Update Janet Bondeson Obituary: What Happened to Janet Bondeson?

Who was Janet Bondeson?

Janet Bondeson was a hardworking individual with a diverse professional background. She held various roles, including a banker at City Trust, Bridgeport, a Business Officer for Westport Public Schools, and a Payroll Specialist for Wilton Public Schools. Additionally, she was involved in the community and served on the Board of Directors of Lambert Common Condominiums in Wilton.

Outside of her professional life, Janet was passionate about bowling and loved traveling with her close friends. She had explored countries like Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Janet was also a dedicated Republican and actively supported her best friend Toni Boucher in all her events. Moreover, Janet had a special bond with her beloved cat, “Sammy the Siamese,” whom she would take for walks on a leash and introduce to everyone in the neighborhood.

Janet was known for her meticulous nature, which extended to all aspects of her life, including shopping. After going on shopping sprees at Talbots, she would carefully organize her garments at home, hanging them in plastic and spacing them precisely one finger apart. She would separate blazers into one closet and dresses into another, showcasing her attention to detail.

Janet Bondeson was a hardworking, meticulous, and dedicated individual who valued her friendships, hobbies, and community involvement. She was an ardent supporter of her political beliefs and had a close bond with her pet cat.

Janet Bondeson Obituary

On a somber day in late July, the Wilton community mourned the loss of a beloved figure, Janet Bondeson. The news of her passing spread like a heavy cloud over the town, leaving hearts heavy with grief. Janet had been known as a dedicated and hardworking individual, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those she touched.

Janet’s lifelong friend, Toni Boucher, released a statement expressing her heartbreak at losing someone so dear to her. With a heavy heart, Toni spoke of the profound impact Janet had on the town of Wilton and the countless lives she had touched over the years. As the top business officer for the schools under David Clune, Janet’s commitment to the betterment of education was unwavering. Her ethical conduct and dedication led to her appointment as Town treasurer, a role in which she continued to serve her community with distinction.

Beyond her professional achievements, Janet’s warm and caring nature endeared her to many. She shared a close friendship with Toni, standing by her side as a loyal and ardent supporter throughout her political journey. For 12 long years, she served as Toni’s campaign treasurer during her tenure as State Representative, demonstrating unwavering loyalty and trust.

The memories of Janet and Toni’s laughter shared interests in baseball and basketball, and the simple joys of enjoying hotdogs together now linger as bittersweet reminders of what once was. Janet’s passing left a void in Toni’s heart that can never be filled, as she reflects on the countless moments they shared, the support they provided one another, and the cherished friendship that meant the world to both of them.

As the town grieves, Janet’s legacy lives on through the lives she touched, the community she served, and the love she shared with those closest to her. In this time of sorrow, the Wilton community finds solace in the memories of Janet Bondeson, a woman who lived life on her own terms, leaving behind a trail of admiration, love, and sadness for all those who knew and loved her. Rest in peace, dear Janet.


What Happened to Janet Bondeson?

Janet Bondeson passed away on July 25, 2023. The exact cause of her passing is not disclosed. However, it is clear that she was an important and cherished figure in the community of Wilton. Janet was known for her dedication and service to the town, serving as the top business officer for the schools and later being appointed as the Town treasurer due to her ethical conduct.

Throughout her life, Janet maintained a close friendship with Toni Boucher, a prominent figure in Wilton’s politics. Janet actively supported Toni at various events and served as her campaign treasurer during her 12-year tenure as State Representative before Toni went on to serve in the State Senate. They shared common interests, such as a love for Yankee baseball, UConn basketball, and enjoying hotdogs together, all while sharing laughter over Toni’s shenanigans.

In the final hours, Toni Boucher had the opportunity to be with Janet and express her love and gratitude for their enduring friendship. Janet lived life on her own terms, and Toni fondly remembers her strong, ethical, and caring nature.  Janet Bondeson’s death is undoubtedly a great loss. Janet’s sudden passing came as a shock to those who knew her, leaving her family in disbelief and sorrow. Her quick wit, boundless love, and generous nature will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Janet Bondeson Family

Janet M. Bondeson was born into a loving family in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on June 23, 1942. She was the daughter of the late Mildred and Earl Bondeson. Janet grew up in Stratford, and later in life, she moved to Wilton, where she crafted a beautiful life surrounded by a strong sense of community and cherished friendships.

Family was of utmost importance to Janet, and she deeply valued spending time with her loved ones. She shared special moments and events with her niece and nephew, creating cherished memories together. Lunch dates with her brother were treasured moments that Janet held close to her heart. She adored her great-nephews and naturally assumed the role of an honorary grandmother to them. Janet became their biggest fan, attending all their events with unwavering support, regardless of the weather conditions or the nature of the activity. From baseball and football games to soccer matches, piano recitals, school concerts, and plays, Janet was there to cheer them on.

The news of Janet’s sudden passing left her family in a state of disbelief, as they grappled with the loss of someone so dear to their hearts. They will forever remember her quick wit, boundless love, and generous spirit. Janet’s legacy lives on in the hearts of her surviving family members, and they strive to exemplify the qualities that made her so special. Throughout her life, she truly “did it her way,” leaving a lasting impression on everyone she encountered.

Janet is survived by her brother, Freddy Bondeson, who resides in Stratford. She also leaves behind her three nieces: Wendy (Roger) Milson of Milford, Amy (Chris) Boyce of Newtown, and Katy (Doug) Schneider of Shelton. Additionally, she is survived by her three nephews: Daniel (Bernadette) Jopp of Newtown, Eric (Jennifer) Bondeson of Waterbury, and Ryan Bondeson. Among her cherished family are also her four great-nephews: Derek, Conor, Will, and Jake. Janet’s presence was also deeply treasured by many other family members and friends who now dearly miss her.

In her passing, Janet reunites with her late brother, Earl William “Billy” Bondeson, and her sister, Gail Jopp. As her family continues to cope with the void left by her departure, they find comfort in the memories they shared with Janet and the love she showered upon them throughout her life.

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