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Is Sonia Kruger Married?

Sonia Kruger, an Australian television presenter and media personality, experienced one marriage in her life. She tied the knot with James Davies, a British-born banker, in the year 2002. However, their union encountered difficulties, and after six years together, they decided to part ways in 2008.

Following the end of her marriage, Sonia Kruger entered a new chapter in her personal life when she met Craig McPherson. Craig, an executive producer associated with the show “Today Tonight,” became her partner and provided a fresh source of support and companionship.

As their relationship blossomed, Sonia and Craig expressed their desire to start a family together. They faced challenges on their journey to parenthood, experiencing several heartbreaking miscarriages. Despite the emotional hardships, the couple remained resilient and determined in their pursuit of having a child.

Their perseverance paid off when, in August 2014, Sonia Kruger shared the joyous news of her pregnancy. Through the means of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with a donor egg, she successfully conceived. In 2015, the couple welcomed their much-awaited daughter into the world, marking a significant and blissful moment in their lives.

Through the highs and lows of her personal life, Sonia Kruger continues to captivate audiences on television while cherishing the love and happiness found in her relationship with Craig and the gift of motherhood they cherish together.

Sonia Kruger Husband

Sonia Kruger, the renowned Australian television presenter was married to James Davies, a British banker, in January 2003. Opting for an intimate and private ceremony, the couple exchanged vows and began their journey together as husband and wife. Throughout their six-year union, they appeared to be a happy and devoted pair, sharing both joyful and challenging moments.

However, as time went on, Sonia and James faced difficulties in their marriage, and unfortunately, their relationship eventually reached a breaking point. In 2008, they made the difficult decision to part ways and go their separate paths. Despite their best efforts to reconcile, it became apparent that their differences were insurmountable, leading to the end of their marital bond.

Though their marriage may have come to an end, Sonia Kruger and James Davies undoubtedly shared a significant part of their lives together. Their private ceremony marked the beginning of what seemed to be a promising journey, and while their paths diverged after six years, both individuals continued to pursue their respective endeavors, leaving behind memories of a chapter filled with love, challenges, and personal growth.


How Old Is Sonia Kruger Daughter?

As Sonia Kruger’s daughter, Maggie, reaches the age of eight, she enters a significant stage in her life, full of growth, exploration, and development. At this age, children undergo various physical, emotional, and cognitive changes, setting the foundation for their future personalities and interests.

Cognitively, at eight years old, Maggie’s brain is actively absorbing information and making connections. Her language skills are likely well-developed, allowing her to express herself more articulately and engage in meaningful conversations. She may also show an interest in reading, storytelling, and problem-solving activities that challenge her growing intellect.

As Maggie continues to grow, Sonia, as a loving and supportive mother, plays a vital role in nurturing her daughter’s development. Sonia’s encouragement, guidance, and presence in Maggie’s life will contribute significantly to shaping her character and building her self-confidence as she navigates through this crucial phase of childhood. The bond between mother and daughter will continue to flourish, filled with shared adventures, memorable moments, and the unwavering love that forms the foundation of their relationship.

Sonia Kruger Age

As Sonia Kruger reaches the age of 57, she stands as a seasoned and accomplished figure in the entertainment industry, admired for her talents and contributions to various television shows and programs. With decades of experience in the public eye, she has garnered a significant following and earned the respect of both colleagues and fans alike.

At 57, Sonia likely reflects on a remarkable career, filled with memorable moments and accomplishments. Her skills as a television presenter, host, and media personality have enabled her to connect with audiences and leave a lasting impact on the industry. Throughout her journey, she has adapted to evolving trends and technologies, showcasing her versatility and enduring appeal.

While being an influential figure in the media, Sonia Kruger’s personal life may also be rich and fulfilling. As a proud mother to her daughter, Maggie, she has experienced the joys and challenges of parenthood, finding a delicate balance between her professional commitments and family life.

Sonia Kruger Partner

Sonia Kruger’s current partner is Craig McPherson, who holds the position of Seven Network’s Director of News and Public Affairs. As an accomplished media executive, Craig plays a significant role in overseeing the news and public affairs content for the Seven Network, one of Australia’s leading television networks.

With a distinguished career in the media industry, Craig McPherson’s expertise and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the network’s news coverage and public affairs programming. His responsibilities likely include managing news teams, making editorial decisions, and ensuring the delivery of timely and accurate information to viewers.

Having a partner in the same industry could provide Sonia with a unique understanding of the demands and challenges that come with working in the media. This shared professional background may foster a deeper connection between them, as they both navigate the fast-paced and dynamic world of television broadcasting.

Who Is Sonia Kruger?

Sonia Melissa Kruger is a well-known Australian television presenter, actress, and media personality with over 20 years of prominence in the industry. She currently hosts Big Brother Australia and presents on The Voice Australia, gaining recognition for co-hosting Dancing with the Stars and her role in the film Strictly Ballroom. 

Sonia has covered various events for the Seven Network, including the Olympics and the Melbourne Cup, and received the Gold Logie Award in 2023. Despite her success, she has faced criticism for remarks about immigrants and Muslims. Born in Toowoomba, Queensland, she completed her education at Beenleigh State High School and holds an Arts Degree from the University of Technology, Sydney, while also teaching dance at NIDA.


Sonia Melissa Kruger

Date of Birth

28 August 1965



Place of Birth

Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia




University of Technology


Television Presenter, Actress, Media Personality


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