[Update] Is Greg Gutfeld Fired? Where Is He Going After Leaving the Five?

[Update] Is Greg Gutfeld Fired? Where Is He Going After Leaving the Five?

Is Greg Gutfeld Fired? People want to know the rumors of Gutfeld leaving the Five and his next step. Here’s what we know.

Greg Gutfeld is a renowned American television host and libertarian political commentator who is known for being part of the political talk show The Five.

In addition to that, Gutfeld is also the host of the late-night comedy talk show named Gutfeld! He also hosted a Saturday night edition of Gutfeld! Called The Greg Gutfeld Show between May 2015 and March 2021.

From 2007 to 2015, he hosted the 3 AM series Red Eye, a popular late-night talk show aired on the Fox News Channel. For the past few days, Gutfeld has been making rounds on the internet, and the news of his being fired has also left everyone confused.

Is Greg Gutfeld Fired?

No, Greg Gutfeld is not fired, as none of the verified media sources have given the fact. However, there are many rumors of him being fired from the Five that have remained in the spotlight for the past few days.

However, the matter started when Gutfeld said something in an interview. Recently, Gutfled passive-aggressively addressed rumors that he is the mystery man with whom Geraldo Rivera disputed on Fox News’ The Five.

Rivera gave his first TV interview since exiting Fox News, stopping by The View to reveal his toxic relationship with one of his male cohosts on The Five. 

Though Rivera didn’t name names, the assumption was rampant that it was Greg, with whom he regularly crossed swords. Later, Gutfeld  Rivera’s clip from the ABC talk show in which he said, “I was fired from The Five; I had a very toxic relationship with one of the guests.”

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Where Is Greg Gutfeld Going After Leaving The Five?

As stated earlier, Greg Gutfeld’s news of getting fired from the Five has dragged a huge amount of public attention. However, no official news has been confirmed regarding this topic.

Meanwhile, many outlets have also covered the news related to Greg’s comment. Furthermore, for the past few days, Greg has been surrounded by various controversies.

Currently, he is also being slammed for saying some Jews were able to survive the Nazi genocide because they were useful, with a prominent Holocaust museum saying this assertion does not represent the intricate history of the concentration camps.

Where Is Greg Gutfeld Now?

Greg Gutfeld is still active in his professional career and is associated with the Five. Meanwhile, he has been receiving criticism on the internet for the past few days due to various reasons.

On , the White House publicly condemned comments made by Gutfeld, calling them a horrid, dangerous, and extreme lie that offends the memory of the millions of people who repented from the evils of the Holocaust.

On The Five, he engaged in a debate with liberal-leaning cohost Jessica Tarlov after she expressed her pain with Florida’s new Black history standards.

Shortly after their debate, Gutfeld was heavily criticized, and many people took to Twitter to talk about the matter. Some questions have been raised regarding his career, and people also want him to get fired from Fox.