{Update} From Fantasy Football to Daily Fantasy Sports: How Gambling Has Transformed Fan Engagement

One of the most significant changes to the gambling landscape occurred in the casino industry

The Growth Of Fan Engagement

When a professional sport reaches the popularity levels of American football, a whole host of markets succeed due to its visibility and stature. Fantasy football is a staple of American football fan engagement, primarily because of the internet, which has supercharged this pastime from an activity generally performed amongst work colleagues or close groups of family and friends to massive international competition, with some fantasy football leagues providing some pretty serious prize money. Sports gambling has seen an even more significant change due to the digital tech boom and has also helped cultivate organic fan engagement.

How The Internet Changed The Gambling Landscape Forever

It’s impossible to remember the world before the internet, and it’s just as difficult to imagine where we’d be without them today. One industry that is exceptionally grateful for the rise of the Internet is gambling. It’d be wrong to suggest that the industry was struggling, as there’s always a market for gambling, as Las Vegas has shown over the last century. However, the internet has acted as an accelerant and lit the fuse for an already profitable sector to become a sector that’s worth over $100 billion.

One of the earliest and most significant changes to the gambling landscape occurred in the casino industry. Although sports betting and football betting weren’t far behind, the first inroads into the world of digital gambling came in the casino industry in the late 1990s, and that shone a light on just how much the industry could transform because of the phenomenon of the internet.

In today’s market, millions of people place their bets online. Although the casino industry held some initial skepticism regarding the rise of digital gambling, these sectors now co-exist amicably.

In fairness, many physical casinos adjusted their model and offered facilities for live-streaming tables inside their casino, bolstering their revenue. However, online casino games have established themselves as profitable areas in the whole sector. They have found a solid footing in the industry, providing a reputable casino gaming service to their customers and developing a solid reputation. The sports gambling sector paid attention to this rise, adjusted their sportsbooks accordingly, and reaped the benefits over the last five years, especially in America.

The Impact On Fan Engagement

Before the internet, fantasy football fans would enter leagues held by national sports magazines and papers, and the whole dynamic of the popular hobby was utterly different from what it is today. You can use the internet to compile your fantasy team. You can use it to research data that will help you piece together your squad, whether it’s the latest updates on the biggest names in the NFL or examining the potential impact of a rookie; the scope of information available on the internet to bolster your fantasy football team is staggering.

Accessing such a vast pool of information is just one of the biggest bonuses for American football fans. Thanks to video-sharing platforms like YouTube, fans can connect, post their own analysis and form social groups with those with the same interests. A mutual interest that acts as a popular bridge between fans of American football and fantasy football is the popularity of gambling markets. Usually, the bookmakers will be able to provide the odds for individual markets like MVP and provide outright markets like winners of the Superbowl.

By dissecting some of the theories involved behind these markets, you can use the information at hand to try and compile a fantasy football strategy and a gambling strategy, and the internet will allow you to discuss this with fellow fans from all over the world. Examining news throughout the season will help guide you through some betting markets and eventualities, and it’s not a set strategy.


Overall, the internet has enormously impacted the NFL in every conceivable way. Fantasy football has become a global league, sports gambling continues to rise exponentially, and the amount of people who tune in and watch their favorite games has increased dramatically because of the rise of digital platforms.

Gambling is one area that has transformed the way people discuss sports. With more American states looking to legalize sports gambling, this conversation will likely continue to find a more expansive and more profitable online market as we head further into society and a hyper-focussed world around mobile phones and the internet.

Even if you can spot good value, this doesn’t always result in a successful bet, so while fan engagement helps to generate an incredible global market for fantasy football and American football betting, it is also essential to keep an eye on your own gambling strategy and ensure that the whole process remains enjoyable and not to exert too much time or money gambling.

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