[Update] Full Video: Eisha And Nyema Fight Video

[Update] Full Video: Eisha And Nyema Fight Video

Eisha And Nyema Fight Video On Tiktok, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube (Watch Full Video).

Eisha and Nyema, TikTok celebrities, are making news when a video of them fighting went viral on Tuesday, July 26, 2023. The incident occurred at a bowling alley where the two were hanging out with their buddies at the time.

Eisha is a 20-year-old Atlanta native who rose to prominence on Instagram by executing viral dance movements and sharing Dubsmash clips. Nyema, 24, from Staten Island, New York, is well-known for the amusing snippets, memes, and dance videos she posts on Instagram.

In the background, someone can be heard repeatedly saying “Don’t touch her,” “Let go of her,” and “Stop” as the violent altercation unfolds, starting inside the bowling alley and spreading outside into the parking lot.

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Nyema and Eisha are being separated by their friends when Eisha chases Nyema outside and they get into another fight while the person recording yells repeatedly, “Beat that b*tch up.” Then Nyema attacks the person who is recording.

Eisha And Nyema Fight Video

It is still unknown why the two were at odds, but in an animated Instagram story, Eisha purportedly said she leapt on Nyema because the latter had come to Dallas and was “running her mouth.” This has not yet been confirmed, though. According to comments, there has been a dispute between the two for many years.

Internet people respond to Eisha and Nyema’s quarrel with the phrase “Still going to fight when I have my grandkids”
Netizens quickly expressed their frustration as word of the physical incident between the two social media stars circulated. They said that their long-running conflict was frivolous and needlessly dramatized. While some people remarked on Nyema’s swift sprinting, others remarked on Eisha’s fighting prowess.

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