Update InfraSpace – Controls Guide

InfraSpace is a game about building a new colony on the edges of human space, where oxygen and food are rare commodities. It is a city simulation game that lets players build their own space settlements by harvesting raw materials.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to Play InfraSpace.

Actions Keys Description
Forward W Press W to Move Forward
Left A Press A to Move Left
Back S Press S to Move Back
Right D Press D to Move Right
Rotate Middle Mouse Button Press Middle Mouse Button to Rotate
Rotate Left Q Press Q to Rotate Left
Rotate Right E Press E to Rotate Right
Zoom In Page Down Press Page Down to Zoom In
Zoom Out Page Up Press Page Up to Zoom Out
Raise Road R Press R to Raise Road
Lower Road F Press F to Lower Road
Pause Spacebar Press Spacebar to Pause
Show Frames per Second F1 Press F1 to Show Frames per Second
Screenshot F12 Press F12 to Take a Screenshot
Screenshot Mode F4 Press F4 to Use Screenshot Mode