Update Is Life Size on Disney Plus? Why is Life Size Not on Disney Plus?

Is Life Size on Disney Plus? 

Life-Size movie, featuring the talented duo of Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan, has not found its way onto the Disney+ streaming platform The absence of this beloved 2000 classic from Disney+ may leave fans puzzled, especially when its sequel, Life-Size 2, is readily available for streaming.

Despite the eagerly awaited return of Tyra Banks as Eve in the sequel, enthusiasts yearn to relive the heartwarming nostalgia of the very first installment. 

As the quest to uncover the reasons behind this discrepancy continues, fans eagerly await the day when Life-Size graces the digital shelves of Disney+, rekindling cherished memories and captivating a new generation of viewers.

Why is Life Size Not on Disney Plus?

“Life-Size 2,” featuring Tyra Banks and originally released on FreeForm in the US, has been notably removed from Disney+ in various countries, including the United States, Canada, and the UK, over the past few weeks. However, it is still accessible on Disney+ in some regions, like Australia.

The movie revolves around the story of Grace Manning, facing a quarter-life crisis while struggling as CEO, and her reckless behavior negatively impacts the company’s performance. The plot takes a magical turn when Grace’s childhood Eve doll comes to life to assist her in regaining confidence and transforming into the strong and capable woman she can be. The film also stars Francia Raisa, Gavin Stenhouse, Hank Chen, Alison Fernandez, and Shanica Knowles.

Unlike some removals on Disney+ due to existing contracts with other companies or limited releases, the specific reason for “Life-Size 2” being taken down remains unknown. It is possible that Disney may have taken this action to control costs, such as reducing residual payments to the cast and crew or managing server expenses. Unfortunately, Disney does not notify subscribers in advance of such removals, leaving viewers unaware of the movie’s sudden unavailability.

As of now, the status of “Life-Size 2” returning to Disney+ is uncertain, and fans await any official updates regarding its potential re-addition to the streaming platform.


Life Size Plot

In “Life-Size,” the story revolves around Casey Stuart, a tomboyish girl who plays quarterback for her school’s 7th-grade football team. After her mother’s passing, Casey becomes distant from her old friends and often clashes with a teammate. In her longing to bring her mother back, Casey discovers a book called “The Book of Awakenings” at a local bookstore. This book holds the secret to resurrecting the dead, with the effect becoming permanent unless reversed before sunset on the fourth day.

However, faced with the book’s high price, Casey leaves all her money on the shelf where the book is placed in a glass compartment. Following the book’s instructions, Casey gathers her mother’s belongings, including locks of hair from her hairbrush. Unintentionally, the spell goes awry when Drew McDonald, who works with and is interested in Casey’s widowed father, gives her an Eve doll as a birthday gift. As Drew brushes the doll’s hair with strands remaining on the brush, Casey inadvertently invokes the magic on the doll instead of her mother. The next morning, Casey finds the Eve doll transformed into a full-size human named Eve.

Over the next few days, Eve experiences life as a real woman, embracing new experiences and helping Casey deal with her loss. She brings positive changes to people around her, including Casey’s father’s coworker, Ellen. Despite initial tensions between Casey and Eve, they gradually become friends, with Eve offering valuable insights and support to Casey. In turn, Casey guides Eve on being a popular doll and a good role model.

As the story unfolds, Casey realizes she needs the second volume of the magic book to reverse the spell. However, she forms a deep bond with Eve and decides against purchasing the book when it finally arrives at the bookstore. Unfortunately, homesickness and difficulties in adjusting to human life lead Eve to choose to undo the spell herself. Tearfully bidding farewell to Casey and her father, she transforms back into a doll at Marathon headquarters.

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