts in Colombia. This media company examines the data of journalism by examining the scale of the conflict and emphasizing how the information can be made more accessible and understandable.

What is the journey of growth from? Rutas de Conflicto Telegram?

Over the years, Rutas has recorded over 700 massacres in Colombia since 1982. They maintain their database, including testimonies, images, reports, virtual tours, maps, podcasts, etc. They collaborate with other media on projects to cover specific massacres.

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Final summary

In the end is the goal of Ruta’s Del Conflicto aims to provide the most realistic view of history of the war. It includes detailed evidence and the voice of the survivors to help audiences understand the pain and suffering of the conflicts.

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Ruta’s Del Conflicto telegram: FAQs

Q1 What is the meaning of Rutas Del Conflicto?

It is a platform covering the conflicts surrounding the massacres since 1982.

Q2. When was the Rutas Del Conflicto founded?

A group of students founded this platform in 2013 as a university project.

Q3 How did the project start?

The project started with the editorial and financial support of the VerdadAbierta portal and the National Center for History Memory.

Q4 What does Oscar Parra think about the journey of Rutas Del Conflicto?

Oscar stated that this platform has evolved a lot over the past decade Ruta’s Del Conflicto telegram have much better ideas and resources to help teachers and build new relationships.

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[Link View]: Check Rutas Del Conflicto TWITTER Trending Details Here Now!