Update Has Simon Jordan left TalkSPORT? Exploring the Latest Updates and Speculations

Who is Simon Jordan?

Simon Jordan, born on 24th September 1967, is a prominent English businessman who amassed his wealth in the mobile phone industry. His entrepreneurial journey took a significant turn in the year 2000 when he acquired Crystal Palace Football Club. Serving as the club’s chairman, he played a vital role in its operations until it faced financial troubles and went into administration in early 2010.

In addition to his involvement in football, Jordan ventured into the media industry in 2002 by co-founding and financing the car magazine Octane. However, after four successful years, he decided to sell his 50% stake in the magazine in 2006. Not limiting his ventures to sports and media, Jordan also delved into the restaurant business, establishing Club Bar and Dining on Warwick Street in London in 2006. Nevertheless, he later sold the establishment to the Ottolenghi Group in 2011, and it was subsequently rebranded as Nopi.

Apart from his business endeavors, Simon Jordan currently enjoys a presence in the world of broadcasting. He serves as a co-presenter on the popular weekday mid-morning comedy program TalkSPORT, known as “White and Jordan.” With a diverse portfolio of accomplishments, Jordan’s career showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and versatility in multiple industries.

Has Simon Jordan left Talksport?

In 2006, Simon Jordan, the English businessman known for his success in the mobile phone industry and ownership of Crystal Palace Football Club, ventured into the hospitality sector by opening the restaurant Club Bar and Dining. Located on Warwick Street in London, the restaurant aimed to offer a unique dining experience to its patrons. Over the years, Club Bar and Dining gained popularity for its eclectic menu, stylish ambiance, and attentive service.

However, in 2011, a significant change occurred when Simon Jordan made the decision to sell the restaurant. The buyer was the Ottolenghi Group, a renowned name in the culinary world, known for its high-quality eateries. After the acquisition, the Ottolenghi Group decided to rebrand the restaurant, and it was subsequently renamed “Nopi.”

In addition to his foray into the restaurant business, Simon Jordan has also made a name for himself as a co-presenter on TalkSPORT, a popular sports radio station in the UK. Currently hosting the weekday mid-morning comedy program “White and Jordan,” Simon adds his unique wit and perspectives on sports and other subjects, engaging listeners with his lively discussions and entertaining banter.


Where is Simon Jordan?

As of now, Jordan is working as a co-presenter on a weekday mid-morning comedy program called “TalkSPORT: White and Jordan.” This show airs on TalkSPORT radio, a popular sports radio station. “TalkSPORT: White and Jordan” is a comedic talk show that takes place during the mid-morning hours on weekdays. The program is designed to entertain listeners with a blend of humor, banter, and discussions on various sports-related topics. The show is hosted by two presenters, one of whom is Jordan.

As a co-presenter, Jordan shares the hosting duties with another individual, likely named White. They work together to create an engaging and entertaining atmosphere for their audience. The program’s format may include lively discussions on recent sports events, interviews with sports personalities, humorous commentary on sports news, and interactions with callers and fans. Jordan’s role as a co-presenter involves contributing to the show’s content, providing insights, sharing anecdotes, and adding comedic elements to keep the listeners entertained. They may engage in playful banter with the other host, fostering a fun and relaxed environment on the air.

TalkSPORT radio is known for its sports-focused programming, covering a wide range of sports such as football, cricket, rugby, and more. However, the “TalkSPORT: White and Jordan” program adds an extra layer of entertainment by infusing comedy and humor into the sports discussions. Listeners tune in to this show during their mid-morning routines, seeking a light-hearted and enjoyable break from their daily activities. With Jordan’s involvement as a co-presenter, the show has likely gained a loyal following who appreciates their on-air chemistry, witty remarks, and amusing segments.

Overall, “TalkSPORT: White and Jordan” is a show that combines sports and humor, creating a unique and engaging experience for its listeners. Jordan’s role as a co-presenter plays a crucial part in making the program a success, and their dynamic partnership with White contributes to the show’s popularity and entertainment value

Simon Jordan Early Life

Simon Jordan’s journey to success took an interesting turn as he transitioned from being an accomplished young footballer to a thriving businessman. Although he showed immense potential in football and had opportunities with Chelsea and Crystal Palace as a schoolboy, he admitted that his lack of mental focus hindered him from pursuing a professional football career. His father’s involvement with Crystal Palace’s youth team added a familial connection to the sport, but Simon found his true calling elsewhere.

In the late 1980s or early 1990s, Simon’s life took a new direction when he joined his friend James Wright in a mobile phone business venture called Wright Connections. Despite their efforts, the business didn’t achieve remarkable success, leading Simon to leave the venture in the early 1990s. Undeterred by this setback, Simon, along with Andrew Briggs, founded their own mobile phone retail company named the Pocket Phone Shop in 1994. Starting with a modest investment of £30,000 and a 3,500 sq ft unit in Slough, the business saw exponential growth after striking a deal with service provider Astec. Within a few years, the Pocket Phone Shop expanded to 208 outlets nationwide, employed over a thousand staff, and was projected to achieve an impressive turnover of £102 million for the 1999/00 financial year, emerging as a significant competitor to the industry leader, The Carphone Warehouse, where both Simon Jordan and Andrew Briggs had previously worked

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