Update Is Shane Dawson Married? Is Shane Dawson Having Kids?

Who is Shane Dawson? 

Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber, actor, filmmaker, writer, and musician. He gained prominence on YouTube in 2008 when he started creating videos at the age of 19. His early content primarily consisted of comedy sketches, character impersonations, and satirical commentary on popular culture.

Within just two years, he amassed over 500 million views, making him one of the first YouTube stars to rise to fame. Throughout his career, Shane Dawson has explored various creative avenues. He has released original songs, including “Superluv!”, and has also created numerous parodies of popular music videos.

Additionally, he has been involved in acting, directing, producing, and editing various projects, including his own films and docu-series.In 2013, Dawson started a podcast called “Shane and Friends,” which ran for four years and gained a significant following.

He later delved into filmmaking, directing, producing, editing, and starring in the romantic comedy film “Not Cool” in 2014, and he appeared in other films like “Smiley” (2012) and “Internet Famous” (2016).In 2015, Shane Dawson’s content took a different direction as he began discussing conspiracy theories on his YouTube channel.

This led to the creation of his popular web series “Conspiracy Series with Shane Dawson” in 2019, where he explored various conspiracy theories and mysteries.

His most successful venture into docu-series includes “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” where he collaborated with makeup mogul Jeffree Star, “The Mind of Jake Paul,” which delved into the life of controversial YouTuber Jake Paul, and “Inside the Mind of Tana Mongeau,” which explored the life of fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

Apart from his YouTube success, Shane Dawson is a two-time New York Times best-selling author, with his books “I Hate Myselfie” (2015) and “It Gets Worse” (2016) receiving positive reception from his fans.

However, Dawson has faced controversies throughout his career, including criticism for past content that was deemed offensive, particularly involving racial stereotypes. In 2020, YouTube suspended monetization on all three of his channels and his books were pulled from shelves due to backlash over past controversial comments he made, particularly related to underage girls and zoophilia.

Despite the controversies, Shane Dawson remains a significant and influential figure in the online entertainment industry. He has amassed a massive fan base and continues to engage his audience with his creative endeavors, including his return to YouTube in 2021 after a hiatus.


Shane Dawson


35 years old 

Date of Birth

July 19, 1988


YouTuber, actor, filmmaker, writer, musician


High School

Marital Status





Is Shane Dawson Married?

Yes, YouTube star Shane Dawson is married. He married his longtime boyfriend, Ryland Adams. The couple got engaged in March 2019 after three years of dating and tied the knot in a Colorado courthouse wedding.

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams announced their marriage on Instagram, sharing a photo of themselves kissing in front of the courthouse. They also released a 23-minute vlog documenting their wedding day and their relationship over the past seven years.

In the vlog, Shane and Ryland expressed their excitement about getting married and shared some details about their wedding plans. Initially, they had planned to have a wedding in Los Angeles but decided to get their marriage license in Colorado before heading back to California. They read their vows at the courthouse and had their first official kiss as spouses there.

To commemorate the occasion, they had planned to get finger tattoos as wedding rings, but they changed their minds after learning the tattoos would eventually rub off. Instead, they celebrated with a visit to a doughnut shop for their “wedding cake.”

The couple had been together for several years before getting engaged, and in the vlog, they reminisced about their journey as a couple. Ryland shared a note he wrote to himself in 2015, expressing his desire for love and happiness in his life, and he expressed his joy in finding that with Shane.

It seems like it was a joyous and memorable wedding day for Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams, as they officially started their married life together.



Is Shane Dawson Having Kids?

Yes, YouTube star Shane Dawson is going to have kids. He and his husband, Ryland Adams, have announced that they are expecting twin boys via a surrogate. The couple got married on January 3, 2023, after being together for seven years, and they have been open about their desire to become parents, especially in the past few years.

Shane and Ryland had previously shared their journey of having a baby through surrogacy. They had transferred two fertilized eggs to their surrogate with the hope of having twins. After keeping their fans waiting for six weeks without any updates, they finally revealed the exciting news in a video posted on July 6, 2023.

In the video, the couple shared their joy upon receiving a photo of a positive pregnancy test from their surrogate. They traveled to Spokane, Washington, for a 6-week scan, where they heard their babies’ heartbeats for the first time and confirmed that they are expecting twin boys.

The due date for the twins is January 4, 2024. The names for the babies have already been chosen, and they will be named Jett Adams Yaw and Max Adams Yaw.

Despite Shane Dawson’s controversial past, which included issues with blackface, inappropriate jokes, and facing allegations of manipulation and pedophilia, many of his fans have expressed their happiness and excitement for him and Ryland as they embark on their journey to become parents.

This announcement marks a significant milestone for Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams as they fulfill their dream of starting a family together and becoming dads to twin boys in January 2024.


Shane Dawson Dating History

Nadine Sykora:

Shane Dawson dated Canadian YouTube personality Nadine Sykora from 6th December 2010 to November 2011.

Lisa Schwartz:

Shane Dawson dated American actress and YouTube personality Lisa Schwartz from 20th December 2011 to May 2015.

Chad Morgan (II):

Shane Dawson dated Chad Morgan (II) from 14th July to December 2015.

Garrett Watts:

Shane Dawson dated American personality and former Vine star Garrett Watts in December 2015 and January 2016.

Ryland Adams:

Shane Dawson is in a long-term relationship with American personality and producer Ryland Adams. The couple got engaged in March 2019 and got married on January 3, 2023.

Shane Dawson Early Life

Shane Dawson, whose real name is Shane Lee Yaw, was born on July 19, 1988, in Long Beach, California, USA. He grew up with two older brothers named Jacob and Jerid in a low-income household headed by their single mother, Teresa. The family lived in Lakewood, California, and Shane attended Lakewood High School, graduating in 2006.

During his early life, Shane faced challenges, including being bullied for his weight while in school. However, he found comfort and interest in making videos, even collaborating with his friends on school projects involving videos. This early exposure to video-making sparked his passion for creating content and laid the foundation for his future career as a content creator.

Shane’s brothers played a significant role in supporting him during difficult times, and they remained close throughout their lives. In fact, they were instrumental in helping him cope with the bullying he experienced in school. As he grew older, Shane decided to make a positive change in his life and embarked on a weight loss journey, eventually losing an impressive 150 pounds (approximately 68 kg).

These early experiences, both the challenges and the support from his family, played a crucial role in shaping Shane Dawson’s identity and creative pursuits. As he ventured into the world of YouTube in 2008, he brought with him a unique blend of humor, satire, and authenticity that resonated with millions of viewers, propelling him to early fame on the platform.

Over time, he continued to evolve as a content creator, exploring various genres and topics, ultimately becoming one of the pioneering figures of the YouTube era.

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