Update Is Michael Mitchell Jr Louisiana Arrested for Murder? Is He Dead due to Shotgun Fired? Check Unknown Facts!

[Link View]: Is Michael Mitchell Jr Louisiana Arrested for Murder? Is He Dead due to Shotgun Fired? Check Unknown Facts!


The article contains the highlights related to Michael Mitchell’s arrest and his upcoming trial, which will take place on August 29 of this year.

Have you heard of Michael Mitchell, a prime suspect in the Michael Robinson murder case? The murder occurred in November 2020 and since then people from the United States I was waiting for the trial that would find the actual suspect. The trial is related to the armed robbery and shooting of the Monroe man.

In this article we will discuss Arrest of Michael Mitchell and provide details of the incident.

Michael Mitchell Jr
Michael Mitchell Jr

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Why is Michael Mitchell arrested?

Michael is a suspect in the second-degree murder of a Grambling State University graduate, who was found dead in Mitchell’s trunk. State police officers determined that his vehicle was traveling at high speed, initiated a traffic stop and contacted him.

Upon further searching, they found that he smelled of marijuana and admitted to smoking marijuana. After searching the vehicle, they found Robinson’s body in his car.

Michael Mitchell Jr., Louisiana

Louisiana state forces confronted the man, after which he admitted involvement in the armed robbery that resulted in Robinson’s death. According to him, they did not plan to kill him, but planned a robbery in Rich Wood that killed Robinson. The other partner, known as Cameron, shot Robinson multiple times with a handgun, causing his death.

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who has Michael Mitchell murder?

Cameron was charged with second degree murder and Michael gave all testimony as to his partner’s involvement and later all charges against him were dropped. They both planned a robbery in their neighborhood and killed Robinson during the robbery.

Is Michael Mitchell is dead?

In the present day, Michael Robinson, who was present at the scene, died as a result of multiple shotguns fired at him by Cameron Powe. However, Michael Mitchell is scheduled for his fourth trial in circuit court on August 29, 2023.

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Michael Mitchell was Driving with the intention of leaving the body and the vehicle at a known location provided by Cameron. However, he was caught by state police, leading to the arrest of him and his partner.

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After watching the video, some viewers left thoughtful comments:

User: @pomegranate6221 2 days ago (edited) This is unbelievably sad… 18/19-year-olds wasting their lives, and for what? The ripple effects from just one murder are astonishing! May God comfort the victim’s family and have mercy on all the young individuals involved! 💯❤️✝️.


User: HBJ Studios Reply 111 replies @calyxxx 1 day ago I remember when the arrest video of this guy went viral. The cop was surprisingly super chilled and behaved very professionally. He wasn’t harassing the suspect over minor things, but he noticed something was ‘off’ about the stop. Even when he found the body in the trunk, he remained composed and professional. More cops like this guy are needed, please.


User: @debraernst3628 2 days ago Thank God for body cams. I watched the original traffic stop, and the officer did an outstanding job at the scene. Thank you all for your service because the majority of officers are highly appreciated. My grandson is a police officer in Indiana, and I pray every day that he comes home safe and treats everyone with respect, no matter the situation. He’s told me many stories of things he’s dealt with, and my heart skips a beat over some of the close calls he’s been involved in. 😢


User: @amyk5122 This is just heartbreaking for everyone involved, honestly. All this violence for nothing. I have a 14-year-old son, and I cannot even fathom something like this happening to him, let alone him murdering someone. RIP to the young man who lost his life, and my deepest condolences to his family. ❤😢 Also, the suspect pleaded guilty to manslaughter on 3/1/23 and received 25 years.

Arrest of Michael Mitchell-FAQs

Q1 When is the next hearing in the district court?

August 29, 2023.

Q2. When did the murder take place?

The murder occurred in July 2020.

Q3 What is the case that is expected to be heard?

Armed robbery and shooting.

Q4 Who was the victim of the shooting?

Michael Robinson.

F5. Has Michael admitted his involvement in the armed robbery?


F6. Who Shot Michael Robinson?

Cameron Power.

F7. Where was Michael arrested?

He was arrested in Louisiana 17 in Franklin Parish.

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[Link View]: Is Michael Mitchell Jr Louisiana Arrested for Murder? Is He Dead due to Shotgun Fired? Check Unknown Facts!